Pits, cork, cows. The right test drive of the updated Citroen C4

Periodically, scraping by the metal protection on the mud, we glided along the deep rut in the rural parts of Chuvashia. Our Citroen C4 Sedan on the background of the usual “goats” looked like a stranger. To play in an off-road car and to climb recklessly far we, of course, did not become. But, going to the test drive of the updated model, I did not expect that we would prepare a route so close to each Russian. With mud, pits, rams on the roads (in all senses) and traffic jams without traffic for an hour or two.

In general, for Citroën, the phrase “adaptation for Russia” is not just words in the press release, but the real state of things. And this is great! Today, in the mass segment, there are almost no manufacturers who do not shout about special training of their cars for our conditions. The enlarged battery and windshield washer tank, the strengthened generator, numerous winter packages with heating of any part of the body and the car – in the market this is not surprising. C4 from the general series is not knocked out and the native principle “more, better, warmer” observes as it should. The windshield is heated entirely, the domestic powerful battery will give a current in any frost, the economical algorithm of the washer operation will not leave without review for any wagon an autumn slushy day.

Check everything in practice, of course, did not work. Time of the year is not it. But we had some dirt on the way to the beautiful, but, as always in Russia, unequipped observation platform near the Volga. “It’s fun” to squish in a gravel-dirt track in the rain would be difficult and dangerous on many other golf-class sedans. And for C4 in the “Citroen” are not afraid. With an honest clearance of 17.6 cm! For comparison, take a look at the technical characteristics of cars higher – about 18 cm the level of urban parkets is already beginning. Maybe, Citroen can just sell a sedan in the guise of C4 Cross? It is necessary to somehow increase the weak sales.

Old friend in a new light

However, with the adaptation of the Kaluga C4, everything was good before. On a typical provincial route from Kazan to Cheboksary, I finally got a chance to evaluate real updates. I got the top version with a 1.6 liter motor, “inflated” to 150 forces. The famous unit in a duet with a well-known six-speed automatic EAT6 leave a slightly different impression. Engineers tuned the box for better dynamics and drive, made minor design changes, increasing the gearshift rate by 40%. And C4 really is perceived more incendiary. The engine of its business and knows so well – 240 Nm “rod” from the very bottom. According to the passport now – 8.1 seconds to a hundred! And although the sensations seem to be underestimated, the acceleration is still rapid. Try to find another sedan in the class, which with 150 forces “squeezed out” such opportunities.

The four-speed automatic is no longer there at all, including the old VTi 115 engine. Even in the scale there was a diesel HDi 115. We will get to it later, but for now I can share my colleagues’ experience. Shocked primarily the expense, which allows you to travel 1000 kilometers on one tank! Many people a day drink more than this Citroen – a hundred kilometers.

Betting the top version for a drive, I think, fully justified itself. And it’s not just a bunch of motor with a box. As explained to me sitroenovskie managers, the chassis during the update almost did not touch, but! It is worth noting that the fastest C4 has a more clamped suspension compared to the rest. The turns are more interesting, do not swing on the waves of unpredictable domestic asphalt. And … harder? Honestly, I did not feel any discomfort. Most of the unevenness of the sedan swallows, without losing course and not trying to wrest the steering wheel from his hands. Maneuvering in the twilight between the pits, you usually feel like a computer game hero. You’ll fall into the pothole – and the game over. With the C4 slightly relax, even with a stiffer suspension.

Collapse the neck

In terms of comfort in general, the French sedan remains at a high level. The noise insulation of the engine compartment and arches allows you to quietly talk at highway speeds. Order and with accommodation: a very long wheelbase according to the standards of the class provides space for a rear passenger of any size. Now, air access from the front of the passenger compartment has been improved, so the lack of own air deflectors is not so acute.

But there are questions to the placement of things. On the central tunnel is definitely not enough of any niche. The same mobile phone has to be kept in not very natural for him poses. And they are now big and fragile.

“Citroen”, unfortunately, lags behind in equipping. In a nice, stylish and cozy cabin, I want to see more cool options. Front parking sensors, blind zone monitoring and a rear view camera (in this case without dynamic markup) have long become a necessity. Presenting them as innovations is like selling tickets for yesterday’s football match. Fortunately, this set finally appeared. But the multimedia system with a seven-inch display with the latest technology supports the interfaces CarPlay and MirrorLink. Let not a masterpiece of logic and not a standard for picture quality.

Marketers with their research, of course, know better, but to rastasovat options for bundling, in my opinion, could have been better. For example, in the database for 899 thousand rubles, even optionally unavailable heated front seats, and bright in all senses, LED headlights will appreciate only the owners pretopovoy equipment. The rest does not.

But LED-optics are really beautiful. It’s great to light up the space far ahead so that you start to doubt the need for a high beam. In time to notice in the countryside sheep or cows will be exactly. Even in the daytime in a state of “rest” it looks chic. The double chevron merges into a single unit with the modules of the head light, which creates a spectacular image that gnaws into the memory.

And on the streets of Cheboksary, I once again made sure that it is in the design that lies the main advantage of the updated C4. One trolleybus driver almost fell out of the window, turning his neck in the direction of our car. Of course, you can not turn your neck away from prices …

Specifications C4 Sedan

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm 464,4 / 205,7 / 151,8
Wheelbase, cm 270,8
The equipped weight, kg 1385
Luggage space, l 440
Engine 4-cylinder, gasoline, turbocharged, 1598 cm³
Power, l. from. / Rev / min. 150/6000
Torque, Nm / rev / min. 240/1400
Transmission 6-p., Automatic
Drive front
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from 8.1
Maximum speed, km / h 207
Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km 6.5