Takes off into silence: the experience of owning BMW M3 E92

The first to be difficult. And the last? Honorable! The first eight and the last of its kind – deserved honors commend Coupe M3 E92.


It looks four-door “treshki” E90, which debuted in 2004, as all the creations of Chris Bangle beginning of zero, the fans were BMW questions. With the introduction of the coupe claims have disappeared: not for nothing gained restyled sedan similar to dvuhdverkoy taillights. Flagship M3 born in 2007, and at the same time became the technical leader of the entire clan of new “treshek”, and the main handsome man in the family.

By long tradition emki similarity to a conventional coupe deceptive. Not only obvese – after all related details are available in the M-package. General body panels have a minimum of cars. Attempt to attach to their 320 th humped hood of the eight-monster doomed to failure. M3 longer than the standard dvuhdverki on subtle 8 mm and wider thanks to rock the wings as much as 39 mm.


Carbon roof – a fetish, not available to owners of the previous generation, except spetsversii the CSL, are free option. Either she or steel roof hatch. An example of reverse discrimination – the iconic color Titansilber ( «Titanium Silver”). For the E46 it entered into a standard palette, and for E92 moved to Section Individual-options. As a result, the world saw only three dvuhdverki in this color scheme.

Experts noted immediately drives the choice of originality. Stock wheels 220th style gave way to newcomers from the world of JDM. The clash of cultures has created harmony – a strict pattern five-spoke 19 x Yokohama Advan Racing GT emphasizes the benefit muscular M3 line.


It was naive to believe that after the appearance of “Seven” and E65 “five” E60, the “three-ruble bills” have at least one chance to save for years nurtured the cockpit oriented to the driver. The miracle did not happen, but the audience was ready, and the revolution went almost peacefully. Judging from the changes with a cool head, the aesthetic accusations of conservatives – the only thing that “three rubles” no answer.

Drayverskogo attitude legend 90 is still here, but only seriously rethought. After destroying the tradition, the front panel was straightened, substituting the glossy carbon under the skin to severe chest toward minimalism. Ascetic, but the most informative “tidy”, the best in cross-section, grasping M-steering wheel, quilted red and blue coarse thread, asking for a robot arm in arm M-DCT – all strictly in the case.

cost of
1.48 million rubles

Ergonomic losses not sorry: instead of the steering column ignition lock – «Start» button on the front panel, and the windows key has finally moved from the central tunnel on the door panels. The presence in the thoroughbred sports car great and terrible iDrive monitor with a hump in the middle of the front-panel no longer causes feelings of rejection. Extended leather trim color “Silver palladium”, which are covered with the bottom of the front panel, seats, doors and central tunnel adds a gloss, but does not hurt the eyes. Nothing should distract the main man in the car on the purpose for which it is here, in fact, sat.

In move

Revolution engine compartment M3 E92 – even more impressive than the exterier and interior changes, common to all “treshek” fifth generation. Which lasted 14 years, the era of atmospheric row “sixes” destroyed the muffled roar of the first production V8 in the M3 stories. Brushing the dust from the pages of the history of the brand, it is easy to figure out that the implantation of “eights” under the hood “treshki” Bavarians are not new. In 2001, the ultra-low circulation (it is known to duplicate, even though it was planned 10 cars) was released M3 GTR E46 – the road version of the conqueror of the championship of American Le Mans Series with the V8 four-liter, derated from 460 to 350 liters. from.

Living under the hood, hooked S65 engine is based on a monstrous V10 from the M5 E60, and with the volume of four liters develops 420 horsepower and 400 Nm. Intake manifold impressive size, finally brought to perfection phase shifters on the inlet and outlet, individual chokes, lubrication system with two oil pumps – this is what came progress. Lard Bavarian V8 technology weighs 15 kg lighter than the six-cylinder S54B32 titled predecessor.

In this particular instance all the “aggravated” because of the intervention of tuning – Issue Akrapovic Evolution Titanium, adding 10% capacity and the time allowed to throw 24 kg (for comparison, sink the track weighed 45 kg). But let kilograms believe owners M3 GTS.

Sound! This thick, rich bass, breaks through the noise insulation of two orders of magnitude better unleavened stock soundtrack, makes you forget about the presence of BMW Professional audio system. No wonder the owners of the atmospheric V8 often travel in silence.

Motor Credo – only upwards and not a step back! Raging acceleration continues until the cut-off on an incredible 8400 rev / min, regardless of the current speed. The farther flies the tachometer needle, the slower ticking second hand watches. V10 from the M5, were to share the pistons, connecting rods and valves with springs, with its only 8250 rev / min, standing forlornly in a corner.

The second culprit bumps on my neck – a robot M-DCT Drivelogic. No wonder the Germans brought it a few years, setting up each of the six operating modes, while the most impatient customers bought the first copies of “emok” mechanics. And without that commendable work rate improved robust box firmware version from the track M3 GTS.

copy Vorsteiner GTS-V

Classroom control – no surprise, no one else, and did not expect. It surprised by the ease with which well-behaved on the North Loop of the Nürburgring animal responds to commands. Car extremely simple and predictable to drive, although in comparison with the usual “treshki” in a very short M3 steering rack – only 2 turns steering from lock to lock. The abolition of exchange rate stability on the line in the spirit of a thoroughbred Gran Turismo combines with lightning reactions brisk card. Confidence does not leave you for a second, giving rise to the suspicion that “German” is reading your mind.

At any turn M3 zanyrivaet puppy with enthusiasm and precision of a surgeon on a complex operation. Excitement is transmitted through the pilot adjusted effort on the steering wheel and pedals, as if via USB.

Began skid instantly upsets stabilization system. If desired, you can e-mail the yoke significantly weaken or even lose, and M Dynamic Mode Mode allows you to bring the car to the limit – for example, to put the corners of serious skid or slip to start with. Brave in a fully differential lock GKN Viscodrive. However, when a serious error dormant DSC still intervenes.

Herded off the adrenaline chills, you can slowly roll the Family Court, taking with him three passengers. The second row seats have enough heads and knees – a full four-seater. Suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers Sachs allows you to select one of three modes. I vote for Somfort, skillfully combining ring-discipline with more than acceptable level of comfort.

Hyundai Genesis
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l19 Oct. 15

You want to stay the best? Go on top form. Another interior, new engine, a different philosophy, clearly alluding to the possibility of daily use – the latest generation two-door M3, as a competent fighter, took in the prime of life, effectively slamming the door.

purchase history

M3 E92 Eugene dreamed of five years ago. But then the cherished “Emka” could not reach and had to while away the wait in the company’s E46 330i coupe. At the beginning of 2016 the dream began to take real shape. Eugene began to monitor prices in the market b / y, to communicate with the owners, study the information on the engine, and the history of its audits.

In the process of immersion in the subject following the requirements of the future cars were formed: uncontested coupe in the maximum configuration with a monitor and a robot M-DCT. Year – no older than 2009, and the obligatory presence of a service history, confirming replaced within a revocable campaign connecting rod bearings.

Communicating with sellers’ emok “Eugene began to query their VIN-numbers car. Owner silver “Emka” with 95,000 km mileage sold in Krasnodar, was one of the first people he contacted. The owner promised to lose VIN, but lost. Three months later, looking through the correspondence, Eugene decided to repeat the request. Resulting in a couple of days response inspired hope – Release date 07.2010 and almost top of the range.

The luck continued when it became clear that before the end of the month the price has been reduced from quite adequate, the mileage and 1 850 000 to completely discount 1480 0000 rubles. The reason for selling respectful – an urgent purchase of Porsche 911. A friend of Krasnodar, checking cars at the site, confirmed the excellent technical condition. Several days later, tired after the flight and sleepless night waiting Eugene drove his eight-dream to Peter.


Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/35, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 295/30 2

Within a couple of months after his arrival was carried out planned maintenance: Replace the plug and the front brakes is filled with new oil in the gearbox and in addition, renovated starter.

The previous owner did not hide the fact that did not have time to spend a mandatory life hassle-free for further V8 replacing the connecting rod bushings. Rather, the principle and safely delayed the time to run 100 000 km. As a result, Eugene put special inserts BE-bearings, designed according to the results of research problems inserts American fans S65 and ordered into production at Mahle-Clevite, and stronger connecting rod bolts ARP2000. In addition it was set classic dipstick, which is initially the motor sport has been unjustly deprived.


Some people believe that such a revision must begin with the M3 release. Following the approval of the full set “of Akrapovicha” is the new 5500 euro Eugene successfully found a little b / y in St. Petersburg at half price. A little later, we completed the picture of the titanium exhaust tips instead of standing originally titanium carboxylic and made literate chip tuning of the engine from the Americans BPM Sport. Design capacity is now about 460 liters. from. Refined and box – a robot M-DCT received firmware of the M3 GTS.

Modifying the appearance, the first thing Eugene painted brand M-tricolor, on the previous owner’s decorating whim sills and rear bumper. Further changes are only point character. On the door closers appeared on the BMW 6 Series E63, absent in “three rubles.” Front – which have become the classic black nostrils (original – 2 500 rubles apiece), rear – a copy of the diffuser Vorsteiner GTS-V (30 000 rubles). The wheel arches instead of standard discs found their way already mentioned Japanese wheels with parameters 9 * 19 ET20 front and 10 * 19 ET22 rear. Front tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/35, rear temporarily are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 295/30. The next season is planned to tires in the dimension M3 GTS – 255/35 and 285/30. On the set of wheels, by the way, spent about 150 000 rubles.


Now M3 odometer shows 112,000 km. The car is used on a daily basis.

BMW M3 E92
Brief specifications:
Mileage (at the moment):
112,000 km
4.0 liter, V8
460 l. from.
Robot M-DCT Drivelogic (firmware from the M3 GTS)
gasoline AI-98
Akrapovic Evolution Titanium


The plans of the installation in the CSL-style trunk lid from Duke Dynamics, carboxylic external accessories BMW Performance (splitter front bumper, mirror caps) and retrofitting Competition Package (shock absorbers, springs, engine ECU).

model history

A prototype of the fourth-generation M3 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2007. As is the case with other “emkami” production version, to celebrate the premiere of that same year in Frankfurt, it differed little from the concept. The model range is wider than the previous M3 E46. Company usual coupe and convertible sedan was, absent a generation ago.

In the photo: BMW M3 Coupe (E92) ‘ 2007-2013

With the V8 and robot sedans and coupes showed 4.6 seconds acceleration to “hundreds”. The heavier convertible spent on spurt of 5.1 seconds.

Among the mass spetsversii alone stood lightweight 450-strong coupe M3 GTS with an engine capacity of 4.4 liters, more powerful brakes, bucket and an integrated safety cage. 138 copies were produced.

In the photo: BMW M3 Coupe (E92) ‘ 2007-2013

Sedan received an even more limited edition M3 CRT with the same engine, mainly to demonstrate the latest technological achievements in the production of BMW carbon fiber body parts. Issued were 67 pieces before removing chetyrehdverok of production in 2011.

Both spetsversii dosobiralis conveyor is manually “garages» BMW M GmbH. 2013th was the last in the history of the two-door M3. In the fifth generation, who went to the series in 2014, the Coupe and Convertible got a new index M4, leaving the historical name of the sedan.

In the photo: BMW M3 Coupe (E92) ‘ 2007-2013

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