Pre-emptor: test drive of the Hunta-Husky all-terrain vehicle

Most of all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts, the name “Husky” is probably not very familiar yet, because we are very much into the soul (and many there he has left) an advertisement , where this car is called the off-road king and where he challenges the well-known Sherp. Then the all-terrain vehicle was called Hunta, which many read as “junta”. It will be correct to actually “hunt”, but we already do not care: in the Russian market this monster will be called that way – Husky.

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Husky from Belarus

Before you get behind the wheel of this car, you need to find out what kind of miracle it is and where it came from. And Alexander Kartannik, director of JV CJSC “MAZ-MAN”, was interested in Husky’s story. I will have to greatly reduce his story, but the essence will remain true.

It all started a long time ago, in 2011. Fate threw Alexander Vasilyevich to the Far East, where he had to move mainly by the sea. Further, as in Vysotsky’s song: “There was a storm, ropes tore the skin off their hands …” The storm, however, was not exactly a storm, but rather a technogenic emergency, but the result is almost the same. A small ship stumbled to the mainland, a boat on which one could get to the inhabited places, failed, the generator does not work, the battery reserve is enough for one call … Of course, it’s best to contact the MOE, which was done.

It turned out that it would not be possible to reach the Robinson Crusoe with Friday by land transport, up to them – about three hundred kilometers of swamps. People were taken out by helicopter, but the sediment remained: how did it happen that there is no such car, and even the Emergency Ministry? It’s messy. And I had to sit down for the drawings.

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Of course, the production base for the all-terrain vehicle was the company “MAZ-MAN”. The car on which we are going to drive today is far from what was going to the factory in the first days. Much has changed, the format of the all-terrain vehicle remained unchanged – on it it was necessary to travel around the swamp, it should be able to swim and carry as many people and cargo as possible.

But do not think that Husky was created for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, his target audience is much broader, and first of all he was appreciated by fans of hunting, fishing and some other extreme entertainment. So, look at the car and try to guess what she can. And at the same time – we listen to the developers’ comments.

Four paws

The first thing we look at is the wheels. Off-road qualities of the all-terrain vehicle depend largely on them. The paws of this Husky are shod in ultra-low pressure tires BEL-192 “BME” with a dimension of 1 400х750х610. Just with the wheels there was a lot of fuss. It was difficult to find a compromise: a lot of rubber – it’s strong, but hard, but a little – the wheels turned out to be easy, but quickly went out of order.

The tread pattern also had to be changed several times, and the passion for the passion for the lint is still on the Internet. Like, they are some underdeveloped. But, again: these tires were the best in combining strength, patency and weight. By the way, they are produced in Belarus by OJSC Belshina. There is now everything you need to make this rubber, but only MAZ-MAN can sell it, and the molds belong to this enterprise, and not to Belshina.

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