One of the taiga: a test drive of the Triton-1 all-terrain vehicle

The success of an auto-journalist is when an exclusive car goes to the test, the leg (or the fin?) Of the caustic “shark pen” from some competing publication has never set foot in the salon. Double luck, if the machine is also at the stage of finishing tests. In our case, apparently, it is a triple luck – Triton-1 and then “1”, which exists in a single copy.
“Do you have any boots with you?” Asked the owner of the all-terrain vehicle. “We’ll go to the swamp.” Without them, no way.

I did not have a boot, but they were found quickly. And throughout the day, spent in the forests and swamps of Karelia, I was happy that I have boots. And the all-terrain vehicle: without it I would not see a hundredth part of the beauty and wonders of this beautiful land.

I ask not to be confused!

Many people can look at the photograph of an all-terrain vehicle and say: “Allow, this is Sherp!” No, comrades, this is not Sherp. Unfortunately, a great prodigy stands decent (and many are just sure that absolutely indecent) money. And what to do if such an all-terrain vehicle is needed, but there are no more than five million rubles, and on the horizon they are not even scheduled? Exit one: build.

“Aha! – someone will tell. “Still Sherp has here!” And again by. Alexey Garagashyan is the creator of not one all-terrain vehicle, but a whole series. And here is one of them, the DIF-4 “Cheburator” of 2013, really served as a benchmark for the construction of Triton. Now let’s digress from Garagashyan’s creativity (remarkable, by the way, creativity) and we will examine Triton from the outside. Maybe what’s interesting is a childish eye.

We will not reinvent the wheel

It happens that some designers, especially beginners, are accused of craving for the use of third-party knots, aggregates or structures. In vain reproach. Much has already been invented, often – very much even not bad. Yes, and not in force now to build a new garage in the garage. The same can be said about the concept of a self-made all-terrain vehicle. It’s hard to think of anything other than the classical ultra-low pressure wheels or caterpillars (although something was invented, but we’ll talk about this later). The augers somehow did not really get accustomed to, with caterpillars a lot of trouble, but the wheels – that’s it. Therefore Triton also stands on these very wheels-“pneumatics”.

The windshield is nothing but the back door of the “eight” – it rises upward, opening the passage to the salon. Let’s pay attention to the light. The installation of two headlights is quite witty: on the swivel mounts. While they are not needed, they are protected against possible damage. And these are not the only lighting devices. Under the roof there is a working lamp and a search lamp.

That while is not present – these are winch. But this is not in the reproach of the creators, but just the opposite: the tests are still going on, and it is not yet clear where and what “swan” is better to install. If you put it stationary from the front, then you will not pull the all-terrain vehicle back, but it is on that all-terrain vehicle and is there to be in difficult situations, when it’s not going to go ahead, it will not even be possible to approach. While saving a portable mechanical winch, which can be put forward and backward.

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