Special status. Unusual view of the beautiful in the DS4 Crossback

A sophisticated French crossover DS4 broadcasts special ideas about premium. To accept them, you need to be an aesthetic

The refined French crossover DS4 Crossback broadcasts to the world special ideas about premium. To accept them, you need to be a real aesthetic.

  • And this is your Citra … Um … – the washer administrator once again looked at the nameplate. – This is your car?

This is how the majority reacts. In the look, lines, forms, the French style of Citroën is easily read. But where are the famous double chevrons? But there is no! Now DS is a separate story. A special premium brand in the concern PSA. The first and so far the only (crisis!) Representative of the new brand in Russia is either a hatchback, or a DS4 with a Crossback prefix. It would seem that our topic is expensive-rich, and even with manners for “crossover”. But love it to the Russian heart will not be easy. And that’s why.

For the sake of admiration

Let’s just make a reservation. The French premium is not German, not American, and so on. Citroën still has a quivering attitude to this word, which you can hear from every corner, sometimes even from Togliatti. The priority is in the first place in the sensations, and not how many new-fangled systems are installed in the “brains”.

And these feelings in the DS you get. Although the interior, at first glance, looks identical to the cheaper C4. Actually images are deceptive. To understand what I mean, it is necessary to find yourself in this salon. To look around, feel, breathe and never again to score to yourself with comparisons with mundane things. It’s soft, it’s nice here, it’s beautiful. And the fact that all systems are managed the same way as in C4 … This is not the point. Troubles like an armrest hanging over a cup holder, or an unsuccessfully located outlet behind the gearbox lever should be perceived by the owner as trivial.

Here the esthete must admire natural materials. True, if the combination of Claudia Mistral skin did not stir you, go past the salon with shiny “deeskami.” And semi-aniline Criollo? Also no? I’m not really a connoisseur of leather goods, but I can not help but mention 11 possible seats. Eleven! And it’s not even a Bentley.

To say after such an impracticality DS4 seems inappropriate. Design and chic are at the forefront. Take at least an intricate shape of the rear doors, which does not allow you to generally lower the glass. But, probably, also it is not necessary. To travel behind for long distances to people with average growth is not very comfortable. In the trunk is difficult to put heavy things. The loading height was high, but it became even higher.

The habitual presentation DS4 destroys literally at every step. He and the place on the market is not so easy to determine. Even in the company itself, it seems, did not decide how to count their offspring. Under the wing of the Citroen, it was a five-door coupe, and now – sort of like a crossover. In a word – l’automobile! At a time when tiny avtomobilchiki with a clearance of 14 cm and a miserable body kit called parketniki, then the Frenchman and even more so you can wear this status. From the lowest point to the earth – almost 20 cm from such a height is not a sin to see, for example, the Mercedes-Benz GLA. And what is not a competitor? Also, after all, premium. Unfortunately, the high ground clearance is the only thing that can justify the Crossback prefix of the DS4. No full drive, not even banal off-road systems like an assistant on the descent.

Saving economy

Fortunately, not all the forces left to make leather and cut facings of headlights. The engineers who designed the new BlueHDi turbodiesel will shake hands with pleasure when they meet. Achieving a phenomenally low fuel consumption and while not “strangling” the motor is expensive. All 300 Nm of the moment I’m willing to use to the fullest that in the city that on the track. Well, how else, when under the smooth diesel rumble DS4 easily and confidently goes forward at any speed up to 100 km / h. I can not believe that the “horses” are only 120. I can imagine in what a hurricane the car turns a 180-horsepower engine.

To ensure low consumption of solar oil actively helps six-speed automatic, which is too obviously configured to save. He very early switches up, if not to depress the pedal, and until the last keeps the highest gear down to unpleasant vibrations on the body. When this effect began to strain, especially in the ragged city pace, I just moved the box to the sport mode. Discomfort instantly disappeared, and the expense of all a little over six liters.

It seems, by the end of the test, I completely melted and forgot about impractical solutions and weak equipment of the car. Again and again I look into the beckoning LED “eyes” of the diamond shape – and I just want to forgive everything. Only the price quickly sober. For the DS4 Crossback, you must give at least 1 765 000 rubles. Our car without a rear view camera and navigation costs 2 million. Therefore, on the Russian roads glamorous DS4 will look like the famous couturier on the sale of jeans for 500 rubles. We will meet, of course, but there are not so many special aesthetes.

DS4 Crossback Specifications

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm
427.5 / 205.2 / 155.3
Wheelbase, cm
The equipped weight, kg
Luggage space, l
4-cylinder, diesel, 1560 cm³
Power, l. from. / rev / min.
Torque, Nm / rev / min.
6-st., Automatic
Drive unit
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from
Maximum speed, km / h
Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km