Sport in economy mode. The game of contradictions in the diesel Jaguar XF

Can I now consider it a full-fledged business sedan? Or the vocation of this “Jaguar” positive and vivid emotions only to the driver?

Can I now consider it a full-fledged business sedan? Or is it still the vocation of this “Jaguar”, as before, to give positive and vivid emotions only to the driver?

We first met him in New York. Static presentation. Then I was not even going to drive. Immediately flopped down on the back sofa. After all, before in the XF there was very crowded. What a business … And now it’s really free. The wheelbase was stretched over an extra 50 mm. Result: and the high passenger had an opportunity to throw a leg on his leg. Although the chairs themselves can hardly be called a standard for comfort in this class. Where are at least hints of luxury? And there are not enough soft headrests for real relaxation.

And now in Moscow I behave differently – just behind the wheel. And then I’m surprised – landing in a sporty way squeezed. Even me, without a single extra kilogram of weight, is not too roomy. So conceived? To the owner from time to time could change roles – the passenger business class from behind, and the driver, who always prefers active style of movement and therefore imposing landing is contra-indicated to him. Or all the same so it has turned out? Part of the space “ate” too wide a central tunnel, a little “podeli” thick doors. However, I’m not complaining, but only stating.

Overview in the rearview mirror is slightly limited. It is necessary to use laterals more often. A feature common to many cars with a sporty image.

And the mood is just the same – running a diesel heart, I accelerate dramatically. I want to immediately feel the aggressive spirit of Jaguar. It turns out not very convincing. A bunch of eight-speed “automatic” ZF and a two-liter diesel does not seem to be one. At start, almost a second delay is felt. As if they are asking you: are you sure that you want so quickly? And only then the car begins a confident acceleration. Periodically jerking nervously with the change of gears: the maximum torque the box tries to catch in a rather narrow range from 1700 to 2500 engine revolutions. Now and then confusing … Still, two liters and 180 forces is clearly not enough for the over-active acceleration to happen at ease. With mild sadness. Sometimes there is a real tear.

Another thing is when the speed dial is smooth. There is nothing to complain about. By the way, no matter how you spurred this Jaguar – symbolically or “in a hollow reel”, the average fuel consumption does not exceed eight liters per hundred (under the passport – less than five, but this is for the ideal conditions of California, probably). I think it’s still an excellent indicator for a large sedan. It turns out that the power reserve is a thousand kilometers. However, what’s surprising is that XF now “performs lightweight” (just over one and a half tons), because most body parts are made of almost weightless aluminum.

The engineers tuned the suspension this time with subtle refinement – the smoothness of the move is such that one can safely travel far beyond Moscow: there will be no shaking. Yes, and soundproofing is decent. Passengers on the back sofa are unlikely to complain about the inconvenience. Again, if you do not untwist the engine to high revs, forcing him to yell.

Its accuracy or my intuition?

Snakes on the peripheral roads of the Moscow region with complete lack of traffic immediately dismiss doubts that the base XF with a weak diesel engine can not be sporty. When the main thing is not speed, but the ability to enter even the sharpest turns is playful. Where you expect an obvious slip, attempts to punish you for carelessness, the car continues to move clearly along the trajectory. And if it suddenly loses it, enough easy steering corrections to return the car “in place.” The weight is lowered, the body is now one third stiffer in torsion. Therefore, controllability is predicted with high accuracy. Almost intuitively.

But it’s worth to break away into a straight line, the idyll is the end – the lack of engine power again makes itself felt. Nervotreka “automatic” and a hysterical motor song. You start with a sadness to remember that in the XF lineup there is also a version with a three-liter 300-horsepower diesel engine. Who will not whine, begging the driver for mercy. That car certainly would be preferable.

But now there is nothing to do – you again limit yourself, again involuntarily you turn into the usual driver of a business sedan. Let and with a very aggressive appearance.

And then you start to perceive the car differently. Require a little more than just a sports model owner. For example, in Jaguar you expect communication with the navigation system in the language of high society receptions. But here you run into dissonance.

Instead of literary phrases, the rumor severely cut expressions, as if overheard in the classroom for foreigners who only learn Russian. “Go, go … five kilometers.” And the stress is not there, and the warped words that are not customary to use in a decent society. No, it’s just impossible to listen. While the output is one: remove the sound and use visual prompts. And wait until the company will hold lessons in linguistics with its multimedia. Having learned, at last, navigation is good manners. To fully correspond to that visual style, which still obliges a lot.

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Brief specification

Jaguar XF

Overall dimensions, cm 495,4х188,0х145,7

Engine 4-cyl. turbodiesel 1.999 cc

Power 180 hp at 4.000 rpm

Torque 430 Nm at 1.750-2.500 rpm

Gearbox 8-st. machine.

Drive type rear

Maximum speed, km / h 229

Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from 8.1

Fuel capacity, l 66