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Remember how many disputes on the threshold of the millennium, when all the same to start the twenty-first century: in 2000 or 2001? Naturally, those who taught a little math in school, remember that the second decade begins with 11, and the new century – the first year. So our twenty-first century, only the fifteenth godok. And one of the most popular SUV in Russia – the same. A great occasion to remember the history of the Outlander.

ASX 2001

D avnym ago, at the end of the last century the class of crossovers in its infancy, but “fast guys” from Toyota and Honda have already managed to “shoot” his hits – the RAV4 and CR-V. Mitsubishi also in the old school continued to bet on a real frame SUV with a rigid axle and other “superselektami”. But more and more housewives like a big trunk full of drive and the ability to park on the curb, but at the same time to -legkovoy comfort and handling. No choice but to join the fight for a piece of the SUV market at the largest industrial companies of Japan was not simple. As a touchstone made Mitsubishi ASX Concept – prototype of the future bestseller. It was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001, and a year on the market there vnutriyaponskom serial crossover Airtrek. A year later, in 2003 the model coming to the European market under the name familiar to all of us – Outlander. A year later, we started selling in Russia.

Model popular. For four years in Russia incomplete found hosts more than seventeen thousand five hundred “autlendnrov” first generation. In 2007, in parallel with the sales of the first “out” started selling the second-generation model, which received the XL console (just to differentiate it from the first generation, which is not immediately left the showrooms of dealers).

Outlander XL in the Russian market has produced the effect of breaking the vacuum of the munition. That is to say – almost all burned, and then filled the resulting vacuum. This machine will know even the grandmother on the benches, not to mention the motorists. For 6 years, from 2007 to 2012, the Russian “vacuum” the SUV market is filled with more than eighty nine thousand “Outlander”! Of these, just under half – restyled version of the trapezoidal grille with the new at the time the corporate style of the company.

Traditionally, the company, in 2012, in the salons, next to the phenomenally-successful XL appear third-generation machines. The style of the new machine is radically different from its predecessors. The car has grown considerably in all directions, has become more overweight, rounded and solid. “Raskhvatyvaemost” new “Outlander” can be compared with the pies, especially considering that in 2012 Mitsubishi opens plant in Russia. The proximity of “stove” raises the temperature of “hot cakes” – sales are growing again. Today, even though the entire burden of the crisis and the drop in sales, the third “out” already passed the mark of 91,000 sold cars.

News / Car market
In Russia sold “Jubilee» Mitsubishi Outlander

“Jubilee” crossover has found its owner in Mitsubishi dealership in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, 26 October. As stated in the press service of the brand message, the Outlander is the second most popular model in the history of …

If you count all the “Outlander” sold in Russia, it will turn over 197 000 vehicles. By the end of the year in the Russian representation of the company we expect to see the number “200000” on the counter. But as written and typeset this article, the plan was fulfilled ahead of schedule unexpectedly. It would be unfair to keep silent, that by results of the first half “outlander” was not included in the top ten best-selling SUV in Russia, however, reports of “AUTOSTAT” have always been a tendency to row all in one heap: the list and Lada 4×4 and Duster, and RAV4. In short, despite all the hardships, crises and market subsidence – a model of living and good feeling. What is the secret of popularity Outlander, especially against competitors that are in the same conditions, scaling down presence in the Russian market?


I do not make the discovery, saying that the Outlander is mainly in demand among drivers age 45+ or so. See driving “out” young can be extremely rare. What’s the secret? I’ve been looking for the answer to this question, as far back as 2013, when the third generation only saw the light, and I bowled three months in a row Outlander Long test.

The only answer to which I have come – “calm and ordinary”. If Outlander XL, especially restyled, with a grille in the style of Lancer EVO has somehow pulled a wheelbarrow on the youth, a new “out” clearly moved its exterior in the age category of “40+”.

The older a person becomes, the less he wants to “adrenaline”, surprises, explosions of colors and other shocks. I want to comfortably, safely, predictably and reliably. It is desirable even to larger trunk, and that the mother-in-law with the rear seats are not grumbling that it closely. Although in such hands, it is likely that the wife of our average motorist “to fifty” has itself become a mother-in; which, however, does not change the general picture.


In this respect, the Outlander – almost perfect car. Suspension “out” has a fairly soft setting, though, of course, the smooth progress of the top versions of the great spoil low-profile 225/55 tires on 18-inch wheels. However, this malicious virus – a low-profile tires – absolutely amazed the whole world. That’s that. On the base wheels, 215 / 70R16 car behaves admirably, unless, of course, do not try to squeeze all the juice out of it.

The choice of car
Between classes: test drive Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Attention to the label we have become accustomed to the situation, that there is a car that bears a certain name, and there is another car that also added besides the name of the word “Sports”, and it’s really two completely different …

7380 0 3

By “sokovyzhimatelstvu” do not have and powertrains. On the “initial” 146-horsepower engine of two liters of volume and say nothing. 2.4-liter engine behaves very phlegmatic, helps him in this variable transmission. All smooth, smooth, and no grumbles from the back row.

Even the V6 three-liter, by the way, is the only competitor among the 230 hp and provided with a “normal” automatic, and does not detect the dynamics of miracles. Even the index «Sport» here seems unnecessary. Could it obviously, but there was no problem minders “done quickly”, rather the contrary: to make a smooth, predictable and high-torque. And the task they handled. So here are the same motors thorough and businesslike, as a retired colonel, the commander of your own cottage.

Needless to say, that in the cabin, too, and does not smell any modernity, “Youth” and “trendy”. Modestly, succinctly, even severely. What a cute little things are viewed from the past such as mirrors and heated seats keys. You will look – and remember his first foreign car of the nineties. And just so warm at heart …

Seats are not plagued by excessive rigidity and severity of side structural supports – do not need it here! But the back of the sofa backrest is adjustable for tilt, and besides, is divided into sections, the middle – a big adjustment, but my knees are against the backrest of the front seat, even if the young mother-in-law was part of the national team in volleyball.

Enough space for seedlings and to transport the ironing board to the country. back sofa backrest folded parts. Of course, few people are surprised that today, but it adds to the overall picture shtrishok.

In short, everything what could dream of riders aged – is present. And that very likely would cause their rejection – is absent. Youth same wager, the interior seems too conservative and boring. As the motor habits.


Except for the base version Inform a two-liter engine, all versions are equipped with AWC AWD system with an electromagnetic clutch. By the way, even the base version – a very good party. After all, for 1,399,000 rubles, you can get even if not crossover, but a very large wagon with economical engine! The car of the other “opera”, but has a right to life.

But back to the all-wheel drive. The rear axle is connected automatically when the front wheels slip. Several modes of operation allow the coupling within a certain range to choose between efficiency and thrust, for example, on a slippery road or on the ground. In general, all quite traditional class laytovyh “rogues”. SUV – it is the SUV. Off-road capabilities of the machine is very wide, however, require careful handling. Attempts to anneal fan on the sandy beach just a few minutes lead to overheating of the clutch and turn off the rear axle.

By Outlander honor clutch cools in just a few minutes, and you can move on. But with thoughtful driving on muddy and terribly slippery dirt road along the plowed field machine confidently pulls a lot of kilometers in a row without a hint of overheating, even though “zamylennye” to the state slicks wheels. In short, even here all is not enchanted by “fan” and some “drive”, and to perform application tasks. If thoughtfully and slowly, everything will be fine.

At the top-end modification installed advanced S-AWC system all-wheel drive, in the sense that the “super-ol fork-control.” In fact, the system is supplemented by the electric power steering and electronic locking front differential, plus a couple of additional modes. Coupled with the simulation system locks when the “free” and the wheels braked torque being transferred to the downloaded, it is operating off-road circuit. Anyway, it has the capacity appreciably larger than that of the classical. In short, all the riders will be nerves in order bude have to move down to the asphalt, and the fishing owner can get away.


In general, the Outlander, although it was the last restyling slightly more bright appearance, still remain boring car. But it is for me – young people. In the coordinates of its target audience – it is not boring, and calm. It seems to be the same, but completely different kettle of fish. Such machines – quiet, thoughtful, comfortable and cost-effective – live a very long time, from generation to generation, they are only the husband, getting better, like good wine. It was already a Land Cruiser in the camp of heavy SUVs and Golf in the urban class. SUV segment is writing his story not so long ago, but the Mitsubishi Outlander has taken a very strong position in it.

Fifteen years – no time, compared with venerable “dynasties” of which I was reminded of the crown lines above. But for sure, this is only the beginning. Soon the majority, and then, suddenly – even forties went. All of the people. The more you age, the faster time flies. But the great pleasure you spend it. Taste of life comes with age.

Do you need a Mitsubishi Outlander, if:

  • You cottage, Sprouts, a dog, a cat and mother-in-law;
  • Do you still think that the best car in the world – is the “Volga”;
  • For your car – just a good thing, such as a razor or a mixer.

You absolutely contraindicated Mitsubishi Outlander, if:

  • You are under 40 years of age;
  • You want a real SUV;
  • You at least once in life drove on the racing track on a fast machine.

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