Only stupid questions. Prime test of Skoda Kodiaq

Sometimes you know exactly the result of a future event in advance. I’m sure of success in the exam, when I learned the whole textbook from cover to cover. You expect that your favorite hairdresser will cut “as usual”, and the president will tell you about the “difficult year” in the New Year’s address. There are, of course, surprises, but not in our case. At “Skoda” seven-seat crossover Kodiaq came out exactly as it should have been.

Spaciousness and order

Well, that’s how you imagine a new car brand? In the cabin reigns full order, at every step – comfortable things and a lot, an incredible lot of space. So much that after the trip to “Skoda” cargo elevator will seem tight. In the company, after all, well-known craftsmen gathered to organize space. And the fact that Kodiaq will be spacious, you could not doubt.

It’s not even about 2065 liters of cargo compartment with folded rows of seats, but in its convenient form for transportation, where nothing interferes and does not perform. I can not imagine the object (in reasonable, of course, the size), which normally can not be installed in the trunk with the help of various devices. In the compartment under the floor is hidden a curtain, close to ready to take the fragile “guests” in their embrace grids, and in the five-seater version on the side, and the bar with hooks for packages. Multifunctional two-meter cabinet and it is worse adapted for things.

On the second row in superbovski “limousine” space. True, provided that no one backs behind, you can push the sofa to the maximum and tilt the backrest until it stops … Otherwise, the sixth and seventh passengers will not allow the rest to feel like kings. And yes, miracles do not happen – with such dimensions, no car will provide complete freedom in all seven places. Kodiaq also makes us remember the eternal stamp “third row only for children.” And where else? Expected 180-centimeter “children” scratched their heads on the ceiling and learn gymnastic exercises. Just need to be able to correctly plant all.

In itself, a large volume is useless if they are badly disposed of. Although somehow it was not believed that in “Skoda” nabotachat. And right. As always, please brand-name things. A list of small but very pleasant joys with the release of Kodiaq has once again been replenished. The company has taken care that the rear passengers do not distract the driver. For example, do not whine in the long journey from fatigue. For recreation, there is a set of two rugs and headrests, which are bent edges to support the head. For the hungry and active, too, nice things are provided: folding tables in the backs of the front seats and holders for the tablets.


However, do not wait for the phenomenal solutions that blow the brain. Most of the options from the category of Simply Clever, we have already seen in other models. Scraper for ice in the lid of the gas tank is always useful in winter. The bottle holder still fixes them firmly. Umbrellas in the doorway will be very handy, when weather forecasters again navrut. Of the new, but not innovative – plastic protection of the door edge. In dense parking one movement of the mechanical lever pulls the plate out and, without being afraid to scratch the paint, open the door.

Convenient, you will not say anything, but at least something inside the “Kodiak” should be wrong! Yeah, that’s an obvious puncture, and in the most visible place – on the front panel. The whole two glove box – one above the other – at first seem like a collector’s dream of junk. But when you need to place ordinary documents (yes, at least insurance), you go into a stupor. In none of the boxes is the standard A4 paper not exactly folded.

I’ll grumble about the top multimedia system with Wi-Fi access point and LTE module. No, not because I’m retrograde. Just the opposite. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink and SmartGate, traffic jams, weather, news – it’s cool. Passed “Skoda” for the fact that they keep pace with the times. The impression of a diverse functional spoils the control itself. In vain did completely touch buttons. They are not so sensitive, so as not to remember sometimes about the familiar keys. The latter, incidentally, is still with junior multimedia. With the gestures of scrolling the screen and scaling the same trouble. Response and performance in general, at least once, but they make you swear, while you mess with the same cards … Enough with them to dig, it’s time to go!

Not a bear

Before the start, for some reason I open the hood with the words “what have not I seen here?” And the truth. The list of engines and transmissions, if you follow the creativity of the WAG, you will name. From a simple 125-horsepower 1.4 TSI to a two-liter 190-horsepower TDI. Of course, you can say “not enough” and ask about the RS-version, but I do not see the point in something more powerful. I can not imagine the owner of a couple of children’s chairs, who comes to the salon and says: “You know, I want to take the kids to the track, let them get tempered from rocking, get used to. I would have 240 horses!”

Crossover in the seven-seat version with a top-of-the-range petrol 2.0 TSI and so accelerates to hundreds in 8.2 seconds. Few? Are you seriously? Shkodov, however, do not rule out anything. There will be demand – there will be an offer. Technically, to put a powerful unit is not difficult. Meanwhile, the company’s position clearly indicated the powertrain settings. A seven-speed DSG with a “wet” clutch accelerates the Kodiaq smoothly, in a measured manner, with a slight delay. For those who accelerate seems too lullaby, a button for selecting driving modes is useful. In the “sport” the robot will throw down one or two gears, and you will not feel any shortage of traction.

On a two-liter TSI with 180 hp. Law-abiding citizen, not accustomed to prohibitive speeds, in general this shortage will not be felt. On the Kodiaq with a 150-horsepower 1.4-liter engine, everything is not so clear. The motor capitulates to 100-110 km / h, although in the city still seems to be frisky. A similar story with a base diesel for the same 150 forces. He more vigorously drags the crossover in the entire working speed range than 1.4 TSI, and less “eats” – it is still better to see two digits on the dashboard than three. In contrast to the “solar”, the gasoline Kodiaq deduce the flow rate for 10 liters easily with frequent acceleration and braking. 190-strong diesel I did not have a chance to try, but its technical data should satisfy even aggressive drivers.

In any case, the crossover, as they say, goes. And it’s safe! The family colleague, who was sitting next to me in the passenger seat, more than once reminded of children, although the car gave reason to doubt its stability. Named after the bear Kodiaq on the road does not remind the hero of the children’s puzzle “The owner of the forest awkward comes all ears.” In a comfortable mode, the adaptive DCC chassis, in contrast to the same “Superba”, does not bother passengers with excessive build-up and at the same time does not allow breakdowns on ordinary irregularities. The steering wheel is light enough, but gives an accurate idea of ​​the maneuvers. In the “sport” the suspension is assembled so that the driver does not leave a sense of stability and at the same time there is no discomfort from poking. About clumsiness can not go and speech.

And Kodiaq does not come to the ears. I can not call sound insulation exemplary. And again I will remember about Superb, which will be quieter. But noticeable aerodynamic noise in the area of ​​the side mirrors become only after 100-110 km / h. That is, up to the maximum speed of a family Russian is all right.

That’s the way in all respects a large Craddock crossover clearly meets the interests of the audience in those conditions and at those speeds when your wife is not yet beginning to be frightened of being outraged. Kodiaq is very correct and predictable, so after the test, you can ask representatives of the company is anything stupid or not at all in the subject.

True, you probably still have a couple of questions on the merits. “What about money?”, “What versions will be brought to Russia?”, “But will we have to collect?” So in fact? There are no definitive answers yet. Wait for the start of sales for at least six months.