Sets the pace: the experience of ownership Chevrolet Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car Replica

Legendary American pony cars to the beginning of the 1990s began to “deflate”: slicked form the Mustang and Camaro those years made fans of classic models blame designers competing firms for the lack of that same charisma. But is it?


A uchshim answer to this question is the word “does”. For example, the Chevrolet Camaro – the absolute thing in itself. Except nemesis Ford Mustang in the face, it is very difficult to find a direct competitor – however, this is not surprising, because in the past, it was the Mustang and Camaro established its own class “pony cars”. These were sports cars, which, depending on the configuration, it was possible to go the grocery store, and on the racetrack, “spark.”

The fourth generation of the legend, which appeared in 1993, yet the slightly podrasteryal brutality of previous generations, to prioritize aerodynamics – body shape has become more functional and licked, marking the beginning biodesign era in the United States. However, even though this intelligent rounded, language does not turn to say that the car looks tasteless as Korean sedan at the time. Just look at this profile, something reminiscent of preparing for the jump of a dolphin, and “look” low-set headlights, very hard for the unprepared spectator.


By the way, another surprise for fans of innovation is the transformation of the Camaro in the hatchback: the tailgate is raised together with glass, providing access to the huge size of the luggage compartment. In general, the creators of the car completely turned fans of the brand world – but not sacrificing aerodynamic perfection even in details: recessed mirrors fold value of drag coefficient, and the wipers off hiding under the hood.

As in standing up a notch Corvette, Camaro in the development of the fourth generation of engineers decided to actively use the bodywork of plastic – they are much lighter and easier to mold. Because steel is performed only rear fenders, floor panel and doors – everything else is made of composite materials. Well, our today’s hero, unlike his other colleagues living in Russia, flaunts a rare model two-tone body color, supplemented launched over the entire length of the body colored vinyl tape – a distinctive feature of the limited edition the Indy 500 Pace Car. Corporate logos memorable races of the famous series even replaced by a full-time hood emblem Chevrolet.


Landing, of course, expected low, but the size of the cockpit does not cause claustrophobia attacks. Generally, trim Camaro – a silent protest against luxury, which is replacing another word: sportiness. No leather, wood or polished aluminum: interior is decorated exclusively soft-touch black plastic. In contrast to the massive front console, hanging over you, and, as in the classic BMW, helpfully expanded angled towards the driver, play a finishing armchairs black-and-white cloth to match the body. Even multi-colored ribbons are present!

But do not think that the car is poorly equipped – not just useful options vypyachena show. The driver’s seat with excellent side support is provided electroresettings – exactly six electric motors provide a comfortable fit any, even the most whimsical pilot. Caring for riders visibly and tangibly present everywhere: for ease of use seat belts passed directly through the seats with separate loops by which to reach them is not necessary. Passenger, separated from the pilot console, however, have to be content with only research niche glove compartment so adjusting deflectors for themselves. But the driver is allowed to all: and set the cruise control on the steering wheel and turn the tumblers climate control, and, of course, call the tune powerful audio Delco-Bose.

In the usual places are located and “poker” hand brake, and pistol grip “machine”. But behind, in spite of the size, sit closely – there can comfortably accommodate only children. But the luggage compartment will accommodate not only halves made of clear plastic removable roof type “Targa”, that flick of the wrist transform the coupe into “almost a convertible,” but also a few bags of luggage.

On the run

See under the hood of a car is something with the number of cylinders at least eight would be an insult – and here without cost: here placed V-shaped “eight” index LT1. This engine, a relative of the classic «small-block» 1950, first appeared under the hood of the fourth generation Corvette and deservedly recognized as one of the best American engine. Indeed it deserved: 5.7 liters, 275 liters. from. and 441 Nm of torque, distributed injection and no dual camshafts and variable valve timing, not to mention the “doping” as a boost or strangulation with modern environmental standards.

Nearly two-thirds of the traction nizhnevalnoy “eight” are available to the driver practically from idling speed. Paired with the engine running in an American-track four-stage “automatic”, which is designed to help the driver deal with the tsunami: 6.5 seconds to “hundreds” … Behind the wheel of this car tedious numbers quickly fade into the background – the Camaro returns in the era of traffic lights racing The time when the starting dynamics meant a breakthrough space. Even today, at the start of a traffic light with a Chevy give a light to many street racers.

By sharp pressing the gas pedal the engine growl at idle turns into a triumphant roar, and the pilot noticeably imprinted in the driver’s seat. This is not a typical American sound of the engine of the ZIL-130 – is Thor, god of thunder, gargling rods! V8 pulls with the power and confidence of the locomotive, and the speedometer needle, breaking the mark of 100 km / h, it does not intend to rest on our laurels: if you do not let go of the gas pedal, it can stretch to the maximum mark – 250 km / h. But in the city the main thing – do not forget that the speedometer has a double scale. Therefore, when the speedometer set at around “60”, a closer look – the larger numbers indicate the speed in miles, and our usual kilometers per hour is lined lower scale.

Even in “cruise” mode – measuring quiet ride – just lightly press down the gas pedal to “teleport” from the series in a row. But be careful! When the length of the car is almost five meters and a width of as much as two meters in size must first experience to know exactly where the Camaro ends: in a tiny aerodynamic mirrors can only see part of the massive wings and only slightly – the road.

Test drives / Single
Experience possession Chevrolet Camaro Z28: five liters of healthy selfishness

Looking from the outside is not necessary to be an expert in the automotive industry that, pointing to the sky, to fly to guess it “American”. Well, we have to clarify: yes, it is a third-generation Chevrolet Camaro by Z28. These…

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Unlike its predecessor, the third generation Camaro, steering on the “four” completely new. Place rarity steering gear sent to the museum, took a very modern rail equipped with a powerful booster. In turns Chevy stable and dutifully keeps trajectory, driven in sportkarovski sharp and hard driving. Suspension on the Z28, unlike his “simple” brothers, less amorphous and highly collected, ideally on the brink of sports elasticity and comfort. This allows the machine to keep the confidence and direct at the same time with a bang swallow not only pits and potholes, and even speed bumps. Structurally, front independent suspension is applied to the double wishbone and rear beam axle set suspended on helical springs.

However, the philosophy of the Camaro – fast “backache” on highways, on which you get the most out of the machine control: wind, penetrating into the interior, ruffled hair and the ears hear a triumphant roar of the US “eight”.

purchase history

Alex bought his Camaro in November 2014 – the car was put up for sale at one of the specialized clubs. “American” bribed a rare complete set, a small city of 48 000 miles and the price – only 360 thousand rubles. Of course, over the years the car has lost a bit of its former luster and demanded to him a little love and attention.

He coped with the first emotions of the speakers and got used to the size of the car, Alex began to meticulously restore the Camaro. Immediately were replaced by oil in the engine and transmission, brake pads and discs, as well as gum torn door seals, wipers broken leash, rake Gora lower ball joints and bushings, and in the appendage fitted new tires.

Passing the new owner of about 4 thousand miles, in one of the most beautiful days of the old water pump broke down, resulting in overheating the motor. No problem has not done: gently led aluminum cylinder head and gasket burnt, starting to pass the exhaust gases into the cooling system. But the repair showed pluses: the car dismantling it turned out that at the moment he is in very good condition for its age.

Alex did not save on spare parts, preferring to buy only original or replace them with high-quality counterparts. As a result, according to preliminary calculations, the repair costs only a little more than 200 thousand rubles. For example, 46 thousand had to pay only for the milling unit heads, followed by replacement of gaskets, 21 thousand requests for a water pump, and still had the same amount to pay for a set of tires Federal SS95, ideally suited to this model.

Run the machine to date – more than 60 000 miles, and Alex, along with his Camaro takes part in a variety of activities, including in other cities. Ahead of Chevrolet were the finishing touches restoration process: removal of small dents on the body and restore the previous owner homemade colored front bumper.

model history

“The Indy 500” or “500 miles of Indianapolis” – the cult race, conducted in the United States every year for a long time already. After a couple of years after its inception the organizers came to the conclusion that the time stops riders need a car, ask them drive the pace, which means that the English expression «Pace Car». Their main role – act as the leader of the peloton at the start of a place or to hold the pace in case of emergency, collecting all the riders behind him, while the marshals can not cope with the problem.

The first safety car came out on the race track “Indy 500” in 1911, and since then, every year the organizers selected for this honorary title sporty American car, the wheel which usually sits well-known former racer or just a popular personality who opens racing uik- end. Manufacturers, worthy to receive for your model title of the pace car, released a limited batch of replica car that most, this, cars and sent them to the free market. Especially in this “race after race” lucky Chevrolet Camaro.

The first one back in 1969 became convertible with 375-horsepower engine, and another pace car of the third generation of the car opened the race in 1982. The new generation also mark the opening, and in 1993 was released 645 coupe Chevrolet Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car Replica, among which was the original copy to the beacons on the roof, as well as the entire exhibition of 125 cars, which presented the press and exhibited at other events. Our today’s hero was released on 353-m of the entire party.

All replicas were based on the Z28 engine configuration with the LT1 – the most charged in the line of the Camaro, as well as equipped with an automatic transmission. For a unique seat upholstery and vinyl graphics to the buyer had to pay $ 995, but because there was only one option: the choice between a conventional metal roof and a removable targa halves. Everything else, including cruise control, audio system Bose-Delco with the standard subwoofer and air conditioning, are already included in the standard equipment.

By the way, the tradition of the pace cars Chevrolet on the participation in the race, “500 miles of Indianapolis” alive and now in 2016 the race was opened Camaro SS last generation.

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