Renault Koleos crossover test: trying to forget the past

The segment of the crossover, except for the elevated all-wheel drive Scenic RX4, the company Renault drove exactly on Koleos. The alliance with Nissan opened the French access to the platform of Qashqai / X-Trail models – and in 2008 it was built “first” Koleos. However, on the way to customers Korean in appearance and assembly crossover stuck in traffic from competitors: for all time in the world only about 300 thousand cars were sold. In 2014, when in our market Koleos still coexisted with the former Ixtreil, the difference in sales between them was tenfold – 23 573: 2171 in favor of Nissan. And now – the second pancake. Bon Appetit?

For the first time I saw the new Koleos two years ago in the design studio of the technical center in Giiancourt – when I was still working in Renault. We removed the artists from the prototype named XZG cover, attached the mirrors taken from the shelf … In a limited space, the crossover impressed, even despite the borrowed art techniques. Side – a kind of decor of the Range Rover, behind – bends Audi Q7. Sidewalls, incidentally, are alliance: where Vesta has X-hollows, Koleos has bulges of similar shape. Confused except that the mustache of street lamps, an imitation of exhaust pipes on the rear bumper and generally an abundance of shiny ones. However, the hope for a less chrome finish remains.

In the Russian office of Renault, for some reason they call Koleos premium and are not very happy with the preservation of the old name – the car, it’s supposedly quite different! Designer, the work of the team of Lorens van den Acker. Although technically the recipe is the same – it’s translated into French Nissan X-Trail, built now on the modular platform CMF, common with the models Qashqai and Kadjar. On the design, of course, you can argue, but, in my opinion, this time the comparison is not in favor of Nissan – including because the current X-Trail is barely distinguishable from the more compact Kashka. New Koleos on their background looks like a car class above – both outside and inside.

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