People’s leader. The new Hyundai Solaris went for a second term

The Korean sedan completed the first Russian “term” as a people’s leader. Will the second generation car remain in high office?

Hyundai Solaris as a good president. For six years, he gained national love in Russia and received the support of a huge part of the population. To the delight of the electorate took from their neighbors in the market their share, climbed to the top of the sales ranking and did not intend to leave. At the end of the budget, a sedan that was close to the people arranged a smart election campaign for him to be “voted” again by the ruble. I traveled to Solaris of the second generation and I was sure that his supporters would surely heal better.

Envy from Above

But you really want a bright future. The working class, whether it’s a taxi driver, a district doctor or a doctor of a district hospital – in short, the owner of Solaris – also dreams of a good life. And in general it is fine, when its signs appear already at the present state of things. With the new generation of cars, a curious story turns out – an affordable B-class sedan has received such improvements that even older Hyundai models will envy.

I’m not even talking about appearance. Although look at Solaris, then on Elantra and again on Solaris. The hexagonal radiator grille makes them very similar from the front side. A lot of chrome (in a rich package) should add prestige to the most affordable Korean sedan.

But this is all nonsense. In the cabin, the owner of the expensive Elegance version gets something inaccessible to the “elantrova” – a multimedia with a large seven-inch screen. We enjoyed using excellent navigation with traffic jams and easily connected the smartphone through CarPlay (by itself, there is also Android Auto). The image from the rear view camera now does not need to be looked out in the mirror. The speed of the system sometimes raises questions, but nothing critical. On other Hyundai models, a large touch screen will appear later, so the “Solaris” is still exclusive. If I were the owner of “Elantra”, I would be offended. From a distance can be confused with the “Solaris”, and packed this budget in places even better. However, after seeing cosmic prices, I’m not surprised. The most stuffed car will cost 900 thousand rubles. Run through the price list !

And without a seven-inch screen, the equipment for the new Solaris has what it takes. “Korean” caulk for the belt of many classmates. Heated windshield, nozzle washer, steering wheel and even the rear seats – albeit in a special package, but there is the same. Of course, climate control with parktronics is also available. All versions included pressure sensors in the tires. True, they work on the basis of ABS and specific values ​​do not show.

And, you know, in the salon of “Solaris” it is very difficult for me to find fault with something. A normal car owner will never knock with his fist on hard plastic, and where you can really put your hand on – for example, on doors – there are soft fabric inserts. Thick “Elantra” leather steering wheel is nice to grasp with your hands. And in the arrangement of the central console there is no confusion. First in a row – the multimedia buttons, then – the climate, even lower – one after another the heating keys and, finally, the connectors with a socket. Idyll, famously deployed to the driver at an angle of seven degrees. “Driver’s car”? Do not hurry.

Trying to imagine myself as a target audience, I note only two minuses. I do not understand why even in the “Solaris” under a million there is no rain sensor? They say that the customers did not want to. Maybe they just did not run into a normally working automatic wiper mode?

And I would change the profile of the seats. The lack of adjustment of the lumbar support could be forgiven with a successful chair shape. But with its flat terrain, the distant road will remind the back of the need to rest.

Its in the board

The long trip from St. Petersburg to Pskov and back convinced me that Solaris, despite its rich furnishings, is still close to the people. As a good president, remember? On the road it becomes clear that all these expensive watches (read: cool multimedia) are just the obligatory attributes of modern life. And so he is his own in the board. He does not try to bend his fingers and is not extinguished in a harsh life.

For example, in the Russian outback, terrible roads. Why did I say this triviality, I do not know, just on the pits of the domestic “master-ship-making” suspension “Solaris” in its element. Yes, very actively collects small things, but gently passes everything, which is already terrible to watch. I want to squint, but I do not shudder the whole body of the blow. Spit!

At high speeds, the swinging of the stern is felt, but in general, Solaris is surprisingly stable and pleasant. Behind the same beam, although now the shock absorbers are installed vertically. Koreans continue to conjure with the settings of the suspension, and she now at least does not live her life.

The power steering in the new generation is electric. Verified sharpness from it, do not wait. I understand where I’m going, and this should be enough in the Solaris, right? Well for the “hundred” I have to catch the car and adjust the course, and before that it perfectly keeps the straight. That once again emphasizes – be simpler and do not try to make off. And then the car will seem chic for its class. As the owner of the first generation car described to me the main quality of “Solaris”: “I’m driving and I’m not breaking off.” That’s it.

All the same “say” engines. The older 1.6-liter improved a bit. The peak of the moment is shifted downward to increase profitability. At us in a combination of 123-strong motor with a six-speed mechanics the expense left in area of ​​eight liters. But this is because on the “handle” such an aggregate still gives something to execute on the track.

The automatic machine smoothly switches gears, but does not like sudden movements. You fly out of the turn, you press on the gas, and the transmission goes into meditation. Not very deep, but this slowness is sobering. Uymis, the working class.

Known in Europe, the engine capacity of 1.4 liters, we are de-bounced precisely under the low tax rate to 99.7 hp. But, you know, in dynamics it almost does not concede to more productive colleague, and with “handle” also consumes in a quiet rhythm six liters. True, “below” he expected more “emptiness”. And my thoughts in this modification are more often reminded of working in a taxi. This is just for cabs absolutely empty Solaris with audio preparation, the same that from tempting 599 thousand rubles.

And I finish, perhaps, on a high note. And in the literal sense. In the new “Solaris” there is simply no “noise”. So forget about the silence or get ready to spend for revision after purchase. Especially annoying “melody” from under the wheels. And this is in view of the fact that the top “Solaris” on the test were shod in Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8, not the noisiest rubber, to put it mildly. And the hum is as if under the feet of the group “Lube” performs its mournful “mmm mmmm mmmm mmm.” And talking to the passengers, and listening to music is not very pleasant. On 15 wheels instead of 16 and with softer Continental Ice Contact 2, the noise is less, but no tires can not compensate for the absence of intelligible soundproofing.

For the sake of justice, “Solaris” and before “Maybach” was not, so to speak of some kind of drop in quality in any case impossible. Simply at times the Korean sedan still screams about its budget, which is logical. But in general, the car has a persistent feeling of a more comfortable life. Forward, in the bright future with the new old president?