One for all. The three main roles of Volkswagen Multivan

We continue to evaluate models that can replace several cars at once. Now we have one more candidate for “multi-stations”.

In crisis conditions, when both families and companies strive to optimize their fleets, multifunctionality is especially relevant. This approach allows you to reduce the cost of cars.

The new Multivan can be a good option for the family. And still suitable for long trips. But the most demanded role – a company car, something like a business shuttle. Taking “Multik” for a long test, we first checked whether he could become an exemplary family man.

Come out where you want

Several times I tried to count all the niches, glove boxes, boxes and other secret places for storing small and not very things … But I lost count. There are so many of them that on the first day of getting acquainted with the car you can constantly find new opportunities to attach various trifles. It seems, according to this indicator, Multivan will knock out most of the family cars, including most minivans.

And just think, compared to the previous generation of “multi” has not changed much. Small improvements – a lot. From simply design – the car and looks more respectable, and more modern in the cabin, especially from the driver’s seat. Before the technical – for example, it became possible to adjust the stiffness of the shock absorbers.

Many are confused by the appearance: it may be a minivan family car? After all, parking the “ship” will not always be convenient … So those who do not know the car with reason. After all, its “solid” dimensions are deceptive: the length and width of Multivan is not more than many crossovers. By the way, experience has shown that it is even more convenient to park it more often than most large SUVs. Especially in very tight yards. On a crossover under such conditions, you can not often open a driver’s or front passenger’s door. And from “Multa” to get out much easier. You pass into the passenger compartment, where the sliding door-coupe with the electric drive maximizes the “landing” as much as possible.

Passenger “compartment” in our five-seater package. Traditionally, it is possible as a club layout (passengers sit opposite each other, and traditional (one after another) .It is enough to deploy the chairs to radically change the atmosphere in the salon, but the seats could not be prevented from adjusting the bottom cushion – they were designed with an average height And if you have a “non-standard”, it’s unlikely that German engineers, wishing for “leveling”, did not think about it, rather they counted more on corporate clients, when the working mood is more important than the additional comfort. like these are a trifle – have not let the lack of critical..

But the composite floor “Multa” is super practical. Families with children will definitely appreciate. After all, you can manage the cleaning in a couple of minutes. However, take into account and the side effect – after parking in winter, the coating quickly becomes slippery: moisture from the shoe inevitably leads to the formation of an almost imperceptible ice film.

In the image of a tough guy

Traditionally, Volkswagen has a rich menu of engines. A 180-liter two-liter diesel, which is equipped with our “Bull”, many consider the most reasonable choice. The motor is almost uncomplaining-and now there is no hint of a characteristic crochet. Now if the noise insulation in the car had been radically improved, the effect of isolation from the outside world would have turned out. As in expensive diesel sedans or crossover vehicles. But, as in the previous generation, at a speed of over 100 kilometers per hour, the salon has to raise its voice. Even talking with the passenger sitting on the next chair.

By the way, do not expect such a “cartoon” decent acceleration. But for the family, this version is quite suitable. Smooth pick-up and smooth switching speeds of the seven-step robot DSG – on the move the minibus feels quite like a car.

Yes, and manage the “Mult” – a pleasure. Especially if you change into a car after other German or Japanese minibuses. He is like an athlete, collected and responsible. With a very clear connection at the driver-car level. Plus adds confidence to the full drive. Even if you go over at speed in a corner, Multivan starts to heel a little, but does not crash roughly on its side, like many classmates.

And so he behaves in the usual way. And there are several options for tuning the adaptive DCC suspension, which allows you to change the stiffness of the shock absorbers. “Clicked” the key on the central panel and got almost a sports van. Only for a family or corporate machine is a completely useless option. This mode is exactly good for taking exams with road builders – the suspension becomes hypersensitive: every microcrack in asphalt not only feels, but also transfers to the body, shares impressions with the driver and passengers. The first desire is to immediately go into the so-called comfortable mode. But you do not get the expected relaxation – the behavior of the suspension almost does not differ from the standard settings. It seems that “Mult” in all situations is not going to part with the image of the collected and a little tough guy.

For fans of diesel engines, we specifically inform: the real fuel consumption of this version can not be called a record low, in the city about 10 liters per hundred, on the road – slightly more than eight. On the other hand, and not too much, given the weight of the car and four-wheel drive.

It turns out that Multivan is trying to fit into the criteria for an almost perfect minivan for a large family. But it turns out with great reservations. The rudiments, inherited from the comtrans, are interfering. However, they can close their eyes. After all, the car has to play a few more roles. How will she cope with them? You’ll find out soon.

Dmitry Barinov,

Photo of the author.