Special or all? The first test of the coolest Volkswagen

Arteon is the new fastback Volkswagen. The most-most of all the car brands a year before the Russian premiere was in our hands. And we figured out whether this really is a special model or the next Volkswagen – to the horror of the correct, pleasant, but not outstanding?

Nobody except Arteon …

… it does not look like that

On the main question of the test you want to answer immediately, bypassing Arteon in a circle. Once again. And further. Especially in the sports version of the R-Line with “evil” bumpers, c-shaped inserts in the air intake and chrome strips. The rapid appearance creates in itself a type of body fastback, when the roof merges into a single unit with the trunk door.

But one form will not be beautiful. All the details in the design – from the rear lights to the LED elements in the radiator grille – just add a harmonious and at the same time a unique image of the present representative of the “grand tourism”. Brand new Volkswagen. Confused is impossible. Well, you continue to assert that all cars of the brand are the same? Look again.

… so much does not contain

Arteon is not only the brightest, but also the most practical Volkswagen of our time. So much that he came close to the champion in volume in the class and among all the cars of the concern – Skoda Superb. At the capacity of the cargo compartment between them is a symbolic 5 liters of difference, and with the folded backs of the rear sofa and altogether a negligible liter.

Figures in figures, but, that is not less important, the form of a luggage compartment equal, and any ledges useful space do not eat (see a photo). Unlike other “designer” cars, with the width of the opening and the height of the loading, everything is in order.

Freedom for passengers is a standard. And this is not an epithet, but dry figures. Five-centimeter increase to the wheelbase in comparison with the “Trade wind” completely “left” back. As a result, 1016 mm of space was formed for the feet. Imagine – more than a meter! Champion index in the classroom, comparable already with representative models for five meters in length. 190-centimeter passengers easily toss their feet on their feet. They also thanks to the fastback body do not feel crowded in height – the roof begins to “fall” after the couch. There would still be luxurious seats with the ideal profile … However, the “Passat” in the shape and length of the pillow is also nothing.

… does not know how much

Arteon as the world’s flagship VW (the larger Phideon is only sold in China) is also the smartest and most modern in the model line of the brand. At least for now. I mean first and foremost the security system. Fastback was the first to receive more advanced assistants of the new generation.

Adaptive cruise control has grown wiser enough that in close to ideal conditions of German roads on the road you can do nothing at all. Intersections, including those with a circular motion – recognize, traffic signs – take into account (see video), behind obstacles – watches. And very diligently maintains speed with distance. Know hold on to the wheel and everything. Although, if it were not for setting up warnings, this could not be done. In grace I give free electronics, letting go of my hands – and in half a minute after the alarm signals the car starts braking bravely, as if to say: “I, of course, are smart, but you are still a driver.”

A step forward was made by the collision avoidance system. Arteon will not only slow down in case of dangerous rapprochement, but in a critical, already hopeless situation, will be rebuilt into the right lane. If it is, of course, there is and is free – for this the side chamber is watching. Honestly, I did not have the courage to check the system.

As well as the other – a warning about the collision from behind. But there was nothing from me. I’ll have to believe in technology for a word! In general, based on the data from the sensors, the system by speed and distance analyzes the probability that the zazevavshiysya driver from behind “will fly” to you in the bumper. If a blow is unavoidable, the seatbelts instantly tighten, the emergency is activated, and immediately after the road accident the car will brake so as not to catch up ahead of the going. Cool? Yes! Not much has to be repaired.

Finally, from the Volkswagen novelties – the dynamic highlighting of the turns, which works not synchronously with the steering wheel, but for the moments before the maneuver, taking into account the route in navigation.

And navigation itself thanks to high technologies has advanced. More precisely, the entire information and entertainment system Discover Pro, top-end for “Arteon.” The multimedia screen increased from eight to 9.2 inches and is now enclosed, as it is fashionable today, under one glass surface with five touch buttons. Do not say that it is very convenient, but you get used quickly. Glass can not be stained at all – some functions like scrolling can be controlled with gestures. It is not necessary to aim especially, the fairly wide movements of the hands are recognized. Look at the video below how the system works. That’s really modern and cool!

And on this story about the uniqueness of “Arteon” can be ended. Because everything else is typical for Volkswagen. So much so that I sometimes wanted to get out of the car and see if Passat had slipped me. And, you know, I can not say that this is bad. I can not even say that it’s boring. Is the sedan going well? Highly. So what questions?

Yes, in general, no. In Europe, there are six familiar positions in the motor spectrum. And in Russia, with the engines until finally decided. According to information from representatives of the brand, most likely, there will be at least two motors: 190-strong and 280-strong 2.0 TSI. Perhaps, as a starter in the sale will be another 150-strong 2.0 TDI. Let’s see – cars will come to us in 2018, more precisely, we can not.

I also managed to ride on the “Arteon” with a diesel 240-strong 2.0 TDI and the most powerful gasoline 2.0 TSI, which is just by our soul. Both motors are a song! Extremely fast – 6.5 and 5.6 seconds to hundreds respectively – and fascinating in many ways due to adaptive DCC suspension and steering with variable ratio. Chassis (and this is the first time on the “Volkswagen”) is configured incredibly accurately, and not only in three fixed relationships. I would like the rigidity is not quite athletic, but also not very close smoothness to the “norm”? Could be so.

And, by the way, changing the driving modes is most noticeable just on the suspension. In response to the gas pedal and the gearshift speed of the seven-speed DSG with two wet clutches, too, of course, there is a difference. Although a small pit during the dispersal as it was with these motors, it remained. Hardly noticeable, but none the less. The engines were not specially modified.

… feels like any “Volkswagen”

You can, of course, long enjoy the variety of finishes, choose between the nappa and alcantara skins … But! Simple buttons, tweaks, pens moved to Arteon from all other brand cars. Undoubtedly, qualitatively and everything is in place (who would doubt), but to feel in the cabin just as the owner of Volkswagen is twice cheaper, a little offensive, agree?

At the beginning of the test, I specially photographed a solid part of the center console with a tunnel and asked the Instagram question what model we are testing. To which I immediately heard from the reader the assumption – the updated Golf. On the other hand, unpleasant feelings, except for slight resentment, do not arise. What difference does it make who looks like it – if only it worked as it should and was in its place. And here it is so.

What exactly will please the future owner, so this is an exemplary noise isolation at the premium business class level. Arteon well, very quiet. Even “piling” for 200 km / h on the German autobahns, my colleague and I talked calmly. In fact, only aerodynamic noises can be clearly heard at speeds of 120 km / h. Over the creation of a calm atmosphere in the cabin, which is noticeable in double-glazed windows, Volkswagen really worked extra.

And still I would like some zest in the cabin and driving habits. A bright distinctive feature! To Arteon in everything and everywhere seemed unique and unrepeatable. Do we ask too much, it becomes clear when the Russian prices are announced. But without that the chic fastback proved – while it really is the coolest Volkswagen. Special.

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