Self-propelled dostavchy: test drive Nysa 522M

Remember the song about a wizard who arrives on a blue helicopter and give five hundred popsicle? I immediately thought of it as soon as I saw this once-blue (or maybe blue) Nysu. Here and there the ice cream, and almost a magician – if the person distributes ice cream, it’s probably a true magician? However, this is the last point of contact between songs and prose of life. Nysa – far from a helicopter. Already itching to quickly get behind the wheel and let the gas, but a little patience: first – theoretical training.

With the “victory” of the “Warsaw” to Nysa

And so, Nysa – is primarily a town in southern Poland, and then – good-looking wagon from his childhood and youth. For the time this city was known, probably only in Poland, where in one of the factories producing furniture. But even in 1951, the party decided that the people have enough furniture, but small trucks in the country is not enough. And his willful decision to repurpose the company, after which it was engaged in the production of automobiles and even got an appropriate name: Fabryka Samochod w Dostawczych (it is the same – FSD), which translates as “a delivery truck plant?”.

As was customary in the socialist countries, factory workers have proposed not to start development of a new machine “from scratch”, and build something new based on something old. Especially that this base has already been acquired: FSO plant in 1951 produced our modernized Pobeda GAZ M-20 under the new name «Warszawa» ( «Warsaw»). By the way, the development of light trucks also passed to the enterprise of FSO, which had to do all these things at the same time with the establishment of release Wins and deep modernization.


It has been a long eight years, and the production line of the new FSD came the first car that got the name of the city, which was built in – Nysa. It was the N50 model, built on the spar frame with units from Warsaw. I specifically say “Warsaw” and not “Victory”, to later not to repeat quite common mistake: they say, the Nysa – a victory in another body. As the RAF and GAZ-24.

Formally, this opinion has the right to exist: chain-Winning Warsaw Nysa there. But do not forget that the Polish copy of the M-20 – it is not quite win. For example, already in 1962 Warszawa-202 received its S-21 engine, which develops 70 l. from. Victory engine GAZ-M1 has 50 “horses”, and after the upgrade – 52. Even when you try to put this unit on the GAZ-21 from it after the bore could squeeze only 65 liters. a. that the producers of Polish (and not only them) seemed too modest achievement.

Whatever it was, the first Nysa really had a lot to do with the victory. And even with the passage of time, something from the Soviet car was to be found in the Polish wagon, but consider that Nysa almost completely repeats the M-20, it would not be entirely correct.

there was a model “521” in 1968. It differs only from our vehicle roof height which is at “521 minutes” was 10 cm below. These Nysa produced in different versions, among which there were vans and cargo vans and insulated vans, and utility version.

Finally, the production of Nysa-522 was completed only in 1994. For 26 years, it was released about 400 thousand cars, which, of course, the record is not supplied, but some popular brands provided.

Before proceeding to a technical stuffing and travel, say a few words about our car where did and why he did not at the same time in the original, but acceptable condition.

From Rostov with love

There is a persistent belief that Nys buyers in any case carry in a wallet photograph Volkswagen T1 or T2, sometimes take out her cry and hide back. I think that it is a bad stereotype. In the world there are not only fans of T1, but Nys and even Barkas. But all of them are not enough machines, so sometimes you have to compromise.

Find Nysu today – not an easy task, especially in St. Petersburg, where the climate makes love both creativity Brodsky and the group “Spleen” and rusting cars with an audible crack. This Nysu its current owner Oscar was looking for a long time, at least a month. Maybe it would be found quickly, but such a goal he did not have, the search went in a relaxed mode. And the car is finally found, however, in Rostov. Well, Rostov – Rostov so.

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When you buy an Oscar with a friend decided to bargain (and rightly so, without this process, and the market – not the market). But the owner of the car made it clear that wanting to buy Nysu a lot, so we had to take them for the desired amount. Friends said that the car can drive to St. Petersburg on their own. But even the young (with her characteristic optimism and opportunism) to this madness did not go. The machine was loaded onto a trailer and taken to St. Petersburg.

Unfortunately, it is not in the perfect condition. Since 1983, under the bridge too much time and gasoline. And the new owners, it fell into the hands not so long ago, this summer. And I have to admit that the machine is not quite in the katabatic condition engine and gearshift here from GAZ-24. But we will not fan the fire of the Holy Inquisition: a swap – something quite common. The motor that is still powerful, and with spare parts is no problem. And instead of the native three-stage transfer box four of the Volga looks much better.

Frankly, from all this smacks of a merciless and traditionally stupid Russian tuning, but Nysu in original condition are now found almost impossible (if anyone knows the owners of such, write to the editor – ed..), But here they are found in this form More often. And to use the machine as a work van in this form is much more convenient. By the way, the use of.

Residents and guests of St. Petersburg can see this car on the Nevsky Prospekt, just where it is best to sell ice cream, which is prepared right in the van. That’s just not clear what will happen with the van when the season is over ice cream. Maybe sell coffee?

Now, finding out where the owner found his Nysu, you can see the car up close. We begin, of course, with technical details and figures.

About face and springs

All previous Nysa had polukapota on “521 minutes”, he appeared for the first time. We do it for easier access to the unit. Appr.

The bulk of the operations for maintenance and repair even easier to carry out from the cockpit – is a good access. Therefore, we open the hood and look at the engine GAZ-24. However, about it we said, so recall only the main characteristics. This four-cylinder petrol unit, which develops 95 l. sec., a volume of 2.45 liters. The conversation about this motor finish.

by GAZ-24
2.45 l, 95 hp

And a few words should be said about the S-21 original Polish engine. This engine differs from the “pobedovskogo” M-20 in the first place that it was the overhead. the valve is driven by the camshaft, pushrods, rocker arms and rods. Engine block – cast iron, liners were “dry” type. Carburetors from the factory could be different: either Jikov 40 SOP, or Weber 34S2B1 (just interesting information: the letter S in Jikov carburetor title means that the carburettor with a falling stream, About – have an economizer, the P – has the accelerating pump 40 – the diameter of the mixing chamber. in millimeters). Engine volume was 2.12 liters, the compression ratio – 7.5. Maximum power is achieved at 4000 rpm, with peak torque at that time is not so bad – 150 Nm.

If you suddenly decide to buy Nysu, be prepared for the fact that she had to be with the motor from any of the Volga, and “native” set you will find inside the cargo compartment of the van as a bonus. There are many proposals.

If we started about the Volga, we will try to finish it quickly. So gearbox. Original – three-stage, second and third transmission synchronized. Even with the “native” engine three gears is not always enough, though with all the original units of the maximum speed of the car on the passport is 95 km / h.

Now look around the car outside.

As I said, a small hood is needed for better ICE service. We looked inside the motor, try to open the bonnet. For this we need a screwdriver: the cover is locked by a simple bolt. Screwdriver not, but the 50-kopeck coin is. Unscrew it (actually, just with the help of her usual and provides access to the motor of our Nysa).

A little tough, flip-top (of the old Saab, the first, and only then – up) and see … radiator. Before the engine here is unlikely to be reached. But if you open and hood, and a casing in the passenger compartment, it turns out not quite so bad, although, of course, there are layout and comfortable. Looking at the radiator and noting the absence of one of the generator straps (they were on the Volga double), close the hood and fasten the bolt – more nothing to see here.

By the way, do not be surprised not to the brilliant appearance of the van. The machine is not so long ago bought, the restoration is not passed, but remained generally good – thanks to the southern climate. Although, of course, have at it and challenges.

By turning the steering characteristic sounds were heard at once. We get up before Nysoy on his knees and looking front suspension. She is independent, linkage, conventional springs and dampers usual. But we are interested in tie rods. Even podёrgav them with one hand, can accurately determine the extreme wear tip rods. The trick, in fact, dangerous, but that is – that is. steering mechanisms and so much taken out forward – in the event of a frontal impact and the steering gearbox and traction will be the first contact with an obstacle. But do not let the bad news, this machine must be lucky.

Cargo van had sliding side door, but our car in his youth was a minibus, so it has a door there. But now he is inside a small workshop for making ice cream. But nashlёpka on the rear doors – heavy legacy of the past: one of the previous owners drove on Nysa pipes, and since they are in it completely does not fit, he “upgraded” bus. From the comments, perhaps, I shall refrain.

And once again we take the emphasis lying now to see something in the rear suspension. She – conventional, spring, but then the one hand the diagnosis will not spend. And not for that, I went to a meeting with Nysoy: it’s time to get behind the wheel.

Faster than thought

Nothing is faster than thought. Strictly speaking, the speed of light. But Nysa speed must be measured precisely in mind. But let us step by step.

I climb into the van cautiously steps already great rusted, and I was a little afraid for their integrity under the influence of my weight. But they are going through the load is very calm, and I sit down in a chair. Oh, the chair is also “non-native”. Convenient, but alien to the socialist spirit of Nysa. Well, at least sit comfortably.

We view the dashboard and controls. Modestly, simply, intuitive interface in the style of the 1970s. Nothing outstanding here, except, perhaps, the gear lever. It appears from the floor a little behind, but highly ergonomic, this subtlety is not annoying. Start the engine.

Of course, in the cabin appears almost immediately the smell of childhood, my father’s garage and Moskvich. Well, if the crankcase ventilation tube derived almost to the salon, and the other should not be expected. To be honest, start the engine and I do not feel the nose of his works – be disappointed. This machine must, simply must have an odor.

Who will pull in back, so looking in the mirror. When I looked at them from the outside, I felt some concern that I see nothing in them. No, I was wrong, the survey very well. About review of the windshield generally silent: here at the aquarium. But while looking in the mirror, the clutch and include a reverse gear.

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It seems that after the replacement of tips of steering drafts will have to deal with the clutch. But as long as it works, the lever to the right and back, very quiet release the pedal, a little give in the gas and get under way. Normally, not pulled, not stalled, but the clutch was the first that surpassed my idea. The course is small, and the hydraulic drive cylinders, in my opinion, much better feel of the polar bear in the thaw. Slowly getting used to the pedal (even through the sole of the shoe is its edge cuts every time my foot), the whole switching clear. Nysa accelerates quickly (and how else, with “volgovskih” -That engine!), And turn the engine does not have to. Almost immediately turn on the second and third transmission. Let’s go.

At the helm there is a decent play, but excessive force to rotate it did not have to make. And as regards maneuverability – so it’s just perfect. van dimensions are not too large (4500 x 2120 x 2160), and the base is so generally only 2 700 mm. It is very easy to squeeze between parked cars, and enter into intimate courtyard. But we remember that this car is faster than thought, so before you think about the need to slow down, it has to press on the brake pedal. Desirable – twice, because the first time they are lazy, as a security guard in a supermarket. The vacuum brake booster there is, but it is not the most hard-working unit of this car.

In a word, to think driving Nysa need to quickly, otherwise either do not have time to stop, no time to readjust. Save only tolerance and civility in St. Petersburg many drivers.

Of course, all of this – a matter of time and habits, and the pleasure of driving Nysa is there anyway. Perverted such illogical, with signs of masochism. But it is much more than driving any budget car in the class: here you feel not like everyone else. Just do not understand how this feeling will last, suddenly capricious old van and stand straight on the road?

Once this has happened: Switch off the engine, but the battery for later start is not enough. Well, it happens.

Most of these surprises were not yet. And we hope that will not be a stand Nysa become only in one case: it is the owner of the van distributes ice cream. Joy something to share it!

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