Orange with a wormhole: ownership experience Citroen DS3 Racing

After the release of the 2012 rally dopa race car Citroen DS3 running Sebastien Loeb, the company simply could not build this car: fast road and charged hatchback, alert the world about the new title undefeated rallista. And they built it – he had become a bright, fast and triumphant. What it turned out to its Russian owner? Not so straightforward …


And yet what a handsome hatchback turned out at Citroen! From what perspective or look – he was downright radiates French charm. The elegant curve of the central pillar, called themselves sitroenovtsy “shark finning”, raised sides, graceful curves – no it’s not compact or golf class, but a real fashion accessory!

Image and style there were clearly at the heart of the corner for the “regular DS3 offers many color variations: roof panel if desired painted to match or contrast with the body in one of four colors, you can pick up other drives, add color and it … In general, , each one of the lucky owners – your individual car.


But in the case of the DS3 Racing, a large part of the limited edition to 2000 copies deprived the opportunity to stand out, having painted the cars in dark gray “asphalt” color, complemented by elements of unpainted lacquered carbon fiber, which contrast bright orange mirrors, false radiator grille and roof. Orange sparks shine in the tone of the body and smoky 18-inch alloy wheels unique design.

Another addition to richly decorated body was the vinyl graphics on a sports theme: checkered flags, emblems model … In general, it looks all the splendor of a pretty original way – just in the spirit of the Citroen brand, which engineers are known for their rebellious unconventional approach to the development of machines. But alas – off in full only allowed the designers who created this appearance: in construction – no adventures, only the cold economic calculation. However, it is not important – it is still necessary to evaluate the interior.


The interior DS3 Racing sport theme continues as expected. The driver sits in a hard, well-contoured sports seats with improved lateral support and logo Citroen Racing, and in spite of the sporty, it is regulated not only in length but also in height.

“Battle” character Citroen stress and panels of the same unpainted carbon-fiber center console and door panels, as well as a truncated bottom steering wheel with yellow mark on the top of the rim, marking the center position. Another exclusive bar – name plate with the serial number, nailed in a prominent position on the console.

Like the body, the dark interior diluted orange color accents, visually adding volume from the inside. Yes, it could be added and the real, and not visual – of course, nominally back sofa seats three, but it is better not to torture people and generally ride on this car together. A throw back a backpack, for example. In principle, anyone can go to the supermarket and – 285 liters of luggage compartment volume is quite allow it to place food packages.

On the run

But thinking about the practicality and capacity of the car with the prefix «Racing» in the title – of course, pure nonsense. Here the main thing – to find out how it goes! And it goes really very interesting …

Under the hood of the French hatchback is located in the consortium developed with BMW ER6CDTS 1.6 engine. This row “Quartet”, equipped with direct fuel injection and turbocharging, put except Citroens on the Mini brand cars belonging to “Bavarians”. The “normal” version of its DS3 capacity reaches 150 liters. with, but for the “hot hatch” of such indicators was not enough French fair. sports division engineers have worked hard on the ward: a new turbocharger and intercooler, recustomized management software, optimized intake manifold, and a freer exhaust combined gave 207 liters. from. and 275 Nm of torque.

Engine turned quite “upland”: he loves high speed, and the turbo is activated only three thousand, so if you are used to driving in the “2000 rpm in any gear” mode, throw out of my head, these bad habits. clearly not enough torque on the motor bottoms – but when you connect the boost character of the car changes completely. This is not a nerd, saving every drop of fuel, this is a fighter, tearing strengthen its credibility on the roads.

His role is played here and the “mechanics”: six-speed to improve the dynamic characteristics of the received connivent ratios and Short-scenes, and when switching down untwisted engine allows literally shoot DS3 of the slow corners. Adds excitement and wheel electric power, loaded feedback, which necessarily “podsyplet peel” in high-speed maneuvers.

Have grown in size and brake discs, four-piston calipers in which sports are painted scarlet paint and electronic collar in the face of all ESP stabilization system can be switched off if desired. In the name of improving the controllability of the French hot hatch engineers widened front and rear track by 30 mm, put shortened by 15 mm springs and stiffer shock absorbers sports. The result of their work, perhaps even slightly exceeded expectations. Of course, the suspension is stiff on potholes machine shakes noticeably, but all of the above, combined with the small size, gives the pilot almost karting handling. The DS3 turns clinging to the asphalt low profile sports tires, allowing confidence to keep the trajectory even in bunches turns.

purchase history

The idea of ​​buying the French hatch spontaneously came to Dima – in his youth, after reading the presentation of Citroen DS3 Racing in Europe. Here are just at the time he had just entered the first year – so that the dream of buying a car postponed.

As time went on, Dima got a job and started to save money for their own “wheel.” While his friends bought their Tricks and Octavia, the dream of our hero carried away to their charged versions indexes ST and RS. In the spring of 2012, surf the sites of automobile companies, it has not bypassed and corporate portal Citroen. Remembering the existence of sunk into the soul hatchback, Dima got in touch with the Russian representation of the brand, to find out whether there is a sale of the same one treasured machine. It turned out that the official sales DS3 Racing in the country and have not been developed, but one of the limited edition machine 2 000 copies still hit in Russia. The same evening, Dima was in the cabin of the official dealer admiring a hatchback for space amount of 1 350 000 rubles. But that was overpaid for uniqueness.

Citroen DS3 Racing
Brief specifications
1.6 THP
207 l. from.
275 Nm
AI 98

Within two weeks of the keys to the promised “French” were in a happy owner of the pocket. However, for the purchase DS3 Racing had to go into debt – but why do not to buy a dream … That’s just the euphoria of the acquisition was tainted rather quickly – even if through their own fault.

Somehow, a few weeks after purchase, Dima decided to ride the Citroen with your friends. It was early spring, even on the road met the ice – and inexperience, multiplied by the serious dynamic performance, gave its result: the blow severely damaged the front bumper and wing. Fortunately, the car was framed full insurance CASCO, damages for which, however, was this red tape. The insurance company under different pretexts refused to work and invested money to reimburse authorized dealers until recently pulled renovated, half parts Dima bought himself … In the litigation, disputes and repairs took place throughout the summer. But I think it was all an adventure, our hero inherited? No, it was just beginning.

Car pleased its owner’s autumn and winter, spring next year again podsunuv problems. During ordinary daily trips from under the hood suddenly heard noises. Dima, of course, did not hesitate and went to the dealer. On opening the head unit, the master were horrified – at run of 17 000 km split piston! The official verdict servismenov – knocking on the wrong fuel. And this with the fact that Dima refueled only on branded gas stations, and only 98-m gasoline!

Test drives / Single
Test drive Citroen DS3: the car for his wife and a few for yourself

Today, Citroën offers an updated version of the Russian urban hatchback, with new headlights Xenon Full LED and an expanded set of options. Our car – not the first freshness, and has even replaced the second owner. AT…

To solve the problem on the spot, of course, it failed, and Dima offered to replace the engine under warranty for the new. Repairs delayed – summer was gone again … In the autumn of the DS3, finally underwent transplantation, “hearts” and got into operation. But by next spring in its “ECG” again appeared suspicious vibration.

Prospects for repairs at that time were quite different: in the car warranty was over, the dealer who sold the car, went bankrupt, and because Dima had to hastily seek other specialists. Motor disassembled in the garage of its own and was invited to the examination of one of the most well-known in the circles of “sitroenovodov” specialist, the verdict of which was implacable: engine knock when running car in 27 000 km.

At autopsy revealed other problems: cylinders adorned “gashes”, as if the engine was not new, and the contract, and half parts bore the stigma of «Made in China» and was intended for “normal” turbo engine. What is it – inattention official masters at work with his car or errors in the design of the car, Dima does not know to this day.

On the advice of a specialist unit implanted in the new forged pistons and connecting rods, cooked to order was freer exhaust pipe, replaced the intercooler and the ignition coil, and reduce the risk of detonation was designed new custom firmware electronic engine block. Unfortunately, this is only slightly reduced the problem. Detonation at low speeds will not go away – but if you do not lower the revs below 3000, then everything is fine. Even reinforced pistons can not withstand such a load operation – the Achilles heel of steel rings. In the summer of 2016 the car was sent back for repair of 50 000 km …

Forces tinker with capricious “Frenchwoman” Dima is no longer found – he was so dedicated to her more than four years of his life, putting in Citroen salary working at the Research Institute engineer-mathematician, who once decided to buy their dream. Unfortunately, most repair shops saw in it only a rich client from which you can draw money, not Maraya hands arising from the actions of “masters” problems – while the train, and then return. Again.

In this case Dima still loves his car. Even now, the car exhaust system spits out an expensive motor oil renowned company Motul, and consumption of 98-octane gasoline in the average fit in to this impressive engine 15 liters. After studying the “race” of experience owning DS3 is not lost the feeling that the engineers who created this engine, simply did not think that a resource charged, all-aluminum turbo racing will amount to several tens of thousands of kilometers.

Against the background of aggregate breakdown repair the bottom of the body kit may seem like sheer absurdity. But no – the features waiting for is here: in front of the machine is very low, and the whole lining is made of carbon fiber. Result? Carbon wheel arch lining costs 30 000 rubles, and the pad at the bottom of the front bumper – as many as 50 000 a plastic bumper pulls himself “only” 25 thousand, but for carbon fiber thresholds need to cook for a further 60 000 rubles.

model history

The premium sub-brand Citroen DS the company launched in the year the 55-year anniversary of his “goddess» DS19. Marketers do not miss the opportunity to play on the nostalgic feelings of the French and led to a series of several new models, along with the “easy” brand models.

In the photo: Citro n DS3 Racing ‘2010-14?

It is true that the DS3 built on aggregates related C3. In 2012, the global racing series WRC, where in recent years the rules of Sebastien Loeb, the factory race cars piloted the Citroen rally team, has undergone major changes. The rally opened a new era of history: on the race stages went hatchbacks turbo engine with a volume of only 1.6 liters. Two-liter C4 were declared obsolete and was replaced by the engineers designed Citroen Racing car of new generation units, the basis of which have already DS3.

In the photo: Citro n DS3 Racing ‘2014-16?

Indeed, the tiny shells with 300-horsepower turbo engine is literally screwed into the turns of special stages. Needless to say, the French are once again not to lose face – the champion once again became Loeb. In honor of this momentous event and was prepared by the charged hatchback DS3 Racing received the name. Premiere of pre-concept, will shape the future of the hot hatch, it was held at the Geneva Motor Show, and six months later had already exhibited at the Paris Motor serial car.

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