Open space. Enjoying space in the Lexus RX 350

Having replaced the generation, this popular crossover has become noticeably larger than its predecessor and more spectacular in appearance.

Having replaced the generation, this popular crossover has become noticeably larger than its predecessor and more spectacular in appearance. In the development of the machine, the company, first of all, focused on American customers. And what will our people say?

I ask to the table! This phrase comes to mind first when you sit behind the wheel, and then you meet the passenger. The front panel on the right has dropped significantly lower than before, and even resounded in size. There is now a real countertop, on which during stops in distant travel just right to lay out treats. There’s so much space that it’s really easy to set the table! I have no doubt that the Americans are already actively using the new front panel architecture for gastronomic purposes.

On the other hand, it was for them that the machine was designed. The main buyer of RX is from the States. And give him in the car something like Open space. So, now the “air” in the crossover is abundant.

But really gave the passengers back row. Still, “stretching” the body to 120 mm allowed to really add free space. Especially for the feet – here it is on subjective sensations almost like in the representative sedan LS. In the region of the hips, too, is much wider. The whole 41 mm. Plus, the floor is now lower than in the predecessor. As a result, it became more relaxed overhead. More precisely, 12 mm were added. All these seemingly not global increases together and create the impression of a completely new interior in its architecture, which seemed to be pumped up with air. Honestly, I can not remember a single competitor, a classmate, where it could be so freely placed on the back seats.

As you know, with parking, most Americans do not have problems. Maybe that’s why the engineers of Lexus did not bother to place the activation key of the parking sensors at the driver’s hand. I’ll have to dig into the settings of the menu of the car before I can find this elementary function. And so every time you drive into the next narrow yard? And you leave it? What do Russians do? Especially to the inhabitants of big cities? Maybe it’s easier to keep parktronics off at all? Some questions …

But the multimedia itself with a huge monitor on the central panel has become more convenient and modern than the old one. Control it with a touchpad on the central tunnel you get used to in a few minutes. Although the response speed to the commands could be faster. But this is already a task for restyling …

But the climate assistant from the new Lexus menu, on the contrary, is smart, and extremely caring. Independently heats or ventilates chairs according to the weather outside the window. It seems that you can do everything yourself, but such care simply appeases.

You’re not gonna hit me!

My RX 350 in sports weight. Looks brisk, even with a hint of aggression. Do not think too much, it’s just a sham. Fashion accessory and not more. Do not expect from a three-hundred-strong hurricane traction motor. The transmission settings are also with an American accent, designed for smooth acceleration without childishness. And even when you’re trying to portray a kikdown, the RX remains as indifferent. Still as phlegmatic, but confidently continue to gain speed. On the other hand, and what is surprising: the nature of the car is quite consistent with the atmosphere of a spacious living room. Fits into the framework of the concept. Have to go smoothly and leisurely. Even if the driver is not a vegetable. This “Lexie” quickly proves: you can change driving habits. And to become a little American. While you are driving the RX.

In Moscow, an elastic and elastic crossover suspension is difficult to provoke on breakdowns. Therefore, he prepared a test on the “test range” – I have in reserve a ten-kilometer section of the road outside the city, which has become a model of anti-achievements of our road workers. Pits of different caliber and depth here every three to five meters, plus waves on the asphalt run in the longitudinal and transverse directions. As a side dish to the main dishes something like bumps. Enough and a small speed to identify the slightest disadvantages of the suspension. Here usually begin to “swim” or skip even very expensive crossovers. But RX swallows all the disgrace under the wheels, digests, and, without choking, swims further. Instead of blows from below, you feel hardly noticeable slight tremors.

But the payment for an overabundance of comfort is inevitable. A law that works almost always. In the case of RX – to pay is offered by tangible body rolls in corners. But intuition quickly prompts the dosage rate at which such features of the car become almost invisible. And you continue to continue to swim along the road, not noticing the “stalingrad” under the wheels. In complete silence or enjoying exquisite music. Like the songs of humpback whales, penetrating into the very heart of their piercing depth. Which generally should be heard right in the ocean somewhere in Polynesia. And if there is no possibility, then it is possible and in the new RX.