Six-wheeled tank: our answer to “Gelendwagen”

What if you want a steep three-axle SUV, and 30 million for Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 at home did not roll over? Tuning native UAZ, decided one of the Russian craftsmen. The result is a completely unique car.

The feeling of the car, when constantly rowing at least five wheels, is completely unusual. I have something to compare, because previously I had to drive a BTR-80. That’s just something in between an eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier and an ordinary SUV. There is a road or it is not – absolutely anyway.

I include ponyazhku, the first transfer, and do not understand what is happening – the car is almost not going, the behavior is very different from the usual UAZ. The owner of the car immediately tells that the lowered row here is “superseded” – the gear ratio in the distribution as much as 4.2.

But the direct series of transmissions is already similar to the standard “UAZ”. For traffic on the asphalt, the first and last bridge are cut off, so that the distances along the roads do not become a problem. But the entire structure is being steered about like any UAZ from the nineties. Lengthening the base slightly added to the SUV stability, but high speeds – not his element at all.

The history of the unique car began in 2010 when the UAZ of 1994 got into the hands of a person who is keen on off-road trips and at the same time as an owner of a car-care center. The car was in a deplorable state, the rear part began to rot, the previous owner was trying to digest something, but it did not turn out well. As a result, it was easier to cut back.

The idea of ​​installing the third bridge was born by itself. “For entourage – this is not for anyone, well, and accordingly to improve the patency,” – says the author of the project. The car was planned to be used as a vehicle for out-of-road trips.

From the native body remained only the front part, the rear welded independently on the frame of metal pipes, at the same time strengthened and native cabin. The body had to be extended a little, so that the middle bridge would not be under the driver.

At work, if we take the process itself, it took about a month. In fact, the alteration lasted much longer, since the car was engaged for the soul, in their spare time. It is difficult to assess financial investments in the project, many things were done by themselves, a number of spare parts remained with the owner from other UAZs.

The main and most difficult alteration is the installation and connection of the third bridge. But nothing is impossible for Russian craftsmen. The transfer case was changed, which received a third exit to the rear axle instead of a stop in front of the exit to the front axle. Thus, the front and rear axle were rigidly connected. A similar scheme, when two cardan shafts come out of the transfer box at once, was used on the ZIL-157 and a number of other machines. The propeller shaft and one of the gears had to be ordered from the turner, the remaining parts were Oazovsky.

In order to drive it was possible and along the road, drive options are available several – for all three axles or for one medium, it is also possible to disconnect only one front or one rear. True, this is not done from the salon. Hubs are disconnected, for this purpose they were additionally installed on the rear axle.

Motor – bored to 2.9 liters of UMZ-417, installed piston PON and head from 421, as a result, the characteristics are close to the 421-mu motor. And the power is only 100 horsepower. The maximum possible speed is not established, 80 kilometers per hour – the limit achieved not by the capabilities of the motor, but by common sense. It’s just scary to accelerate faster.

But off-road UAZ with the formula 6×6 is simply no equal. The gear ratio in the 4.2 distribution clearly shows how a small motor power can be compensated for by playing with the gear. The bridges are left standard, 37 teeth with a 4.6 gear. On the middle and rear axle, the DAK self-locking differentials are also installed.

Brody for this device is also not a question – the depth according to the owner is limited to the indicator “while you can breathe.” Of course, a snorkel is installed – homemade and, in addition, “underwater” ignition – that is, immersion in the water on the motor does not affect. To check this in action in the winter there was no desire. So we will trust the owner of the car for a word.

The only thing that limits the off-road driving characteristics is the Belarusian-made FBel-160m tires, which are absolutely not suitable for winter use. Zvubevshie tires are simply hammered by snow and the car can stand in place with all the spinning wheels.

The cabin has enough space for two passengers. The driver’s position is much more profitable – for him a comfortable sports bucket is installed, while the rest is left with a bench. True, seat adjustments are severely limited – with growth below the average, the pedals will have to drag on. And in the rest the front part of the saloon is almost completely saved from the production car. In addition, six people can be accommodated in the body, but this option is not for traveling on public roads.

The first question asked in the light of recent events with close attention to tuning is whether the car is on the books? The answer is positive, but it was registered in 2013 in its original form. And now the owner is engaged in making changes to the PTS for the legalization of the car in its current form. And he thinks about selling a “monster” in order to start a new project. After all, the only thing that this car can not – to swim.

Of course, this Mercedes did not become a Mercedes after all the improvements, despite all the changes and some external similarity with the triaxial Gelandewagen, it immediately recognizes the domestic car industry. Take at least the wedging of the drafts of the gas pedal, which is probably familiar to all uazovods. And the characteristic sound of the engine, a completely ascetic salon with levers sticking straight from the floor and other features of the utilitarian Soviet SUVs. Nevertheless, the device turned out to be worthwhile, ideally fulfilling its direct purpose – to go where no one else can climb. The possibilities of a car with such a number of wheels approach the caterpillar technique. In a word, almost a tank.

Sophia Kleimenova,

Photo of the author.