Shirpotreb with indposhiva: test drive Renault Kaptur with variator

Engine 1.6, 114 hp, box-CVT, front-wheel drive. Most likely, such a configuration of the new “popular crossover” from Renault and will be the most popular. It is noteworthy that this version Kaptyura presented simultaneously with the Atelier Renault – the first program “factory customization” in the budget segment. Strongly do not think it’s a coincidence.

The limited diversity

A telier Renault – this is not something on which to earn decent money MINI dealers, and not exactly what is offered at the time Adam Opel for the model, which, incidentally, never made ​​it to Russia. There have been millions of diverse styling options, and even a cursory study of the catalog was enough to understand – two equal Adam in the world, most likely, will not.

Kaptur, as opposed to the micro-Opel, invented not only to delight the eyes of the owner and his neighbors downstream – this krossvover should be even and relatively affordable. Not so, as the Duster, but … well, you get the idea. So in “renoshnom” “atelier” choice, in general, limited.

In 29 990 rubles offers orange accents on the wheels, mirrors, such as moldings and red sticker on the roof. To supplement these “splashes” can be orange interior elements – namely it comes to rugs and “joyful” frame on the center console.

If thirty thousand seem daunting premium may be limited to one or two elements. And to make it easier to dream, the official website has a special design configurator.

With the Internet in the Renault generally high hopes. At the presentation, for example, we announced that the first three thousand Kaptyurov, 120 (not thousands, of course, and units) were purchased through the online showroom. It looks, however, a bit strange. You can choose from a fixed set of complete sets and color schemes, and under each is written, how many such vehicles left in stock. Numbers only unequivocal: whether the car really scarce, or for several days I watched attempts to spur consumer excitement. Another oddity – in the online showroom is impossible to create anything for themselves. For a “special order” a separate configurator, which is in the final offers simply contact the dealer.

But in the configurator at the time of this writing, there is no “studio” was not – understand how Kaptyuru is red, it is possible only in a special “design configurator”, which is not offered to buy anything, and choose a complete set and the power unit is not possible. But there is only seen that the elements of “company” are available only in conjunction with one of the shades of gray. Although the official release featured illustrations not only with red, blue and stickers – under the appropriate exterior color. In general, the confusion is a lot, but there is hope that all this will ever really become a “user-friendly”.

Infinitely gradation

However, the main news of the test drive, which was held in the vicinity of the borders and St. Petersburg, did not orange decor, and, as we were told, “new” variator with the old name X-Tronic. Order it can only be for the front-drive version and only in conjunction with 16-valve engine HR16DE. Engine performance is not impressive: 114 horsepower and 154 Nm of torque, and they need to squeeze, putting tachometer pointer for a mark 5 000 r / min.

Judging by the list of complete sets, CVT carefully guard against high loads, which is not surprising: we are still talking about V-belt unit, which differs from its predecessor except that the new algorithm works, in which Russian engineers are designing participated.

According to the current fashion at the variator has psevdoruchnoy mode with six fixed ratios: to activate it, as before, you need to draw to itself the selector. What’s new? Nothing.

New starts when leaving the lever in the “drive” to push the accelerator pedal more than a third: in this case, X-Tronic pretends to be “almost real machine” only “programs,” he is not six, and eight.

What’s it like in practice? You’d be surprised, but … on the variator. And exactly the same extent that an eight “hydromechanics» ZF (these are put on modern BMW) at a leisurely ride seem stepless.

Articles / Practice
This terrible variator – myths and truth about the CVT boxes

History often unfair for the variator. That is a promising transmission, the symbol of cheap and unsuccessful automatic transmission … After the release of the first cars are DAF 600 with CVT and attempts …

139514 14 48

In principle, grasp the “stepped” movement of the tachometer needle possible, but in the first place, the working range is reduced to 500 rev / min, and secondly, in terms of the drive is turned on by no more than the number of 12.9 – that is how much seconds you want to to overcome the first “hundred”. In general, whatever is said about the new variator and its seeming mischief, invented all this is definitely not for the pleasure of driving.

Then what?

Then why, in principle, there is a continuously variable transmission. To save fuel, in particular. Check in a brief test the validity of the claimed 8.6 liters per hundred kilometers of the city, of course, is impossible, and it is not necessary – the results of bench tests in practice still never confirmed. But we can say for sure – in a normal life of mirror (Petersburg residents seem to know about it for more than Muscovites), does not require activation eightfold regime, the variator will surely be nice of the owner of the purse than an old four-stage hydromechanical “automatic”.

Renault Kaptur (Robot / “automatic”)
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l8.6 / 11.7 6 / 7.3 6.9 / 8.9

So yes, Kaptur 1,6 CVT 4 × 2 – the best choice for the city dweller. And not only – I swear, I can not imagine why you need to pay extra 120 thousand rubles for a two-liter engine, “real”, “automatic” and four-wheel drive. Still no drayvers-car, no “rogue» Kaptur will not. For forays beyond the asphalt better suited Duster, a torque converter, which facilitates “pedaling” in creeping traffic there and CVT versions, so in a very viscous jams can do “one left” pedal, and “pushes” the right only needed if the movement and indeed several intensified.

Renault Kaptur 1.6 CVT
Brief specifications:
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H)
4 333/1 813/1 613
Capacity, l. from.:
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, with:
Variable speed drive
Drive unit:
On the front wheels

The rest remains the Kaptur, who was – a stylish car, able to overcome the majority of traffic troubles, some inferior Duster price, ride and much superior to him in all other respects. Its only direct competitor Hyundai Creta – already on the market, and I’d like to give them a full-time competition …

You will enjoy with Renault Kaptur variator, if:

  • You absolutely will not take the time;
  • You’ll find the best use of the money saved on displacement and four-wheel drive 120 thousand;
  • Fuel consumption is more important all the other parameters of the car.

You do not like the Renault Kaptur variable speed if:

  • You are skeptical of V-belt assemblies or just afraid of all the incomprehensible;
  • Do you think that crossover, regardless of size, must be all-wheel drive;
  • Do you believe that you can not trust the variator, which does not have and 195 Nm of torque, the two-liter motor.

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