A test drive of the updated Lexus ES200

This Lexus unlucky twice. Firstly, his hearing is often confused with the IS, and secondly – is considered a “disguised Camry.” Nevertheless, front-wheel Lexus ES in our country sold more than all other “nevnedorozhnikov” of the same brand. And even more than all Infiniti combined. But these figures do not save the reputation of the ES “nedoleksusa”. Maybe restyling change the situation?

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The External Expansion differences from dorestaylingovoy version – the bare minimum: a slightly modified optics, slightly updated materials in the interior … Oh yeah, in “mezhdufare” entered a huge shining artifact, which is compared with the cooling tower, the hourglass. If I glavmarketologom “Lexus”, I would have long ago wrote a couple of mathematicians grants to those invented the foundation for the emergence of a new geometric shapes, some “leksusoida”. Invented for the sake of the Earth “geoid”, after all.

Despite the meager changes, ES gained great solidity. Now he Gordeliy outside and cozy inside friendly. If the exterior is clear – a purely Asian techniques and a dose of the family madness reduced to homoeopathic, had done their work, the feeling of interior space is difficult to decompose into components. Before me personally here it annoyed almost everyone – from a purely Japanese ergonomic stupidity (Media Control joystick general was a disaster) to very simple by the standards of “premium” label.

Now, under the right arm a new multimedia manipulator and the selector “machine” like other Lexus (eg, NX, and IS), but that’s clearly not the case. Although it may be, and in this, too. And most likely – in together. By combining several elements have invented for the new ES-and materials intererschikam succeeded if not radically change, then obviously improve the atmosphere in the cabin. Does that refer to the mode Drive Mode Select still look sloppy and highlighting them is not justified. A joystick “multimedia” I do not think so.

You’re someone?

Let’s start with “kemrivedeniya”. In the end, it is with great soplatformennost Camry, spelled out in Russian and therefore very affordable by the standards of “premium” and is the main cause of image problems, “And-Esa.” And it is certainly strange. How Toyotas built on the same platform K – from the Highlander to the already absent in our Venza market, but compared to front-drive Lexus is still a Camry … In this way, hoisted on the same truck RX hostility causes.

If you look, it is simply a lack of erudition. A close relative in the camp at the Toyota “And-Esa ‘is – but it’s not the Camry, and devised specifically for the United States (as, incidentally, the whole brand Lexus) sweeping sedan Avalon.

Lexus ES 200 Comfort
Base price:
2,125,000 rubles

Dimensions of two different peredneprivodnikov some millimet … sorry, portions inches, and track and wheelbase are not different at all. However, the North American market Camry, Avalon, and Lexus ES separated by fundamentally different price niches: Camry is available with 2.5 engine and a bigger car – only with a 3.5-liter V6. As a result, the price for base version differs in half. Lexus Buyers more freedom, but also the higher the starting price – 38 thousand dollars compared to 23 at the Camry.

And what we have? And we have the most affordable ES takes the place of the US Avalon – the most accessible version of almost one and a half times more expensive than the base Camry. That is one and a half yards can be purchased just ES200 modification that actually evicted from Russia “real” sedans of this brand, built on a “new platform N»: IS no longer selling at all, but from the GS-but was only charged version of the GS-the F .

New and old

It’s funny that the appearance of in our market updated Lexus ES preceded reports of fresh engine, which will be “exclusively present in three markets – China, Thailand and Russia.” This was referred to the volume of the engine – two liters, but no word on power or presence of turbocharging were reported. The secret of that and say, worthy of Pulcinella. This character of the commedia dell’arte in the Russian language was a Francophone version of his name – Punchinello, and later made a career from the simple to the lawyer, “Captain Obvious”.

It was enough for a pair of clicks in Wikipedia to understand – no turbo, which is very well cope with displacement in the space of the new “Air-X’s” under the hood front-drive sedan will not be.

Fuel tank capacity:
65 l

Because China and Thailand – it’s just the two countries, which has already sold to the Russian version of the Lexus with the base engine from the Camry. Now there is one in our country, and it is clear why – it is necessary to write on the billboards advertising anything attractive.

It is noteworthy that about a new multimedia processor in the same reports on the renewed “E-Esa,” did not mention one. However, and correctly. Firstly, the graphics interface is still in the last century, and secondly, to cope with an electronic brain content still accounted for using the next version of a computer “mouse” – only now understanding the degree between the computer and the user has moved from the area of ​​Oriental Languages ​​where -That towards Turkic. A small, but progress.

It is necessary to tell the Japanese, if not on the touchscreen, then at least on the touchpad.

Exercises in movement

And yet – if we exclude the media problem – whether to buy the most affordable modern Lexus? Is it enough to 150 horsepower, “packaged” in four cylinders and 199 Nm of torque transmitted to the front wheels through a six-speed fluid mechanics, to create the impression is not wasted 2.215 million rubles?

Prior to the first “hundred» ES accelerates … and thank God.

Of course, in the official TTX appear encouraging 11.6 seconds, but believe me – it’s quite a long second. By the horizon polutoratonnaya Mahina (although who am I kidding – here with me no less than the manufacturer claimed 1615 pounds curb weight) rushes with enthusiasm sumo wrestler, who was forced to run the hundred meters. However, a miracle I did not expect: in the end, it is even fair to save – be patient.

Lexus ES200
Brief specifications
2.0 l
150 l. from.
Maximum speed:
200 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
11,6 s
6-speed automatic
Dimensions (LxWxH):
4915 x 1820 x 1450 mm

But what is difficult to get used to, so it’s a very humble freewheel. Of course, the range for accurate measurements at hand was not, so I have to rely on feelings. And they are – worth attention to loosen the right pedal when driving, for example, in a dense stream trunk, as immediately become a hindrance to this same stream.

Then begins the party “machine”, familiar to each owner of a Mercedes with an index of W123. Well, or Pushkin – “something like an animal howl it …”

Box struggling to make life easier for the motor, but it turns out even worse.

Go to the “gas to failure” mode? It is possible, but, in the first place, and “failure” is not so far away as it seems, and secondly, the authors announced on the hit “11.5 to hundreds” of 6.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers count is not necessary.

Price of the issue and the issue price

Away, away from the highway – where the road is not the best quality meander between the cottage settlements, framing (well, at least in part) any Russian metropolis. They Lexus ES finds finally its true purpose. Riding in polpedali a slight sound accompaniment, which does not prevent anonymous, but very decent audio system (most likely, it’s the JBL, but who cares?) To do their job properly.

Yes, ES archaic, but that’s the charm. This is the perfect car for a ride … no, not with the driver, as well as their parents.

Put them on the sofa and let the leisurely enjoy the changing scenery outside the window, his legs crossed. they will cease to be considered his son and turns reveals ask Within fifteen minutes, and when he (ie you) will take up the mind.

Lexus ES 200 Executive
Base price:
2,377,000 rubles

Is it worth the two million-plus? No, because the owner and about the fifth series BMW or Audi A6 parents will not think worse. In general, a car of this class is bought not for their parents. So it is necessary to add a thousand three hundred (or take a soft loan) to select any of the “Germans” and win in everything, including the prestige. For the E-Class, however, will have to find somewhere else half, but if stinginess more haughtiness, is fine and the car last generation – are still there from dealers and a discount in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

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