Sviksa-kingfisher: the experience of owning Subaru SVX

Time puts everything in places – cars caught in time fail, sometimes failure, reputed ugly, or for some other reason are not vending customers, after many years, dropping as snake skins, losers aura, becoming attractive and catchy retro … A great addition example – Subaru SVX, made in the style of American sports cars for the overseas market. Once the experts considered a failure model, and Fuji Heavy Industries Corporation suffered multimillion-dollar losses, but today the car owners community worships not numerous, and her eyeing avtokollektsionery. We ride on one of the surviving copies.


A vtomobil – GT-coupe Subaru SVX, in the jargon subaristov – “sviksa” 1994 of release, red. Front-wheel drive limited edition, boxer six-cylinder engine of 3.3 liters / 230 liters. s., a four-gidroavtomat. Mileage at the time of purchase – 100 thousand miles, to date -. About 107 thousand miles..

Owners of Subaru SVX – Masha and Stanislav, a couple of Muscovites, now living in the suburbs. People are imaginative and creative, plus subaristy with the experience.

Masha – 30 years old, born Rostovite member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, at the time to work hard in journalism, has been designing furniture, paintings on silk and a lot more than. Now a professional tattoo master and the owner of a harness horse. Actually, the only driver in the family and the main hostess SVX.

Stanislav – 47 years, a native Muscovite, techie-geek 17 years old, started since the EU-computer – with age, “when the monitors were small and large computers.” Who is an expert on information security.

Venue – SubaFest 2016 Moscow, Leyendas Park.


Appearance groomed SVX impressive today – looking at the sweeping form of the car, of course, you know that before you a guest of the 90th, but the hand of the master – the master’s hand there, the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro and brooms knits to this day. SVX – only model, the appearance of which was designed by the legendary Italian avtodizayner for Subaru – in the spirit of the time and with an eye on the American market.

“Window to Window” – one of the brand-name car chips, but it appeared for the first time not on the Subaru SVX. For example, a similar scheme was used a decade earlier in the famous “time machine» DeLorean DMC-12 – it, by the way, also developed by Giugiaro. At the same time on “DeLoreane” the decision was technically compelled, as a full-size sliding window did not fit into the internal structure of the door-wings, and on the SVX is rather design.

The back of the “window in the window” over the stern wings – can not be lowered. It continues the line of the front windows for beauty and completeness of vision.

The car is replete with smooth contours and sleek looks very harmonious – that detail, that one piece. Spoiler on the trunk, along with the standard “tail” trunk edge with a stop lamp looks like a double.

Grille on our the SVX, alas, after market – by Legacy. The reason for its installation is not known, but the former owner gave complete whole and faultless full-time lattice. It looks definitely more interesting and more solid rustic “legasёvoy” – in addition, has a design value, visually uniting into a single line of headlamps. Although the grille and lights, as one would expect – cartridges for lamps and wiring it does not, it’s a decoration.

Under the hood of the SVX, like the majority of Subaru, quite closely. In our case, there lurks Opposite atmospheric “Six” – the engine EG-33. Volume, you guessed it, 3.3 liters, 230 liters of return. from. and 304 Nm, multi-point fuel injection, two overhead camshafts with four valves per cylinder, the compression ratio of 10.1. Together with the engine employs a simple and not very economical four-gidrotransformatorny “automatic”. By the way, in contrast to the “eternal” boxer series EJ, EG-33 engine then anywhere else is not lit, although unsuccessful or was not considered a problem.

Powerful and heavy boot lid is made of metal and richly trimmed with plastic. The very same lightweight luggage compartment, for a pair of medium-sized suitcases. Above right tail lamp, covered with a boot lid, it is a separate reservoir for the rear wiper washer fluid; under the floor of the cargo hold – wheel-dokatka.


The first thing that meets the SVX sitting down in the driver’s or passenger – an automatic safety belt. Today, almost everyone it causes delight and surprise, although it is the fruit of work Giugiaro – such belts used on many models (often two-door) from car manufacturers all over the world in the period of 70-90-ies – Nissan, Ford, Mercury, Jaguar, VW and so on. n.

Along the top edge of the door opening laid sled on which rides drawn by motorized pulley, “carrying” the upper end of the belt. Rollers and guides are hidden inside the body edge; belt, of course – from the outside. When the doors opened, the belt automatically pulls up, freeing the man, and moves back and fastens at closing.

But, in fact, the reason that this type of belts sunk into oblivion – is automatically tacked on only the upper part of the chest belt and the bottom (waistband) had snapped around the waist by hand. But human psychology is such that on the background of a graceful automatic belt he could hardly make himself fasten manually another retainer. Firstly, laziness, secondly, a feeling that one is more than enough. As a result of the automatic design are often protects the “half-hearted” and much less effective impact than the much simpler manual three-point scheme used everywhere today …

Design of controls, instruments, knobs and keys – simple, concise, in the spirit of his age. Everything in sight, no difficulties with the identification of something does not occur – unless emergency gang uncomfortable thanks to the neighbors on the road – you have to climb to the button under the steering wheel.

The main options for comfort rather poor by today’s standards – cruise control, climate control yes. Futuristic interior – at least that someone will appreciate and someone and upset. Regarding unconventional looks only element of the climate control unit to the right of the steering wheel, a hefty round “blyamba” which contains a subtraction button and adding temperature and digital display of the temperature in the center of the most …

The machine, like any GT-coupe – for two. Front space enough for 190-centimeter driver and passenger; back, of course, a bit crowded. Leather seat trim our SVX over the years has lost its former freshness, but looks dilapidated and still noble.

Test Drive

Subaru SVX immediately demonstrates the essence of expensive grand tourer – with closed windows “outside” in the cabin is simply not heard, it sounds excellent! Modern six-year the Forester, for example, much more noisy and booming … And it’s a given that the sound insulation cover the body as mastic and textiles, over the years, crack, slёzhivayutsya and partly lose their effectiveness! By the way, and open windows are not brought much discomfort – Aerodynamics “brush Giugiaro” – outstanding.

The weather was rainy and unusual “Alsiona” glass demonstrated the ability to safely ventilate the smoke or salon – the moisture gets inside, because the window design plays a role of a vent and air flow takes away the drops.

The six-cylinder engine is very responsive to the accelerator pedal, although in this particular instance is not the second gear is engaged with a delay and then a jerk, not giving a similar effect dingy choke …

On the right lane Ring Road, sagging in the heat wheels of trucks, the car was like on rails – calmly and confidently. Taxiing on the ground at low speed clear, to “snake” Banks, of course, too big – but not because of the fatigue of the springs and shock absorbers, but simply because the essence of Gran Turismo class.

The steering wheel, however, seemed too tight: it is possible, there is needed a bulkhead rack with cleaning, and it can initially laid characteristics, logical for machines such as GT-coupe, in which the main sled genre – the rapid movement through direct and long motorways and where bagel needs in the inertia and damping. Well, the perfect brake with a very linear and predictable characteristic of the pedal – the merit of the previous owner, who apparently served their time in the 22-year-old car.

Subaru SVX
3.3 l / 230 l. from.

On the road the car looker – it showed even short test drive. People are catching up, honking and enthusiastically show thumbs up – those who once upon a time a very a car like … Those who are interested in cars, being on the border of the ’80s and’ 90s in high school or a student – looking at them in the cinema, gum inserts “the Turbo”, first appearing in the online catalog and annual foreign car magazines … “Here I grow up and buy myself this!” It turned out to carry only a few ideas.

purchase history

Masha Stanislav had already owned three Forester (one of which is owned and now) – that is, as you know, Subaru finally sick. Coming to a club service, Masha regularly saw something standing in a dusty corner and covered with a tarpaulin – but once the tent turned out reset, and the light appeared the car – a strange but beautiful, clearly a thoroughbred, with unusual contours, no matter what do not like.

Basil, the owner of the service, noting the curiosity, asked:
– Like? Take it!

It turns out that for a long time in the shop collecting dust Subaru SVX one of the clients, but not on the go – without engine and transaxle. The owner of a long lost interest in it and could actually sell at a price of scrap metal body – for 50 thousand rubles. Interest arose, and attempts were made to purchase a car for restoration, only the owner turned out to be elusive and unnecessary, so in the end did not grow together, even when explicit request of the buyer …

However, the SVX is so subdued Masha that independent search began. Available in more or less immediate proximity showed three cars.

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17565 1 7

For example, in Zhukovsky was well maintained and tuned instance, with swings open up the door-wings for 400 thousand, but “the farm” has caused the rejection. Let’s go to Kaluga, but there are 200-plus thousand turned out to be embellished photoshop zombie car with through holes in the floor and sticking out in all directions, wiring …

The latter option was waiting in the small town of Rostov region with a funny name Zernograd, over 1 150 kilometers from Moscow. On the photo in the ad the car was very good, plus there was a detailed description of the history, outstanding good host.

Masha and Stanislav call, agreed and flew, risking to get tickets at one end and having a strong desire not to return without a car. In Rostov Muscovites I met a middle aged man on the fresh catch Subaru Outback, after which the guests realized that fell to her. SVX owner owned subarovskim little shop of spare parts and service, moving all conceivable models “constellation” and regretted that he could not walk the “sviksu” as it should be: “I am ashamed that this machine really does not go!” As a result, the parties quickly hit on hands, and the car changed owners for 4000 euros, which was at that time about 300 000 rubles.

When driving back, on one of the traffic police posts policeman literally dropped his sandwich, chewed which – at the time the happy owners understand what is actually the car that attracts attention! Fans charged “nines” were very nervous – everyone wanted to overtake the SVX. The “bumerovodov” just old age “bombs and blazing,” they roared carried away into the distance, something to show the red coupe, which was traveling slowly, up to a hundred – a strange car, landing unusual. Tasted and accelerate to 140 km / h almost at Moscow … In general, the SVX has found a new home and loving owners.

Repair and maintenance

It would seem that the owners of vehicles with age, passed for a couple of decades, always have something to tell us about the intricacies of the repair and purchase of spare parts, but Maria and Stanislav here were the exception to the rule. Care of the former owner and lives in a warm climate and a heated garage did their job, and not a young car came to the new owners with a minimum of problems, and to show the new ownership for the year and 10 thousand kilometers just did not have time. In fact, in the first year only it had to go through the door electrician, repairing the windows junk, yes to change the operating fluid.

– We’re not on the car steamed authenticity, although serious tuning is not – rather, styling, – says Masha.
– Out of the car will be in the very near future become an art object. Repainted in a complex gradient “Suit” – bright turquoise face, turning into a dark emerald color in the stern – blue-green, in fact. Salon is also waiting for hauling in the emerald-blue with little orange accents. Emblem on the grille will order a custom. As a result of the SVX should get a bird-the kingfisher as Alcyone – it’s not just the brightest star in the constellation of the Pleiades, but also “kingfisher” in Greek. The character of the beautiful legends of love couple Alcyone and Keiko, likened the inhabitants of Mount Olympus Zeus and Hera, and severely punished by the gods for the supreme pride in the transformation of kingfishers …

– The American owners, representing the main Community SVX enthusiasts, too, are suitable for the machine in different ways – continues Stanislav:
– Many remain in full authenticity and ride them «as is», but some of the souls addicted to tuning and styling. Put turbines, manual gearbox, huge “bench” on the trunk lid, crashed open electric lights, as the XT, guillotine doors, and so on. N.

As spare parts for this machine (regular, not custom), in fact, not so scary as it may seem; major donor parts – the old Legacy. These machines have much in common, though certainly not all. On the exterior, there are certain difficulties – iron, glass, gum … Original all optics – front and back.

But Far Spare parts, I think, we help out. Plus, members of the American community owners SVX write a collective letter to Fuji Heavy Industries and order parts -.. Head blocks, door handles, gaskets, etc. Here, too, you can cooperate.

model history

Subaru Alcyone SVX was designed primarily based on American and some European markets – it is in the United States, the country’s long road, and demand concept Gran Turismo – in general, it is meaningless to a small island in Japan. In 1991 he launched the SVX. The car was completed with only one engine: a six-cylinder boxer 3.3 l / 230 l.. c. / 304 Nm. “Hundreds” heavy (1600 kg) machine was gaining in 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 230 km / h.

It was non-alternative motor and a single version of the PPC – gidrotransformatornaya automatic four-speed.

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wheel-drive implementations vary, but again, not the choice of the buyer, and on regional criteria. In the United States, Canada, Germany, France and Switzerland delivered the SVX, in which the torque is distributed at a ratio of 90 to 10 in favor of the front wheels when traction slip which was distributed evenly between the two axles. In Japan, the UK, Northern Europe, Australia, Spain, Austria and Brazil used a system of permanent four-wheel drive distributes the torque at a ratio of 36 to 64 with a priority again, the front axle.

SVX Subaru was the most expensive of those years, but lost heavily in the competitive capacity of the engine Mitsubishi 3000GT. Sales were twice as worse than expected, so small (about 3 000 units) was released in 1994, the party Alsionov with pure front-wheel drive (on which the question in our history), taken from the production in 1995 due to the failure of such a stunt.

As a result, the release of the coupe was completed in 1996 – all Subaru SVX produced 24,379 units, of which 14,257 copies were in the United States. Пять лет производства SVX принесло Subaru $75 млн убытков, однако спустя четверть века машина остается любимой многими и притягивающей взгляды всех без исключения.

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