Premium or standard? Picking epithets for Toyota Corolla

Having updated the “Corolla”, “Toyota” announced an increase in the status of the model. Do not the words differ with the case?

The logical step – when the prices of cars fly up, to declare an increase in status. As in the “Toyota” done with the updated “Corolla”. But do not the words differ with the case?

If you open a press release of the updated Toyota Corolla, an abundance of epithets unfamiliar to this car will come to my eyes. Here “premium”, there “high class”, but it is generally “unique.” I lived with the sedan for a week and now I’ll try to figure out from the points whether Corolla is really playing by other rules.

Planned works

This is not the case to reel around the machine, savoring every new detail. The design of the “Corolla” is easy to read from any angle. Headlights, radiator grilles, bumpers are the minimum program for a planned upgrade. As for me, cosmetic work has benefited. Designers have expanded the air intakes from below and zauzili headlamps, thereby giving the car a predatory look. Although attention to the roads has not increased. For a week, I have no one anywhere and did not ask, as happens in such cases: “What, restyling, yes?”

I’ll draw attention, perhaps, only to optics. It is fully LED in the two highest trim levels. High-tech light indeed raises the status of “Corolla”, although this is no longer a “unique offer in the classroom.” Recently tested Citroen C4 also boasts LED-headlights.

I do not know why, but in “Toyota” it is especially noted that the gaps between the body elements have decreased from 5 to 4 mm. A sign of a premium or just an interesting fact? Rather, the second. The main thing is that they are everywhere the same. Although who would doubt it!

Modern and not very

Inside the Corolla, the owner now has more reasons to tell his friends about prestige. Pleasant-looking round deflectors are also convenient. The same can be said about the new levers of climate control. Paying cheap plastic is much less, on the center console it does not exist at all. Information from the color 4.2-inch display in the instrument cluster is read at a time. On the door handle soft upholstery, and next to the four buttons of the window regulator – and all with automatic mode.

But the main highlight is immediately evident – a seven-inch display with touch buttons on the perimeter under one large glass surface. Looks modern? Is it rich? Of course, although it’s time to change the system itself. When the Soviet hotel is converted into a network hotel of a well-known foreign brand, it still gives away the tiled-carpet spirit in the corridors. I could not hide the low quality of the image and the inconvenience of the menu behind the gloss. And I would not say that the touch buttons are so convenient. They are good when they simplify the life of the driver. Let’s say, he picked up the hand and instantly changed the volume with a slight wave of his hand. In the “Corolla” is not so. Here, in fact, just analogues of the usual buttons.

Trifles, of course. Immediately forgot about them if I got behind the wheel perfectly. The proportions of my body are quite standard, even average. But I noticed from the very first landing that there were not enough centimeters of the rudder’s departure. Well, or the length of the arms. If, of course, take the right posture.

And, of course, I would like in the car at the price of 1 294 000 rubles – so much is our Corolla in the “Style Plus” set – to see the sensors of rain and light. Although if you do not need them, then this version will do. Heating the steering wheel and the wiper zone is a priority, because it really matters to our buyer. Nevertheless, I would be careful not to call the equipment premium. The same Koreans already in the B-class steering wheel warm.

At the back there is a wonderful space. When on the second row there will be heated seats and a third zone of climate control, I personally go out into the street with the banner “Toyota Corolla – premium car.” In the meantime – just nice and comfortable in comparison with many classmates.

Likes – forgive

On the technique of “Toyota” to a new level is not swung. And this is fortunately. Reliable atmospheric engines with volumes of 1.33, 1.6 and 1.8 liters are available for Corolla. I have a top engine with a power of 140 forces in a company with a variator. It does not often happen, when a week of the test of a gasoline car does not have to refuel even once. A portion of praise for a small expense deserved just a stepless transmission. With creepy autumn traffic jams, fuel consumption, if it goes for nine liters, is insignificant.

Although the variator gives smudge. Smoothly, but quickly reacts to the manipulation of the accelerator pedal. Therefore, the sedan on medium revs and city speeds is ready for sharp maneuvers. I do not even believe that with such a power plant, “Corolla” does not leave out of ten seconds when dispersing to a hundred.

But should this be checked? I do not advise. As well as it is worth forget about the existence of a sport mode of transmission. If, of course, the eardrums are expensive and do not want to awaken the sounds of the Soviet electric coffee-grinder in my memory. Especially dynamics in daily life is enough without the maximum promotion of the motor. You will not push the right pedal – it will not be heard. Who in cars especially appreciates the economy and practicality, then a bunch of a 1.8-liter motor with a variator will fall in love. And be sure to forgive the acoustic nuances of the transmission.

With a focus on comfort, the Japanese calculated the settings of springs and shock absorbers. The main thing is to look at the road and to go around steep irregularities, otherwise the suspension will be unpleasantly “blowing”. Pleasant move, but not honorably premium.

And so in everything. The old woman “Corolla” – 50 years on the market! – is still attractive in its class, but it will not give any special feeling of premium to its owner. And whether it is necessary to him? It seems that the car will be bought not because it is one step ahead of the golf hangouts, but for reliability and liquidity. And let it better remains the standard of the class, the model for the laggards, than the unfinished premium.

Characteristics of Toyota Corolla

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm 462.0 / 177.5 / 146.5
Wheelbase, cm 270
The equipped weight, kg 1375
Luggage space, l 452
Engine 4-cylinder, gasoline, 1798 cm³
Power, l. from. / rev / min. 140/6400
Torque, Nm / rev / min. 173/4000
Transmission CVT
Drive front
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from 10,2
Maximum speed, km / h 195
Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km 6.4