Prior to the bakery for 4.5 seconds: the experience of ownership of Can-Am Spyder

It’s a miracle Yudo – a perfect object for guessing-game “Crocodile” on the Automobile and motorcycle theme. Roadster? No. Motorcycle? No. No right at first glance tips will not help to go to guess the riddle called Can-Am Spyder.


As a child, I could not imagine their existence without a bicycle. Staying without “big”, giving a sense of freedom from parental supervision, was a great tragedy, a hundred times worse than they are now deprived of the machine. On tricycles velosipediki I and my peers looked grown-up with contempt – “Do not get in the way, malyshnya!” Why, now I look at with envy unknown zverushku Can-Am Spyder, wondering in my mind where to get those extra 700 000-800 000 rubles buy a used / have?

Valene Black Mamba, Morgan EV 3, Elio P 5, Polaris Slingshot, Toyota i – Roadtricycles recently come out with enviable regularity. The idea of three-wheeled transport is not new. The appearance of the first of these dates from 1769 year. After 238 years, I presented BRP Can – Am Spyder – the first model of the revived brand two decades dwells in suspended animation.

The cost of the new Can-Am Spyder
$ 38,000

Outlandish tourist snowmobile Elite, futuristic sportbike Embrio Advanced Concept – Canadians no stranger to shock the audience. In the case of the Spyder, they have been turned topsy-turvy idea trike. In contrast to the classical three-wheeled habitue biker gatherings, in Can – Am two front wheels and the rear car is quite the dimension 225 / 50R15. Between them built out sportbaykovskoe muscular body. With persons unknown little animal resembles debuted almost simultaneously with the KTM X – Bow and other animals, live exclusively in the area of the race track.

In the saddle

Absence makes the Spyder motorcycle footrests ideal object for the photo shoot. The owner can calmly stand by and clip coupons, without fear that the next fill up instagrammer precious toy to the side. Upholstered seat rubberized material has the optimum shape and width. Planting sports, but without extreme giperbaykov. The steering wheel is slightly ahead classified and highly biased battened steps back. Optional rear backrest – an excellent guarantee that you will not lose your favorite girlfriend with a sharp start from a traffic light.

management body is much smaller than a normal bike, but what is left, is situated the most logical. Right – the throttle and the brake pedal. Left brake too, but parking. Its activation helpfully informs multifunction display to tidy minimalist, reminiscent tools Spartan sports car. On the sides of the screen analog speedometer and tachometer, arrows which move in opposite directions.

Ignition switch – very versatility. Besides the basic functions it serves as a bottle opener for the gas tank hidden under the seat, and trunk. Theoretically, this cuttlefish can go to the bakery and very, very quickly. In front of the tricycle has a small luggage compartment. Almost 44 liters – laughter in automobile standards, but a serious trump card in a dispute with the majority of bikes, except for rare heavyweights. Optionally available for the Spyder was set coffers à la Honda Gold Wing. But I am glad that the owner has not turned a slender Can – Am in the likeness of an awkward grand-tourer.

In move

Structurally, the Spyder, having at the base of spatial girder frame SST, a close relative of the snowmobile and ATV. The front overhang is living friend on sportbike Aprilia – V-shaped engine the Rotax 998- cc, equipped with a liquid-cooled, two camshafts per cylinder and electronic fuel injection. By forcing motorcycle standards are not prohibitive – 106 l. c., but in the automotive world within a specific power of 3 kg / l. from. – Is the level of the top version of the 911’s. In our case, these figures are improved by the installation of the new release and fuel cards from Two Brothers Racing.

The cost of this Can-Am Spyder (2010)
customs clearance costs – $ 11,000
$ 14,000

Acceleration instantly blew away all the wrinkles on my face. How much improved performance compared with the basic 4.5 seconds to “hundreds”, is not known, but in any case impressive. In theory Spyder is faster, but the sharp start of the rear wheel without slipping almost impossible – Electronic stands out. Every system of “welfare” here at all the eyeballs: antibuks, course ustroychivost, ABS, the EUR with a variable force … Against this background, the robotic five-speed (there were mechanical version with the same number of gears) with an automatic clutch and reverse gear is perceived as a matter of course.

Gears are shifted rocking button on the remote control next to the left handlebar. Each transition is accompanied by a noticeable kick, adding sports courage. Box captivating honesty – to the last step of holding selected, not daring without the knowledge of the pilot switch up. But while reducing the transition to a lower speed automatically.

Can-Am Spyder
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l6-7 10 8

Equanimity suspension when dealing with the road – God forbid each vehicle. A dialogue, by the way, a very stormy. Three-wheeled scheme leaves little chance for a detour obstacles. By passing on the road pothole manner between the front wheels, you’re sure to vedesh it back. Activation Moto skills, involving a detour obstacles, not much help. The result is to avoid small obstacles only that fit exactly between the track of one of the front wheels and the rear.

115-inch ground clearance and a high sensitivity to the track one more proof that the Spyder prefers the road with a quality finish. Here he is in his element – at any speed and in any maneuver – no yaw and wheel failures in sliding. Colossal resistance, inaccessible for two-wheeled counterparts, and agility snake, snyascheesya dreams in any sports car.

The traditional method for bikers detour traffic jams between the rows, alas, again available for the Spyder with a reservation. Half meter width, of course, does not allow to flash flow easily streetfighter. But even if I was smart I manage to create another series, the envy of crossovers, the narrower the tricycle even more so. And respect on the road to the outlandish microcar order of magnitude greater than traditional dvuhkolesnikam.

With the image in the exotic “Canadian” in our country there is a problem. Already in the course of writing this article, I was faced with the views – what is supposedly the device for seniors, who are afraid of the two wheels.

Futuristic look with blazing charisma multiplied by excellent driving characteristics and a higher chance of survival in the wild urban jungle – so a change of priorities in young or I did not notice how older?

purchase history

In 2011, he decided that was ripe for motorcycle purchases. But the idea, alas, has not met adequate response from his relatives. A chance meeting on the street with the tricycle Can – Am suggested that the long-awaited compromise is found.

Unfortunately, a trip to the dealer is not pleased – the new Spyder cost about $ 38 000. It was decided to order a tricycle in the United States – buying overseas new Spyder 2010 release with the robotised box cost $ 14 500. The amount for some reason very confused Russian customs officers which we did not want to draw a tricycle. As a result, Spyder has been cleared through customs as the ATV. Taking into account all costs, the new cost trehkolesnik Andrew at about $ 25,000, that is, when all hands, cheaper than the official importer.


The elements of body kit, lower the windscreen, a comfortable seat with passenger backrest, organizer in the trunk – Andrew has not stinted on the purchase from the catalog of branded accessories. There was a place and chrome accessories Kuryakyn like pads on the handles and pedals. Additionally, the original fog lights were installed, absent in the American version.

Technical tuning is to install the new release and fuel cards from Two Brothers Racing. Unfortunately, the last correctly calibrate the service could not, leaving the middle option settings. Total spent on the completion of about $ 3000.


Mileage five years of ownership did not reach even 10 000 km. I only consumables. Front brake pads missing for more than a season of active driving. Of a sudden, two times had to change the battery is stranded in the winter and the same time to buy a specially made platform under number blown away at speed. This season, Andrew finally got a garage, where he stores his favorite toy.

Can-Am Spyder
Brief specifications
V-twin 998 cc Rotax
106 liters. from.
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
4.5 s
Cargo capacity:
44 l
115 cm
THAT the replacement of oil, filters and pads
12 thousand rubles

Despite the fact that this model of the first generation and have already appeared in something more sophisticated successors to sell a favorite toy Andrei does not plan to. Spyder invariably attracts the attention on the road and gives a great feel of the drive. And the next owner is likely to be the son of Andrew.

model history

In 1973 he started the first production motorcycle in Canada. The newly Brand Can-Am, is a subsidiary of the corporation Bombardier Recreational Products, founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1942 and known for its snowmobiles and jet skis.

AI 95

Since the direction of the motorcycle is not the main field of activity of Canadians and did not bring adequate profit, in 1983 a license for the production of Can-Am sold to a British company Armstrong. But the new owners failed to keep the brand afloat, and in 1987 production was curtailed.

Restarting the brand occurred in 2006, when the Can-Am back in the BRP. Under the revived brand began production of the entire line of the Canadian ATV, formerly known as Bombardier ATV. A year later came a fundamentally new model for the company – a tricycle Can-Am Spyder. It is still in service, and is currently available in four versions: F3 S, F3 T, F3 LTD and RT. Prices in Russia – from 1.799 million rubles.

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