Skoda at the price of Audi. Who will outrage the coolest Superb?

The top version of the flagship of Skoda is exactly the same as the base Audi A6. Spend 2.5 million on Superb – crazy or not?

The top version of the flagship of Skoda is exactly the same as the base Audi A6. Spend 2.5 million on Superb – crazy or not?

Full drive, 280 “horses”, enchanting 5.8 seconds to a hundred – these characteristics are worthy of at least something hot, with sports special training. But no! It would seem that once one of the most affordable cars of the D-class now flaunts unusual qualities for themselves.

At the moment this is the most expensive “Skoda”. I look at the price tag and do not believe my eyes – Superb 2.0 TSI 4×4 280 hp from 2 562 000 rubles. From! But after all, in an amicable way, you need to pay extra for the metallic color, the hatch, adaptive cruise control and much more. According to the old good “Vag” tradition, even in the top there will be more than one ten thousand rubles to pay for … Yes, for this money you can buy an Audi A6! What is so special about the Czech liftback?


Actually, the last word I hinted at the answer. Special in the “Superbe” – this is truly Sheda, kind, eternal. More practical car in the class does not exist in principle, and it does not depend on the inhabitant of the engine compartment. Although 125 forces, at least 280 – liftback does not lose functionality. But, in general, nothing but the motor itself, does not get over. Yeah, you started to wool catalogs and brochures for the second round, but it’s pointless, believe me. Despite the data close to professional “athletes,” the 280-horsepower Superb is still the same Superb. This is a practical and functional monopolist in its class.

This means that the umbrellas in the doorway, the scraper in the lid of the gas tank, the holders for the tablets, mounted in the headrest, the removable flashlight in the trunk and another thousand and one little things in the car’s interior have not gone away. And 1719 liters of free for cargo volume. Or less, but then allow yourself to throw your foot on the leg on the couch.

In the configuration Laurin & Klement for the 280-strong version, too, there are no exclusive options. In fact, the “laksheri” -complete is available even for a 1.4-liter 150-horsepower Superb on the “handle.”

Okay, there is some distinctive disadvantage of the very “Superba”. Under the raised floor is not a spare wheel, but a dock. And no more restrictions. All the same you can transport with comfort a large family and a few more bags of potatoes in addition. Only in this version of the transport is also fast. Very fast.

Unexpected entertainment

Here on the rise is the first ten kilometers of road expansion. Aha, at last, I will overtake wagging waggons! But instead of that, blinkingly blink the lights of the slow marines, who took the left row. “Trembling” BMW, the mighty Nissan Patrol with V8 and several other non-weak cars took turns conceding, irritating me with their slowness. But I do not push the accelerator pedal even halfway. But for me they are the most that neither is a snail. And yet I manage to get rid of the “ballast” at the end of the overtaking zone, catching in the same amazement the outrageous glances of those who step aside – “Come on?”

Get used, gentlemen, Superb can also rush. The all-wheel drive on the basis of Haldex clutch fifth generation helps to open all the “dope.” Although the Superb habits are more front-wheel drive, there is always a small preload to the rear axle. What makes it possible to react faster to the transmission slip. Especially on a slippery surface, on which I basically “crushed”.

The all-wheel-drive liftback is more than 100 kg heavier than a single-engine with the same engine, boosted to 220 forces. But the weight does not interfere with the all-powerful “Superb” to beat in the dispersal to a hundred slightly less weak version for 1.2 seconds. So there is a difference, and it is palpable.

Naturally, there is no question of any mixed consumption of 7.1 liters of speech. Even in severe frosts, but nevertheless on the road I could hardly keep up with the “nine”. And if, as they say, drowned, with ten liters it is necessary to be reconciled precisely.

It is necessary to be reconciled or not, a question interesting. In the end, for a heavy family car with a sporting character, the expense is small. But with sports? If on the straight lines I feel myself the master of the situation, then I do not want to do any elaborate maneuvers.

I can not call the Superb an absolutely dashing car. At normal driving it floats. You press the gas to stupefy, and it all floats, swaying, though very quickly. In the battle with physics Skoda engineers did not join. Well, I, in turn, even somehow do not want to engage in a fight with twisted turns at the limit of this motor. Chassis settings do not assume, even adaptive.

However, you know, with the financial possibility at the buyer’s place, I could, I still chose the high-speed version of the in-line turbo-quater. At least for the sake of this unceasing sense of eternal and monstrous thrust.

And, yes, in the 280-strong “Superbe” I seem to have found great entertainment for potential owners. The same as above. On it you can, sorry, “troll” owners of expensive cars with a sporty image. In the city – at traffic lights, in the long road – overtaking. What is not an excuse to shell out ponies in the country?