Predefiniteness: first test drive Audi Q2

Let Audi is not so emotional as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but they often found themselves first (or among the first) in terms of technology. Aluminum suspension and body, all-wheel drive in cars, preselektivnoy robots, turbo with direct injection – can long argue about the practicality of these solutions, as well as a formal championship … But it was a progressive, popular, and after the Audi so began to make many of their competitors. Now ingoldshtadttsy the first of the "big German three" brought to market subcompact luxury crossover Q2 – he is 20 centimeters shorter than the Q3 and playing in class B. But where in the budget price segment are prepared at each other's throats Renault Kaptur and Hyundai Creta.

I f you look, the sensation is obtained so-so. Firstly, the emergence of the small luxury crossover has been predetermined, as the victory of the Russian team at the Olympics in Sochi, as the eruption of a sleeping volcano, or morning sickness after a corporate party. In Europe, like small cars, crossovers like, and there is a high standard of living. It does not take a PhD in marketing to make a guess prestigious small crossover.

Secondly, Audi Q2 with its 4191 mm in length can not be called a pioneer of the segment, as from 2010, produced Mini Countryman (4097 mm), and in 2014 to his company Add Jeep Renegade (4255 mm). But we have to admit that the Mini and Jeep in our country remain niche products with a narrow circle of admirers.

In general, full-rivals at Audi Q2 in the Russian market is not.
Young ladies, the incident! Their husbands and fiances, be prepared to tighten their belts.


Recently, new products on the Audi design was difficult to say anything other than "another Audi corporate style". Different form factors plays with the concept of a geometrically correct austere lines, sly, contemptuous squint headlights and hexagon grille indispensable.

Fortunately, Q2 is not so strict. The main "trick" – deaf rear rack, like the Citroen C4 Cactus, fairly prominent trapezoidal podshtampovki on the sidewalls and the complex shape grille, as if peeped at Infiniti. Before us – the first fruits of creativity Marc Lichte as chief designer of the brand, which was replaced in 2015 by Wolfgang Egger. Revolution, apparently, did not happen, except for a few "chips» Q2 ingoldshtadtskuyu preserved DNA.

However, as befits a subcompact crossover, Q2 offers options to customize – to your taste can be painted and the roof and C-pillar trim. Without a palette Q2 would not have understood exactly in Europe – now color schemes allow you to vary all the major suppliers of "city kids" from Citroen to Suzuki.


The first impression – "! Ba, it's A3» Actually, the way it is – different from the compact sedan's interior is not enough. In the eye catches only divides into two horizontal plastic front panel strip, which has become more pronounced, and the car will only win. Incidentally, the color of the strap can also be selected upon purchase.

Immediately formed a subjective feeling that in Q2 elbows larger than A3. But this is an ergonomic deception! The crossover width of 2 mm is already sedan (1794 mm versus 1796). It's all in the "air", which always have over your head – and thereby develops a false sense of space, familiar to anyone who has ever traveled on a small Wen type Opel Meriva.

Planting in armchairs – German, hard-comfortable. Despite the considerable ground clearance for a small crossover (about it – below), this did not feel like driving a truck – landing moderate, and if you omit the chair to the floor, even sports.

But most importantly, in the cabin of the materials and architecture unmistakably breathes "audyushnoy" Q, for what we like cars with the four rings is not the first decade.

Rear seats are surprisingly many. Yes, the 190-centimeter man himself for a comfortably sits down, but for the B-Class space is enviable. What, actually, is to be expected, because the wheelbase "baby" only 8 mm shorter than the older Q3.

Luggage and 405 liters also did not disappoint, although, oddly enough, in the Mini Countryman compartment volume – 450 liters for all.

Without going into a detailed description of the "stuffing" of the top kits, interesting note: in the basic version here there is a system of automatic braking before an obstacle Audi pre sense front. It seems that after the ABS and ESP, this is a useful option to slowly become the European must have.

In move

Compact crossovers rarely drayverskogo, but not Audi Q2. The higher the center of gravity in your pocket you can not hide, even when cornering at a reasonable mini-crossover rate is stable in cold blood. And the irrational, with the two-liter 190-strong turbodiesel and four-wheel drive version of the quattro from, it can be wonderful to slide all four wheels, even on asphalt. One can only imagine how fun generator powerful all-wheel drive Audi Q2 may be on a slippery, especially snow cover …

A special pride of Audi – steering with a variable transmission ratio from S3 in all trim levels Q2, which gives excellent feedback and juicy force at speed. Electronically controlled shock absorbers – option. However, with conventional racks small car quite tolerant to irregularities. Yes, of course, 18-inch wheels do not have to force the rapid pits, but my superficial impressions, Audi Q2 in this discipline is easy to "put on the blades" hard Countryman.

"Marketing" ground clearance of some unknown point on the bottom of the machine is 200 mm. Well, it's much more than that of Q3, Countryman, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA. Almost certain that this figure will be cherished for many Russian buyers a key and decisive. Although under the front overhang in Q2 not greater than 170 mm, and there is no quattro will not transform the city raised hatch in the SUV.


Briefly try to express the essence of Audi Q2, it is a small, bright, but the real "fair» Audi without booming plastic and obviously the budget decisions, with good drayverskogo potential. But at the same time – a practical, suitable for everyday driving in the city and suburban routes within nonextremal like cottage or ski resort.

Audi Q2
Brief specifications
2595 mm
200 mm
Trunk volume min / max
405 liters / 1050 liters
full speed
218 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h

Pricing and opinions

In Europe, the price of the Audi Q2 will start with a mark of 22 900 euros. For the money offered in the Old World monoprivodnom Audi Q2 with liter petrol TFSI turbo engine capacity of 116 liters. from. and a manual transmission. As for diesel, the initial version of the heavy fuel oil with the same capacity (1.6 l TDI) will cost 25,850 euros. Without doubt, the basic fact that the modifications do not sell, and even offered are unlikely to be in Russia. The price tag on the test vehicle with a diesel engine with 190 "forces" will start with a mark of 34 000 euros. If you add the "buns", you get all the EUR 50 000 – that is more than twice as expensive as the basic version.

Running for a calculator and convert into rubles should not hurry on the course – By tradition we have cars will be cheaper in dollar terms. Specific prices, as well as the approved motor range, yet – have to wait until the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017.

Will suit NEW AUDI Q2, IF:

  • The existing small crossovers you missed the German thoroughness and quality;
  • Mini Countryman all good, but too extravagant and hard;
  • You are not tormented by a complex "small size".

You to anything NEW AUDI Q2, IF:

  • You deny small cars the right to be "real";
  • The crossover, as you understand it, should be able to ride off-road;
  • 2-2.5 million per vehicle class B – beyond your strength.

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