Simplicity in fashion. How the Hyundai Elantra masks shortcomings

It’s unlikely that anyone will argue that the Hyundai Elantra in the sixth generation has become a cool look. It’s not a big Solaris , although it’s not Mercedes or BMW yet. But behind the modern design lies a simple and time-tested technique. In this there is nothing wrong if the old design in the right places is improved or successfully disguised.

Did not notice the elephant

At first, I can not believe that the “Elantra” has an old filling. Because outside this is a completely different car that does not have common body parts with the predecessor. Modernity of the design of the sedan Peter Schreyer and Co. added familiar, guaranteed methods. More chrome, razmashishee grille, more silhouette silhouette due to the sloping roof. Sports, but not practical. The rear passengers do not care about the aerodynamic appearance, but in the cramped atmosphere they often remember it with an unkind word.

Even offensive, given that the rest of the comfort on the sofa is provided with everything. Own heating, air ducts and central armrest are usually found in sedans class above.

Good equipment at a low price – the now famous Korean machines. You look around the cabin and you realize how well “Elantra” is staffed. Even top-notch, but many classmates generally do not offer such options as steering wheel heating, driver’s seat electric adjustment with position memory, keyless access and monitoring of blind areas. And somehow it’s even surprising that all buttons are located in the right places and any function turns on without a long confused search by the eyes. About “people’s” origin, rather than aristocratic, only hard materials of finish tell.

I would single out the problem with the configuration of the desired model. A variety of options are rastasovany hard on the packages. Naturally, expensive. And to collect exactly the same, the desired car, without buying a load of excess, it is simply impossible.

Ba, but I did not notice the elephant! The phrase accurately describes the sensations when you finally get accustomed to the “Elantra”. And you notice that in the realm of idyll and harmony on the throne there is an untidy and simply infamous king. On the center console flaunts, more precisely, it exudes its simplicity, the screen of a multimedia system, more like a cheap smartphone. And they did not even try to disguise him. The display, for which we will not be ashamed, is simply not available to our buyer.

The fact is that Russian cars do not have navigation, but the problem is different. In the end, it is unlikely that someone will be greatly upset by the lack of a regular navigator in the car in our “mobile-mirror” age. Normal screen size and quality (especially touch) is needed if only because the driver does not practice in the “hit the target” and “look at the picture.” Why, it is asked, generally order a rear view camera, if the image goes to the “calculator”? Let and color.

Zero risk

Experimenting with power plants in this class is fraught with the loss of the buyer. This is not your design, where you can follow fashion without fear. Waving off the supercharging, jerky robots and mournful variators, Hyundai relied on ordinary atmospherics with a simple six-speed mechanics and a classic automatic with six gears as well.

The most powerful – a two-liter engine – produces 149 hp. Although the company indicates, as in the pharmacy, 149.6. Korean lovers of precision, if specially selected the power for a psychologically comfortable acceleration to a hundred – 9.9 seconds. And it’s really comfortable. For driving around the city, even dynamic, the ligament of this motor with a rifle is always enough. But the thrust peak is 4000 turns, so in the case of active motions on the track with altitude changes or lots of turns it is necessary to hold the motor in the “tops” with the help of manual mode.

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There is, incidentally, a special button that allegedly changes the character of the car. And this time the camouflage did not work well. I still did not understand why the “Elantra” choice of traffic regimes, especially for an additional fee. The motor does not add to the power in a single click on the “Drive Mode” magically. The transition to “sport” only adds to the nervousness of the car. Responses to depressing the pedals are too sharp, the steering wheel is heavier, and the control does not become clearer from this.

But the chassis can be praised. Especially when you consider that engineers in general have kept the suspension scheme with McPherson in front and the beam from behind. Again, the phrase “but reliably” falls to the spot. Now a successful example of how a time-tested design manages to disguise with new sensations. Another inclination of the shock absorbers, more rigid stabilizers and spring settings made the “Elantra” more stable and pleasant. On the one hand, the road relief along with all the details is felt in great detail, and on the other hand try the suspension of the road.

And on the whole, the preservation of well-known equipment has become a more likely step on the part of the Koreans. Nothing critical in this, as it turned out, no, and the headache of the owners will be clearly less. “Elantra” will be considered not followers of the cult of modern technology, but connoisseurs of reliability and ease of maintenance.