Rustle and awe. How the electric smart inclines to revolution

Electrification continues to turn the world around. Soon we will drive cars like the smart electric drive. Want it or not.

“Forget everything that you were taught in school,” – so at first they say first-year students at university classes. After one day in a company with an electric “Smart” and its creators, I wanted to turn to the loudest defenders of the usual internal combustion engines in a similar vein. To yourself first.

The fact is that a smart electric drive is not just an absolutely “green” car. And most that on there is a new scheme, I would say, “auto consumption”, which can arrange a revolution in your mind. More precisely, it will suit you. Not today, not immediately in all parts of the world, but it will happen.

Kina will not?

First about the technique. The design does not seem to excite the imagination, but, believe me, all the special qualities of the standard “Smart” in combination give an amazing sensation in the electric version. After all, it is small, still fast and light. Even though 200 kg heavier than gasoline, the mass still barely exceeds a ton. And the power reserve in the new generation is 160 km!

Yes, this can not be … In all the characteristics of automakers usually lie about the expense. Well, not that impudently, simply a cycle of measurements is far from reality. So I did everything so that I could not do it. Tortured in traffic in the narrow streets of Toulouse. He raced through the rural lush paths with the frenzy of the tractor driver on the day of pay. Achieved an artificially limited “maximal” at 130 km / h on the track. And certainly with all electrical appliances, even unnecessary. Although the climate could be turned off – in February in the south of France +18. And music, too. Why, if the car does not disturb the singing of birds with its rustle? Forgive me, nature – it is necessary, it is necessary for experiment!

And … really? The power reserve is reduced in the declared proportions. Plus or minus 10-15 kilometers, depending on the conditions. Bravo engineers Smart. As I tried, but the saved phrase from “Gentlemen of Fortune” “Kina will not – electricity is over,” smart and did not give reason to say.

In fact, the driving skills have played a role. I admit that, say, a young girl will have a 10-20% worse result. Simply smart it is necessary to conduct correctly – “smartovo”. Having switched on the recovery, I did not use the brake pedal for a more efficient return of energy. It’s not that hard. And even on the swirling extremely suburban roads – too. I had enough of 30 minutes behind the wheel to adapt to the eco-mode and forget about braking. In this case, the deceleration does not in itself cause any discomfort. And smoothly, and “energy-saving”. Figures on the dashboard are chic.

And now think – do you often have a daily mileage of more than 160 km? I think if we hold a vote on the site now, such “truckers” will be nothing. Financial spending is minimal.

And the pleasure will be the same as in the usual “Smart”. The electric drive version is very tenacious. The battery with a capacity of 17.6 kWh is installed in the floor, and due to the lower center of gravity the car is more interestingly controlled. With a 82-horsepower electric motor and 160 Nm of traction on the rear axle, you can drive dynamically. And if the ESP had been turned off, it would have been hooligan.

“Electromalic” is ready for any manner of driving and any conditions. “Of course, if overboard is not minus 50,” – laughs product manager Rouen Remp. And we, the Russians, are not funny. That’s when the electric cars will be sold under the motto “Yes, even minus 50!” And the batteries in the frost will not land, then you just end, my favorite, mighty petrol engines. We will cherish you, like grandfather’s gramophone, although we listen to music via iPhone. On the way to work in an electric car. For example, in “Smart”.

So it is not safe?

An ancient stereotype from times when the automatic box was considered a luxury item. Sometime any tiny car was an antonym of safety. Capsule of death, a mad stool, an infernal beaker. The smarties are still practicing wit, describing the meaninglessness of micro-cars. But today’s high-strength materials and their price in production make it easy for the consumer’s finances to strengthen any machine.

I look at the reinforced stretcher “Smart”, put up for the demonstration, and still it is hard to believe that in the car in which case there will be something alive. Reading the thoughts, responsible for passive safety engineer Uwe Lobenwein shows a video of how the S-class and smart are broken in the same conditions. For the driver and passengers the result is one. So, if not to the wall, but to each other? Yes, yes, Mercedes and so smashed. And with a GLE crossover? Similarly. The meeting, which in theory should end for “Smart” deplorably, does without victims. And the battery is also protected properly. With lateral impacts it is not deformed, which is what was achieved in “Smart”.

And what else does the owner get?

At least, and this is possible for a long time, various benefits. Even in Russia, albeit very slowly, electric vehicle buyers receive bonuses. For example, in the form of free parking in Moscow.

But this is not all. In Europe, for owners of electric “Smart” has already started to operate a special service – in fact, the joint use of parking spaces among the “smart drivers” using a mobile application. It also allowed to start the car rental service. When the machine is not needed, the owner surrenders it to anyone he wants by providing an access code. Something like a carcher, only for individuals. That is, on the electric “Smart” you can still earn!

If you do not want to contact this, mobile smart technologies will at least make life easier. Organize the delivery of pizza, parcels and everything else directly into the car – it’s easy. Although it is not a unique development, but the “Smart” service already works in several “experimental” cities in Europe. And I have no doubt that the whole world will be covered in the course of time.

The most cozy thing is a kerosene lamp, but I’m for electricity – after learning smart electric drive, I want to repeat Bulgakov. Still would! After all, you get a huge savings on everything. From operating costs to parking fees. In addition, the car gives you money … This is your future, gentlemen.

Alexey Dmitriev,

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