Presidential place. Complete relaxation in the next generation Pullman

What will happen in the Kremlin if the advertised project “Cortezh” fails and the car suddenly does not like the first person?

What will happen in the Kremlin if the advertised project “Cortezh” fails and the car suddenly does not like the first person? The same scenario can not be ruled out. Options, it seems, will not remain: the president will choose the already familiar Pullman.

The armored version of this new generation super-limousine was recently presented at the Paris Motor Show. Well, we were lucky enough to spend the day in a lightweight, without armor, Mercedes-Maybach Pullman on the roads of Dubai. It is almost three times cheaper (from 500 thousand dollars) and two tons lighter armored car. In the rest – the same classic machine for the president.

Waking up at five in the morning Dubai spreads wide avenues named after some sheikhs. The towers of multicolored lights of skyscrapers stretch like soldiers of the guard of honor. The cars on the track are not very numerous yet – and nothing hinders our flagship from smoothly dissecting a cloud of different automobile plankton. From the back throne of “Pullman”, which usually occupies such machines in the president, that’s how you perceive the surrounding flow. All cars around seem too miniature. Even at the accompanying “ordinary” Mercedes-Maybach 5.5 meters long you look indulgently. He is a meter shorter than “Bullets”! And even the wheelbase of the presidential limousine is 105 centimeters more. The best guarantee of super-smooth motion. That’s why you do not feel the journey aboard the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman as a trip in the car. There are more associations with flying. Without any hint of symbolic turbulence. It is difficult to understand at what speed the “board number one” is moving in space. Until you check, glancing at the passenger dashboard under the ceiling. In addition to the retro-stylistic speedometer, there is also a clock and a thermometer.

Places in the new “Pullman” really with a margin. The passenger, even if he is under two meters tall, does not even mention the discomfort. You sit like in a normal living room: one and a half meter from the chair to the chair. In the club, four-seater passenger compartment layout. The backs of the two main chairs – the presidential and the guest – descend at an angle of 44 degrees. You can sit almost lying down. As in the first class of a good airbus or in a decent business jet like the seventh Falcon or top Gulfstream.

By the way, the standard limousine that escaped the heavy burden of booking is more spacious and more comfortable than the armored one. It’s simple: you have to partially pay for security. Heavy protective elements mercilessly “eat” space around the door. And the floor because of the extra steel plates under it and under the roof rose by as much as four centimeters. It turns out that our bullet is more comfortable than what Putin or another Russian president will order. If, of course, he disregards the “Cortege.”

However, I do not care now what kind of car the new president will choose. In the salon of “Pullman” you abandon everything, failing instantly into a completely different reality. I fly through Dubai in absolute silence. Or maybe it’s all a dream? Yes, no, all in reality, and should be praised by engineers who were able to deal with the sounds that usually penetrate into the salons of even very expensive representative sedans. In the “Pula” additional sealing of joints of body parts and optics was carried out, and even wheel arches were equipped with mini spoilers.


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The illusion of absolutely complete isolation from the surrounding world is also achieved thanks to the partition between the driver’s compartment and the passenger room. You press the key hidden in the armrest between the seats, and from the panel located on the boundary between the two worlds, a glass window rises. Another time touched, and it becomes dull. To give commands to the driver then it is necessary already on internal communication. And it’s time for me to dictate the destination. I’m reading the address of some yacht club. Owners of large boats very much asked the Mercedes tops to show them the car. Let’s take a look? We arrived, more precisely, flew, very quickly.

The driver opens a giant door, almost one and a half meters long. Do not want to leave the car even for a minute. So I invite the guests inside. But the sheiks will not have to bow to me. Let me remind you: Pullman is ten centimeters above the standard Mercedes S-class sedan. And a man of average height does not sit down, but almost enters the salon, only slightly bending his head.

Sitting in armchairs next to each other, the guests can not hide admiration, they exchange glances. And for a while they just silently look over the land superyacht. I see, shocked “cabin.”

  • And this is in the variant for four! And you can order a double salon, then the feeling of spaciousness will increase – I try to encourage the target audience.

Indeed, if the client wants, he will build a two-seater “cabin”. But, probably, this would be already a waste of space. Even by presidential standards of comfort.

By the way, the president, kings and sheiks will not be allowed to vote in the motor. Six-liter V12 biturbo. They considered that it was optimal. The volume is less than enough for a three-ton machine. Although for a five-ton armored limousine 530 forces – not so much. However, it is enough to accelerate to 160 kilometers per hour.

As in the conservatory!

Pullman can not be purchased immediately. The waiting time is three times as long as when ordering a production car. Too much in the process of manual labor. At best, wait for the meeting to take six months.

By the way, Pullman did not become completely original. Many functions control various electronic assistants and multimedia system exactly the same as in the S-class, on the basis of which the Maybach was created. But the layout and giant dimensions are making their own adjustments. For example, you perceive classical music differently. So much so that sometimes you doubt: where the sound is better, here or at the conservatory.

A sophisticated musical system “Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound” with 24 speakers can be ordered in the standard “Maybach”. But in “Pullman” acoustics is completely different. The sound is so pure and voluminous that an unusual effect is created: as if a live concert is given in full vacuum.

Incidentally, the installation of such a system occurs in several stages. The first few days of the dynamics work in the “lapping” mode. And only then they are adjusted depending on the preferences of the main passenger. To the buyer with presidential ambitions such an option will cost the price of a good business class car. A good sound can not be free.