Riding captivating happiness: test drive MINI Cooper S

For all their deliberate carelessness thrice revived MINI has various tools of seduction. The fact that English avtomobilchik like no other knows how to charm mimimishechnostyu, there is no doubt. But even more impressive is its ability to generate absolutely adult emotions, because riding on this machine except drayverskogo orgasm will not name.

Grow big?

C MINI brand I have a special relationship. Warm, as a salad with chicken liver and mushrooms in mnatsakanovskoy "Rybe". And almost as delicious, albeit with a slight taste of bitterness that "Minicoy" tamed me R50 series (the first of the restored) added to our friendship with him unexpected breakdowns. Well, it is pardonable – yet the car was the fifteenth year.

However, my Cooper still remembered the covenants engineers put it excellent handling, trampling smoothness: by turns hatchback went exactly, but tough. Still, I liked to ride it – right up to the colic! Not even the most gifted CVT did not spoil the overall impression – it is quite allowed the motor to reveal his character, and nothing more is required of him. Besides, I comforted myself with the thought that after some time will change your Cooper to the more powerful Cooper S next generation – and even then I will be driving a hopeless happiness.

Now I'm not sure that I have enough of such a machine – a new "vitriol" outta sight. I need now is a MINI – F56 without fail. Painfully, he's good! It seems that this is love. But at first glance, no – when I saw "Minko" third generation, I'm even a little disappointed. First of all, it seemed to me that the car has become like a little more – and the feeling I was not fooled: looking into the technical details, I saw a gain of almost 10 cm in length. In addition, the machine is a little stretched outwards and upwards. You know, it's not the centimeters, the size of which depends on the pleasure. British charm just yet is the modesty of its dimensions. His greatness – not in size but in skills! MINI has to remain small – and nothing else.

Curb weight, kg

From the stern hatch looks good. Winning – even in comparison with the previous version. "Person" also came controversial. LED "ochechki" on the headlights look more fashionable than beautiful. More than just confuses the lower bumper with a protruding "lip", which shines "piercing" chrome air intakes. However, chromium – is a special case: the exterior "Minicoy" subject to correction by another configurator level. To be honest, I'm a pretty attractive face normal Cooper – that without S: he is not overloaded with details of the bumper and this seems more harmonious – and not so heavy-handed. But the main thing – puffy design visually reduced wheel: now even "semnashki" look too small. A book of 18-inch wheels – is sheer folly to them very little rubber!

Cost MINI Cooper S
from 1.499 million rubles

In addition, the smoothness of motion, none of the versions of the MINI Hatch is no different: the car wrapped in "ranflety" holes and joints are subject to rigorous, biting, dramatic. In principle, it is easy to fix by replacing standard rubber on the usual, "prokolnuyu" – and hope that the nails will not selflessly throw under the wheels of the machine, since the spare wheel MINI traditionally deprived. The city, however, is a problem-Great – just instead of "spare wheel" to carry a business card mobile tire fitting.

More life

And to carry fast! The two-liter "four", inflated to 192 turbine forces literally throws the car from the place to the accompaniment of exquisitely tuned exhaust. Especially loud "vitriol" goes in sport mode, which can call on the bracket on the frame of the selector "machine": six-speed tachometer starts to walk the arrow at high speed Zone, replacing the transmission with a hooligan shooting from the centrally located shotgun; and at certain moments a discharge of gas while switching down muffler relish spitting sounds in pursuit. Do not ride, but the whole idea!

Rulitsya "Minka" Do not just unique. The rail is short, and the reaction to the wheel freaks – instant, but without the severity of nervous. The machine changes the trajectory immediately with genuine enthusiasm. Sometimes, however, Cooper S takes this issue excessive independence when groping on the asphalt track – then we need to tame his ardor. However, this feature is more a reflection of the character of the car vitality, rather than evidence of the marked lack. In the end, the innocent car is not the case, and similar antics in the case of the MINI look quite nice – at least, I am ready to understand and forgive.

Very impressive is the talent of Cooper tires literally dig into the asphalt – and do not let him go under any circumstances. It takes a fair amount of courage to enter into a turn at a speed at which the stabilization system vstrepenetsya. The easiest way to wake her up – sink into the floor the accelerator pedal at the exit of a bend: engine thrust for such experiments is more than enough. The machine will still pick up speed: electronics works very delicately and also exclusively on the case. Bravo!

MINI Cooper S
Consumption per 100 km / h
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

6.9 4.5 5.4

Stop! You go!

The interior of the MINI – this celebration to show off: here gathered an extensive collection of all sorts of surprising twists and turns. Instead, the engine start button is used daring red toggle switch, located on the "beard" in the center console frame tumblers easier responsible for windows, turning off the stabilization system and start-stop function.

This supply of banal things looks stylish, but has virtually no effect on the ergonomics – in the end, to a unique management windows minivody already accustomed to the previous two generations, and the other switches still almost do not use. Although I must admit that a few times deactivated start-stop, which annoys me in many vehicles – and in particular in the Mini. However, this ecological function becomes dormant, if use the sport mode.

The Green mode start-stop bogomerzkih, of course, working with might and main. At the same time on the machine if the spleen attack: the reaction gas tupeyut, emotional intensity dims acceleration – once cheerful "Minicoy" behaves like a tired horse. If you do not strongly urge the car accelerator pedal, you can count on eco-bonuses: on-board computer display appears green LED, which shows the economy – plus additional kilometers, you supposedly get a reward for their green behaviors. Deciding that such bonuses me for anything, I will soon put an end to gardening and more to him did not come back.

Dark and round

Subject circles in the interior of the machine, as before, actively dominated. Circles are everywhere: appliances controller and framing "multimediyki" screen elements climate control unit – design compass combed everything.

Here, even the steering wheel, imagine round!

In the new "vitriol" I found two things that were not there in the previous MINI: Head-Up Display and light music around the largest of the communities located in the center of the front panel. HUD for BMW Group vehicles are no longer news, but in the "Minicoy" this thing appeared only now. As the functionality of the display is similar to that of other onymi "boomers" and significantly different in execution: the information is not projected on the windshield, and a separate tinted visor, which after ignition rises behind the dashboard. In principle, the specific criticism to this thing is not – like any other thing, without which it would be easy to manage. Cool – but not much else.

"Circle of Light", which is inscribed screen multimedia system, iridescent that is urine. That's embellishment on the verge of foul: it felt a strong collective beginning. Excuses "disco" only one thing: the dynamic light is trying to be helpful. For example, when maneuvering in the parking lot, it is an additional indicator of the PDC: as you approach the car to an obstacle circle changes color from green to yellow, until finally red.

Access to the rear row of seats is due to not only the folding back, and depart ahead. Leak back not make much effort, and the climb back is easy – from the back row, you can not just fold the seat, and uncork the door by pulling the handle.

Cargo Volume, L

The trunk in the MINI, as before, a fairly conventional; and although it has grown from 160 to 211 liters, a lot of luggage it will not work place – unless you are willing to sacrifice the seats on the second row, which consists exactly in half. can not count on a flat loading area, and yet the possibility to prolong the trunk into the cabin cool rescues: only in this way can be loaded into the car kit "smenki" while riding seasonal tire.


Can you call the MINI Cooper S the perfect city car, taking into account its convenient size? I would not make such loud statements. Yes, the ability to accommodate it in a limited space on a close parking – a definite plus. But if the size – it is the only criterion, it is better to take the Smart fortwo – he categorically less. Yes, and cheaper way.

However, if you truly want to admire not only the results of the parking lot, but the process that takes place between them, the "vitriol" would be an elegant solution. This is a real tool for the pleasure of life – a fast, bright, stylish! And, alas, dear: even the basic "edishn Drum" is more than half a million. And that machine, you can contemplate in the photo, with all the bells and whistles and nishtyak, draws 2.3 million rubles. Nichosi!

MINI Cooper S
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
3 850/1 727/1 414
2.0 liters, 192 liters. from.
six-speed automatic transmission
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:
Fuel tank capacity, l:

And yet, the buzz – more than money. Not so much in the world of cars that fill with gratitude. But – I implore you! – If you do not have enough money or determination to get into the loan, never get behind the wheel Cooper S. Otherwise lose any sleep.

Like me.


Dmitry Yurasov

autoND browser

UKL platform, underlying all MINI models, and a new generation of front-wheel drive BMW, differs from most modern platforms such caliber independent rear suspension (of course, the ubiquitous MacPherson front). If, for example, "folksvagenovskoy" the MQB and French EMP2 to reduce the cost back set semidependent suspension trailing arm of a torsion beam and independent mnogoryichazhka provided only for four-wheel drive and "charged" cars, there is present regardless of the power and the type of drive . Partly for that reason, and are famous for gambling authentic MINI handling with indices F55 (five-door hatchback) and F56 (trehdverka), based on the "younger» UKL1 platform version, unlike UKL2 (MINI Clubman, BMW X1 and peredneprivodniki second series). However, being identical in architecture in detail two variants differ quite significantly: in particular, not only UKL1 SWB and a narrow gauge, but steel and subframes suspension levers instead of aluminum. Nevertheless, a winged metal and high-strength steel is still higher than in the previous generation hatchback (R56), from which all new MINI also differ hydraulic engine mount system, more efficient quenching vibration than conventional rubber.

This solution is easily explained by the choice as the base engine with three cylinders, unbalanced in nature. The point here is, again, in the unification: like many other manufacturers, BMW goes to the new modular units with the same family in the working volume of the cylinder in half a liter. While the lineup consists of three- and four-cylinder aluminum engines of 1.5 and 2.0 liters respectively, as gasoline (B38 / B48) and diesel (B37 / B47), although Europe still offered and 1.2-liter " treshka "version Mini One. All units are, of course, supercharged, and in gasoline engines, in spite of the common name of TwinPower Turbo, the boost is different: the "poltorashki" installed on Cooper, – conventional turbocharger with variable vane geometry, while the two-liter "Quartet» Cooper S – double-flow TwinScroll. The 231-strong modification of John Cooper Works (against the usual 192 hp..) – High boost pressure, slightly reduced the compression ratio pistons and original. Common design features – a system of mixing the Valvetronic throttle-free, direct fuel injection, balance shafts, phase shifters at the inlet and outlet.

But the automatic transmission, which are aggregated, these engines are not as progressive. If UKL2 platform already firmly "standing" latest Eight "machines" from the company Aisin Warner, a traditional partner of BMW, then UKL1 the same manufacturer continues to deliver a six-speed TF60 family. Classical hydromechanical transmission, developed in the early twenty-first century on the technical task of Volkswagen, has repeatedly upgraded, and in the version for MINI (GA6F21WA for BMW specification), it has its own settings and a lot of the original "iron". However, as with all other "machines" of the family, the box is highly reliable, that for many owners outweighs all the advantages of multi-fangled automatic transmission.

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