“Soul” with pepper. Can 200 “horses” save Kia Soul GT?

“Charged” affordable crossover – agree, it sounds strange. What was the experiment from Kia?

Koreans are notable lovers of using spicy spices in their specialties. They are put everywhere, and in large quantities. Not an exception, and the company Kia, which povadilas add “pepper” in their models: first they prepared the hatchback Kia Cee’d GT, then sedan Kia Optima GT, and now we got to the compact crossover Soul. “Delicious” whether it turned out “Soul” with pepper? Let’s try!

A pinch of spice

Of course, the “red pepper” in the new Kia Soul GT is a 1.6-liter “turbo-quater” with 204 forces. Yes, a lot for an affordable compact crossover. At the same time, the combination turned out to be very organic. Due to the turbocharger with a double “snail” a decent thrust (265 Nm) is available immediately after pressing the accelerator pedal. And, according to the senses, the turbo-charger does not run out until the next gear is switched. And almost at any speed. Class! Every now and then involuntarily you start to go actively to find the limit of the motor, which in urban conditions can be felt only if you completely become insane. At the same time, it is provoked to actively go not only quick responses of the engine, but also a “pinch” of the slightly exhausted sound of the exhaust system for such a car. The way it is not as vociferous and pleasant as on the Cee’d GT, but there’s definitely a relish in it.

It is a pity that the “choke” during the enjoyment of all this “taste” makes a seven-stage robot with two dry clutches. On a sharp pressure of the accelerator, the box usually does not keep up, this or that transmission sometimes turns on with an unpleasant jerk, and during the “poking” in traffic jams the robot begins to “jerk” from closing and unlocking the clutches.

And in the car with the prefix GT you want to use the shift paddles of the gearshift or the function of the lunch control. But, alas, there is no such “good” in the Soul GT. Well why it was impossible to put a stunned six-speed mechanics, like the same “Siid”? Why?! However, if you leave emotions, everything is simple and simple: crossover on mechanics in Russia, and in many other markets, alas, nobody needs.


Continuing the theme of cooking, we can not fail to note such a nuance as the optimal ratio of spices and seasonings. After all, this, in fact, is the key to the success of any delicious dish. I almost did not report – it did not open, overdone – there is a cloying aftertaste.

So, Koreans, trying to add a crossover sportiness, apparently, still with the “pepper” overdone. Because of the more rigid springs and shock absorbers, which also “put” the car centimeter to the ground, “Soul” turned into a baggage cart from the station. Even on a perfectly flat road, “every speck of dust” on the road causes vibrations on the body, and on small hummocks the car starts jumping altogether, “grinding in the blender” the spines of passengers. I’m not kidding: I personally got a headache from regular shaking.

The benefit of the overall controllability of the “sports” suspension has not affected. Or, conversely, is it bad that did not affect? ​​.. I’m not sure how to say it correctly, but I know one thing: it would be better to leave a standard chassis on the “charged” version, which balances between a comfortable and tight stroke. However, not everything is lost. I’m sure that if you change the elegant 18-inch wheels to smaller radii with a slightly larger rubber profile, then the Soul GT on the go will feel much more pleasant. Moreover, the presence under the hood of 200 “horses” with the plus sign, despite the mathematical rules, compensate for virtually any minus the novelty. It is a fact.

So, Kia Soul GT turned out to be a very interesting “dish”, but it is ambiguous: for some it seems too sharp, and for others it’s just right. In any case, the Korean manufacturer should be thanked for “culinary experiments”: they are in the automotive world now an unprecedented rarity.

Alexey Dergachev, photo by Denis Sveshnikov

Kia Soul GT Technical Specifications

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm


Wheelbase, cm


The equipped weight, kg

1 289

Cargo space, l



4-cylinder, gasoline with turbocharging, 1 591 cm³

Power, l. from. / rev / min.

204/6 000

Torque, Nm / rev / min.

265 / 1500-4500


7-step robot

Drive unit


Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from


Maximum speed, km / h


Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km