"Peter Turbo": expert test-drive roadster Crimea

Bright sports roadster Russian production – until recently, the phrase sounded simply implausible. Today, however, we have to test just such a car. But just a ride and appreciate the car would not be enough interesting: at least curious about its technical base and output prospects and market success. Therefore we have gathered experts test – US engineers, with whom we shall understand, what is the Crimea, and whether it can become a successful project.

Expert Group:

Gubaidullin EF
Lucina A.
Kotsyubinsky Yu
Shentsov SY


… Archers squeezed the gas pedal, and his bright red with protruding tail racing beast bellowing turbine, rushed forward, zapetlyal changing ranks until he got out of the herd and did not at high speed to go up the sun shining on the backs of the Eastern Freeway … His “Peter turbo” and without that was almost unique, novelty and pride automaker “Peter Auto” in Dzhankoy. small batch was released last spring, no more than fifty pieces, distributed around the world before the campaign. All important machine components are sealed were prestigious firm even offered to change the oil after the first one hundred thousand miles of run …

Cars in the novels Aksenov – constant companions heroes occupy a very important place in the story. In the “Island of Crimea” plow the road not only Russo-Balt, who became the world’s elite membership book, and invented by the genius of the author’s own brands. Among them – and “Peter Turbo”, which moves the protagonist of the novel – the 46-year-old Andrei Tarkovsky Archer, owner of the newspaper, an aristocrat, playboy millionaire, and even racing driver with the skills of engineer. When re-read the description of the “Peter” and try to imagine how it would look in reality, almost immediately understand: that’s right. So, as a roadster, built a team of Bauman Racing Team, which is called simply and succinctly: “Crimea”.

Anticipating all the controversy about the name: it was selected before the well-known events – BRT team appeared back in 2012. It all started with a simple Formula Student – very popular in Europe youth competitions, where they take part in almost all the major technical universities. The main “chip” of the event is a complete study of the structure of the car the students who step will not only drive on the race track, but also to answer a lot of questions, technical and economic nature.

First Russian team to declare itself on the world championships, became the MAMI and MADI.

Team Bauman Racing Team – the second wave. Over the years it has expanded, first appeared in the class racing team National, but what about creating your own vehicle commander Dmitry Onishchenko project dreamed for a long time.

The main idea of ​​the project, which was later named “Crimea” was the creation of a youth budget car entirely built on the domestic components. But the name still was not chosen simply this: his true origins – the geography of the peninsula and mountain serpentines, which once represented the natural habitat bright and nimble machine.


Crimea The first layout presented at the Moscow International Motor Show 2014. That roadster gray preserved to this day, but have a very unusual shape. After a barrage of criticism of the designers had to quickly think through new ways. For help guys turned to Alexander Zakharov, the famous car designer and artist who for many years has illustrated the historical series “Behind the wheel” magazine in the USSR years later – the book of Lev Mikhailovich Shugurova.

After hearing of the project idea and reading the outline, Alexander drew “Crimeans” some own variants, which formed the basis of a new machine design. After showing the layout of the second roadster in 2014 we started talking about it a lot. And with good reason – this time designers rasstaralis soundly: the squat silhouette, effectively complemented by two-tone paint, a massive “fall” air intake grilles, thin line of lighting – the second attempt roadster was a success, having received an original and interesting appearance.

In Crimea design is based on a fully designed from the ground space frame, welded from steel tubes and profiles of different cross sections. Development and manufacturing of the physical copies of the frame preceded by a long and laborious calculations on stiffness and strength. Thoughtful and machine safety – the role played by absorbing elements, box spars with programmed deformation zones. Of course, while calculation of crash tests conducted only on the computer, but the creators are confident that such an arrangement would allow them to pass stringent safety requirements.

In the frame hung panels of composite materials based on carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Impregnated with epoxy resin, and baked in an autoclave own, they have strength and low weight. By the way, master shape to create the car became the best layout of the Roadster.

Self-developed here and the folding roof. It consists of three parts, interconnected rods. Each element is made of plastic, and on top to seal design trimmed with a soft cloth Convertible.

Especially for this project have been established, and 18-inch wheels, the design of which is made based on the famous brand disks Vossen, and lighting fixtures.

Corps headlights and lamps are made by hand and light beam provides no less … biksenon!


Landing in the car downright inconvenient in superkarovski: to get into the cabin, we have to smuggle themselves through the high threshold formed by the frame, and then place the feet in the pedal assembly Gorge. In the lounge – a lot of familiar and cherished parts of the Lada Kalina 2 Remember this fact -. We will return to it more than once or twice.

A fair part of the “Kalinovsky” elements tightened in Alcantara. From Lada partly borrowed from the dashboard and door cards, and even “kalinavodam” will seem familiar to shield the instrument panel with digital display, gear knob, seat belts, buttons and door handles. But comfortable anatomic seat – own design, as well as the center console.

Designers have provided even the trunk – the truth, hold to something more than the usual package is almost impossible. Apparently, the happy owner, ready to go to the Crimea in his long journey, have to send their mail items or rent a second car.

On the run

After pressing the start button behind the heart of the machine comes to life: VAZ-21127 from the engine – you remember – Lada Kalina 2. Now he is almost completely stock and develops about 110 liters. from. – Creators had only re-developed exhaust system with direct-flow muffler, motor facilitate breathing. Re-worked and cooling system – radiator installed in the front at an angle, and the cooling line implanted directly into the transmission tunnel. In tandem with the motor running full-time transmission of the same Kalina. It is true that without modernization, and cost is not here: for the layout of the machine was replaced, had to seriously alter the design of ropes and gear clutch.

You sit low in the Crimea, in the side “mugs” mirrors visible part of the stern and the space behind the car, and the front view of the hood rests on the inclined plateau. Yes, there visibility problem – although it is a problem for most classes of such vehicles.

Lever gearbox conveniently fits in your hand, but the position itself above the usual – you have to get used to. Depress the clutch pedal stubborn (the developers know about it and plan to install a new Servo) – and touches. However, you get used to it quickly, and after the first round almost do not notice its severity.

When you press the gas from the interior of the engine compartment first heard discreet cough throttle – and only after that, making sure the driver’s intent to go faster, provides its voice vazovskaya row “Quartet”. However, along with the sounds of the motor generously fills the cabin fever and occasionally – the smell of gasoline. What? “With such a problem in the winter and we do not need a heater” – the developers are laughing. It turns out that thermal protection of the power unit from the interior is simply not available – and therefore perfectly audible engine and the heat from it, pour over the driver and passenger of the back, there is literally dorsal brain – and not only them.

However, this problem is solved, too: in the near future between the passenger compartment and the cockpit establish termoekran. But “Bauman” led by Dimitri has made a test run to Sevastopol on your machine. By the way, contrary to the views of the skeptics, the Roadster is the test stand it: for all the time in a way there was a break of the rear wheel stud so broken cable window lifter drive mechanism of the driver, which was repaired at the site on their own. The sound of the motor is, of course, not like the noble V8, but recognizable and intense – and the noise from the road and the engine does not interfere with the driver to carry on a conversation with a passenger. The sports seats are comfortable and tenacious hold on the Russian rider potholes and bends. And contrary to the assumptions, even with a weak engine 800-pound Roadster allows you to get positive emotions from the acceleration dynamics and speed characteristics.

Like any sports car, Crimea famously controlled: affects optimum weight distribution between the axles in a ratio of 50/50, and the suspension is well tuned machine – and in front of, and behind them the type MacPherson. And if the back is simply unfolded backwards front suspension from the same Kalina with new springs and dampers, the front had to develop a new on already known components. From here Kalina left nave, lower arms and knuckles, but the shock absorber struts and anti-roll bar – completely new.

His role in the convenience of driving cars and playing “Kalinovsky” steering rack with built-in electric power. Almost “empty” at zero and place the steering wheel makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and at high speeds – heavier, which, coupled with a minimum of rolls allows to get the most out of cornering. There is, however, a downside: the potholes in the rear MacPherson sometimes reminisces about his past life, trying to impose their intention to steer the rear wheels. On the problem of well-known developers, and team plans – development of its own “mnogoryichazhka”. But pleasantly surprised smoothness: Test Crimea went with extended up to 140 mm ground clearance, so in some angles the car felt overpriced – affect our roads. On potholes discomfort well dampens the body frame, fulfilling all the “little thing” and not allowing it to passengers. Well, the car is designed to effectively inhibit the braking system … that’s right, from Kalina 2, with disc brakes on the front and rear axles.

expert Opinions

We spent a full, though short-term test car and tried to the fullest extent. The test team of experts expressed “Bauman” valuable comments, dedicated refinement of the project. Moreover, it is doubly nice to know that the work on the shortcomings of the machine are already underway. But enough of an explanation – it’s time to call on our experts.

Gubaidullin Elmir Faatovich

design engineer LLC “Aviaagregat kit Holding”

“After seeing the car for the first time, I was surprised by the quality of its production. Of course, I’m probably too categorical, but some body panels are adjusted smoothly, sometimes gaps walk. However, this is the first sample, the main purpose of which – to express themselves throughout the country. And after a short test, my opinion has changed. Yes, there are drawbacks related landing discomfort or visibility, but this “lighter” almost immediately attracts the attention of their appearance. I immediately thought of similar machines which become competitors Crimea – Smart Roadster, BMW Z4, Opel Tigra, Mazda MX- 5. I believe that the designers of trial and error will bring their offspring to small-scale production, despite all the skeptics and pessimists – too much we have learned Marussia and E-mobility. I wish the developers good luck and success, and will closely monitor the project. “

Kotsyubinsky Yuri A.

Chief specialist of cabs and bodies of the FSUE “NAMI”

“After the first acquaintance with the roadster I would have said good dynamic performance of the machine in the presence of serial” Kalinowski “engine, impressive for this class of machines running smoothness and excellent braking dynamics. Among cons – the heat from the engine into the cabin because of the crudity of the insulation system compartments and very mediocre visibility.

Before the car gets to any production, the design would require an almost complete rethink, because in fact his car now is a prototype that is run-needed solutions. But in general, if the vehicle is brought to mind, it is a wonderful budget sports car. “

Lucina Andrei

design engineer cabs and control bodies of the FSUE “NAMI”

“I, as the owner of Kalina 2, immediately intrigued by this project: it was very interesting to compare the roadster with my car. In practice it turned out that these are two completely different car – a gift that suspension, powertrain, and steering box are “Kalinovsky”.

In this car more excitement, everything is adapted to the sporty mood: “drayverskie” control settings, landing, braking dynamics and – in the end, even the trim in black and orange colors. However, this and expect from this class of car.

Of course, there is a roadster layout and design flaws, but it’s only the first running prototype that uses including for testing and verification of certain decisions. Overall, the project promising and, given the high initiative and performance manager and the team, a very promising. The main thing – carefully and competently approach to the definition of objectives and marketing component. “

Shentsov Sergey

design engineer cabs and control bodies of the FSUE “NAMI”

“Summing up the project summary” Crimea “, I can not help but note that we only tested a prototype that at the current level design, unfortunately, get only the minimum scores on crash tests. However, the work on improving the design goes, and I would like to believe that all the difficulties will be overcome.

The machine itself has good potential, but like any prototype has disadvantages. Having experienced it on the road, I can say that is predictable handling car, and even the standard “Kalinovsky” engine dynamics is quite convincing.

What is not liked? Inconvenient landing and poor visibility, as well as very rigid grip and heat from the engine into the cabin. “

Table roadster Crimea assessment by the expert group of the magazine

Each of the experts was given its own table, in which he had to analyze my feelings by putting numbers from 0 to 10 (where 0 – the worst value, 10 – best). The arithmetic mean of the total points divided by the number of participants, and it became the final assessment of a roadster. Here is how to distribute points:

Discipline maximum score Evaluation Expert total score 100 55 Ergonomics 40 19 Driver’s seat 10 5 Location of the passenger 10 June Visibility April 10 Luggage compartment 10 April Dynamics 30 21 Acceleration 10 July Braking July 10 Manageability July 10 Comfort 30 15 Ride June 10 Noise May 10 Climate on April 10

Mass production?

After reading this article, many skeptics will wonder: how this car is, in fact, are not certified for public roads, get a room? The answer is: nothing. Non-issued vehicle to pass a series of road tests in the US Federal State Unitary Enterprise, and state number is assigned to a polygon NITSIAMT. For us has the power to conduct road tests on their techniques to identify design flaws are not in the hothouse environment of laboratories, and in the natural environment. Subsequently, the prototype will remove the license plates and leave him a copy of a museum of history.
The dream team of developers, of course, the launch of the car is in the small-scale production, and among the possible locations of assembly is called and the peninsula, which gave the car its name. We note that if the cars will be assembled in Dzhankoy, then, in accordance with the novel, the company will have to be renamed the “Peter Auto.”

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