Simple but unseemly self-confident: the experience of ownership Chevrolet Suburban K2500

Behind the wheel of Chevrolet Suburban is difficult to get lost in the stream – it is easier to lose to the St. Bernard “odnushke” on 33 square meters. He himself on the road, too, looks like a St. Bernard among the terriers. And despite its simplicity, this guy definitely knows her worth.

M any, for the first time to see this car in person, think, here it is, a true SUV. Indeed, self-clearance, off-road tires and powerful front bumper protection (grille guard, as the Americans call it) create a compelling image. In fact, this huge wagon weighing nearly 2.5 tonnes is not love “dirty games”. And he does not suffer without them: burly confident and know for a long time, where you can apply your physical data.

“Full-size SUV» – that’s the most accurate definition of his class, if we talk about formalities. The Suburban home state even enrolled in the category of light trucks, the Silverado pickup to related. The ability to time to carry two or three families, their belongings and trailer, and if necessary leave the asphalt primer – this “corona reception” that guy. That’s what he was doing and at home and at work: their quality was appreciated by many intelligence agencies, which need reliable and roomy car off-road. American SUV is “armed” FBI, police and fire protection, use it and the TV crew. Finally, the Suburban is susceptible to booking class B6 / B7, which is – protection against ingress of bullets from a Kalashnikov.


On Russian streets where Duster – this is an SUV, the Suburban looks obscenely arrogant. And how else: 5.7 meters long, nearly two in width, two-tone paint finishes and chrome elements of the size of the hood of the same Duster – such sewed in any bag can not hide. With tall hood down shiny chrome radiator grille with four rectangular headlamps, the lower of which are in fact front position with turn signals, even below the shiny front bumper, and then chrome “crawls” on the sidewall – but everything is modest, decorative moldings, which can be three times girdle some smart, on Suburban look elegant.

Our current car is designated K2500, peeped at the American pickups C / K-series, also produced in 1988, and he built on the GMT400 platform with a powerful spar frame. Like the pickup, the Suburban with the index K has four-wheel drive, and a series of C in the movement led only to the rear wheels. The index also had two 1500 and 2500, in which encrypted machine load in pounds. For version 1500, it is a modest 680 kg, but the performance of 2500 this indicator Gazelle catches and can carry up to 9 people and 1 133 kg of cargo! About armored versions, built on the basis of K2500, and say nothing: their unladen weight exceeding 5 tonnes.

Gemini externally modified in 1500 and 2500 are essentially different technically. If you look under the car, it is easy (very easy!) Notice enhanced spar frame that covers a two cardan, and track front wheel with 8 pins beyond the arches. Different here and Suspension: front – double wishbones, and the role played by the elastic elements torsion thick baseball bat. Behind the same – fully unloaded beam axle GM 14-Bolt, suspended on springs semi-elliptic multi-sheet.


11 thousand rubles

Climbing up the “ladder” on the bridge, you find yourself in a country house. Living room area very close to the most notorious odnushke 33 square meters, and the first violin is played by a massive chair, decorated with soft beige leather. However, the interior plastic quickly brings you back to reality, reminding that you are an American car – and assent to his soft cushions of the front seats, almost without any lateral support. Another American car is difficult to imagine without cupholders – and here there are 10 pieces, and the front to compensate for the lack of cooling boxes, in some Land Cruiser Brownstone, located in front of the air conditioner ducts, allowing to always have on hand a cool drink (!).

The very air-conditioning system is as the apotheosis of American swing. Air conditioning seems to have taken a industrial warehouse: a single unit then serves the entire interior, with its own air ducts at the top and at the feet is not only the front passenger, but also passengers second and third rows! Moreover – it runs directly into two zones: the driver can “pass” climate control second-row passengers.

Apart from the individual “Weather” setting for the rear passengers two soft sofas designed. You remember back pain folding “armchair” modern “seven-seat” crossover? Haha three times! Here, in the third row can be completely at ease even accommodate three adult passengers.

Huge trunk easily fit an inflatable boat – and pumped! A nice addition was that the choice of the buyer were offered two options for the tailgate – or tailgate with lift glass or a full door swing.

In move

Vortec L29, 7,4 l, 290 hp

In the depths of the vast engine compartment of the Suburban sat down to 7.4-liter V8 with an index Vortec L29 power 290 hp He appeared on the restyled vehicles 1996 and is upgrading L19 engine exactly the same engine capacity. We must humbly notice that this engine was the maximum for that generation Suburban – the alternative was a 6.5-liter diesel engine and very very “light” 5.7 petrol. But modesty statements still needed here – the next generation in the motor Suburban appeared altogether inadequate for today’s reality in the volume of 8.1 liters.

Player heavy weight category, in a measured movement of our V8 emits a barely noticeable rumbling – as they say nowadays, “in the cabin, you can talk in a whisper” at speeds up to 100 km / h. Potential also trailer itself does not drag: runaway 556 Nm of torque, this engine is available to the driver practically from idling speed. Paired with the engine, of course, it has an automatic 4-speed transmission: its index – GM 4L80E or at the old classification, GM THM-400.

Reliable, unpretentious and simple in design box worth a special mention. After all, in her “portfolio” – not only working with heavy trucks and SUVs, but successful cooperation with engine Aston Martin DB7, Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph and Bentley Arnage. A United States military have appreciated it not only off-road vehicle Hummer, but also on the Eagle armored vehicles and Cobra. E prefix in the index marked electronically controlled hydraulic unit transmission, as main components at one time have been designed with a reserve that, for example, clutch design is rooted as much in 60 years.

The choice of car
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Large frame machine I will not raise the debate about whether to purchase the frame SUV for urban trips. Who knows, everyone has different tastes. Someone buys a car for trips to the theater, …

From PPC torque is transmitted to the transfer case, which distributes it between the front and rear axle – to improve the patency of the rear axle differential can even be blocked. Suburban Trends resembles that of a rhinoceros, “stung” the gas pedal the car vzrykivaet displeasure, and then methodically and slowly starts to a set speed. He does it so seamlessly, it seems as if you are in the car with the muffled engine – only the changing pattern of the window it denies. And the numbers – confirm that with a mass of two Solaris Suburban dispersed to hundreds of fast – in 9.5 seconds and top speed is almost the same as 160 km / h.

The reverse side of the engine volume – of course, his appetite. Since there is 7.4 liters – it’s not the usual figures ear consumption, urban Detroit hero easily will use about 25 liters of gasoline. On the road Chevrolet – real Gulliver: arguing with him in others do not want to, but because everyone is trying to free him room to maneuver. But do not rely on the politeness: looking at widely spaced mirrors, can not be ignored “growth» Suburban: when you look in the mirror may seem that the road is free, but in fact there is hidden a focus, which is not visible from above due to the altitude cars. But visibility forward is beyond praise: planting “highly sit – away look” allows you to view the road a hundred meters ahead.

Chevrolet Suburban K2500
Fuel consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l24-30 17 22

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10256 1 3

In general, despite the size, you get used to the dimensions of the car almost immediately – a form of the body helps. It is simple, as a village disco – large and square, without powerful vyshtampovok and more “muscular bulges”, visually increase the size. Additionally facilitates the management of the powerful (like air conditioning), power – but do not forget that the turning radius of over 15 meters.

However, the comfort of this Chevrolet is not so monumental and unyielding as his body. On small bumps, for example, appears nervous vibration – impact rigid spring-torsion bar suspension. Tires dimension 245/75 R16 with off-road tread so much fun looking at these gigantic arches, here too, has registered no accident: a high profile role played by another elastic element, improving smoothness. By the way, in order for the proposed 2500 and rear stabilizer.

The brake system then matched dimensions and is more common in trucks. Front – a massive brake discs and rear – drums size as that of cargo Lawn! Although more modest than that of passenger cars, the dynamics of deceleration, if necessary Suburban able to stop myself and loaded trailer in the mountains – the braking system has HydraBoost accumulator, and the driver has three full pedal at the decayed engine.

As he tells Roman, in his Chevrolet brake, he believed, after a recent trip to the Crimea. According to him, he was very worried about how to behave in a car in the mountains – in fact on its way there were protracted mountain climbs, serpentines, sharp hairpin and other nuances, more familiar to the nimble sports car than for a massive three-ton wagon. But Suburban did not disappoint his master.

I was driving down the serpentines, as BMW braked at the floor in front of each turn, flew into turns almost on the verge of skidding – in general, behaved like a “driver in the parking lot in front of the supermarket.”

The brake system also withstood with dignity all of mockery, no once is not overheated wheels.

purchase history

His Suburban Roman bought new in 1997. Since then, the car mileage has exceeded 170 thousand miles, and car maintenance – daily. In the words of the owner of the vehicle for years of service I have never failed. Reliability eloquently says that in the headlights kept the factory bulbs, and in the suspension – ball joints and steering tips. However, the upper support has recently demanded a replacement, but the quality of the components, however, is impressive.

longevity secret is simple: time and strictly follow the recommendations of the plant for maintenance. Suspension pivot, so it is every 5-10 thousand miles must be lubricated. In the course of the annual MOT brake pads ($ 30-50 per set) is required to change, and every two years require replacement fuel pump, which is unified with models Blazer and Tahoe. He is demanding to the quality of petrol and quite capricious, and in this case, been replaced by a more powerful and durable from the Bosch range.

Funny caveat concerns the amount of oil in the engine: this is the case when the working volume of the motor exceeds the amount of the filling oil – here it should be 5.5 liters. Recommended viscosity – 5W30, and the planned replacement interval is 5000 km. Air Filter (at the cost of about $ 25) changes as necessary, and the inlet pipe has its own indicator that signals the degree of contamination. The air intake, by the way, happens through the wing from under the lights: since the plant are used “cold inlet”.

The annual vehicle tax
45 thousand rubles

Over the years, ownership of Roman identified several weaknesses of the model. According to him, before braking machine “nod”, but after the installation of new shock absorbers KYB MonoMax it is always parallel to the ground. In addition, the novel quickly abandoned the winter and summer tires, replacing them vsesezonka as almost did not notice the difference between the various sets of tires in snowy or rainy weather – affects large weight of the vehicle. Native radio after the fused lighting and dumps have been replaced by preset buttons agreed simultaneously updating the “orchestra” in the car. Manage “ensemble” called Alpine head unit that works together with the acoustics Morel and Kicker amplifier and subwoofer successfully “planted” in the third row of seats and even fastened his own seat belt.

model history

The ninth generation of cars Chevrolet SUV segment for its characteristics was a cult, not only in the United States. SUVs were delivered, for example, the Middle East, where the Arab sheikhs are actively bought for their needs. They were sold in our country, and have been appreciated by the President of the Federal Guard Service and Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Interestingly, let them not only in America. In 1998, Australia’s markets came under right-hand drive version of the local Holden brand. Place luxurious interior took on a utilitarian Blazer’a, which already had a version of the right-hand drive. Got a deserved storm of criticism from Australian buyers, Chevrolet quickly turned edition of SUVs and more to such experiments did not return.

At present, the production line in Arlington, Texas, is coming off a 12-generation Suburban. There are going to related SUVs Tahoe, and supplied to our market.

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