On all the money: a test drive Lifan Solano II

he is one among the state employees of the largest and every ruble spent anywhere else pays centimeters. “Stuffing” Chinese rich, but the price will change after the generation of the plug within the 500-600 thousand, which can not but rejoice. And Solano became a full liter more economical, and we were able to check in harsh conditions of the Crimean mountain roads.

Signs novelty

P USSIAN car market has ground the many Chinese automakers and models – how many meteors flickered and gone into oblivion … Lifan Solano in general and in particular – are among the few survivors. The very existence of the Chinese car, survived six years of sales in the country first light restyling, and then replace the first generation to the second – is already talking about a specific recognition. And what has changed?

The body retains all the dimensions except length: it rose by a symbolic centimeter to 4620 mm. Width, height and wheelbase – the same 1705 mm, 1495 mm and 2605 mm. However, all external body parts – doors, fenders and bumpers – revised and updated. Headlights, tail lights, turn signals in the mirrors, and daytime running lights LED elements received. Trunk volume increased significantly – from 386 to 620 liters.

Fundamentally changed the design and trim – already in the basic version and came back sofa chair made of artificial leather, even the simplest tape recorder supports USB, and an enhanced version of the multimedia system – navigation and rearview camera.


The new 100-horsepower engine capacity of 1.5 liters has replaced the old 106-hp 1.6-litrovik “poltorashka” meets Euro 5 standards, and the average fuel consumption in the passport over the previous generation car down 1 liter and is now pending at the level of 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers. However, the maximum torque is dropped – from 149 Nm to 129 Nm.

Initially, the car will be equipped with a manual 5-speed gearbox, but later appears and CVT. The cost of basic kit Solano II, as has been said, starts from 500,000 rubles.

The shape and design

Solano-2 has become longer than the previous generation of only 10 millimeters, but more importantly, it is 23 centimeters longer than the VW Polo Sedan, 25 centimeters longer than the Hyundai Solaris, 27 centimeters longer than the Renault Logan! In general, an increase in size provides a powerful and solid hood and 620-liter boot and spacious cabin although not shine, the formula “more car for the same money” – works, and works well!

The front and rear optics looks solid and even somewhat noble.

Uncharacteristically moderate and appropriate use in the exterior chrome, which some Chinese manufacturers often abused …


The architecture of the dashboard – a very good, all on the ground, all easily accessible. The decoration applied matte black plastic, glossy black with imitation of a natural material (not wood, not stone, with long sparse veins), as well as silver, a la metal. The front of the two classic pointer instrument (speedometer and tachometer) coexist with digital temperature display, fuel level and information about the mileage and consumption. In general, a classic. Confuse may be drawn except that for some reason blue border “dials”.

air conditioning control – fully electrified: gearmotors also responsible for regulation of hot / cold, and for the distribution of air flow, and the inclusion of recycling.

The doors and the dashboard – and gulkovaty hard plastic, which is on the door, however, diluted soft kozhzamovymi vstavochki with a pretty red stitching – as well as on the seats. The same VW would probably have called it the signs of “special series” and have ripped off a lot of money … Seats – from cute and durable eco-leather, even in the basic version; none of the competitors do not offer a similar, all in the minimum salary – only “rag”.

All the four window – electric, plus front – even with rapid lowering mode with one touch. The steering wheel has audio control keys. But control “donut” may be, alas, at an altitude of only …

Lifan Solano II
cost basis
500 thousand rubles

And, unfortunately, the interior volume of a few discordant with an impressive external dimensions of the car … grew drivers may not have enough limit longitudinal front seat travel adjustment, especially in winter clothes – it would be nice to make a stroke range and wider … However, this is partly compensated for by adjusting the backrest, but with large front passengers and the driver sitting behind the need to whirl, pristraivaya knees.


The car is equipped with a rich set of multimedia system with touch screen 7-inch display and a steering control keys. The screen, which is interesting, not capacitive, and resistive – that is, does not respond to touch, and depression. Technology is outdated, but the display is very responsive and responds to any subject, in addition to a finger – winter cold car can operate the device without removing the gloves.

Multimedia head unit is able to play music from the phone via Bluetooth, a memory card, the USB-stick and an external device via the 3.5mm input (its slot with the USB-connector lives in the arm). A separate microSD card is reserved for navigation – it is responsible for the software from Navitel. And when you turn back the transfer displays the image from the rear view camera installed above the license plate!

Multimedia Interface little slow, but it redeems the logic and consistency. The main menu consists of the major icons of the horizontal line, and the settings menu – from a vertical list; they do not get confused, even far from the intricate gadgets people.

Playing audio system, however, is quite flat, expressionless – there is no upper or bass. Although it would seem, the basis for good sound is – in the back of the shelf are large “ovals” and the front speakers in the doors complemented outriggers tweeter.


Under the hood Solano-2 – polutoralitrovye new 16-valve engine with hydrojacks (a rarity now!), And phase control. Engine compartment space that fans will appreciate the self-service – easy access to most sites.

The engine is covered by a decorative plate, which is coupled with the engine noise insulation board and bonnet perfectly dampens engine noise in the cabin. By the way, after a rather hard test, we were Solano, metal valve cover was appropriately hot, but the ignition coil, the individual for all four cylinders – just warm. So, good termorazvyazka!

The main brake cylinder – a tiny, since all along the rim brake – disk, requiring a minimum stroke of the pistons and the displaced fluid.

Generator – also “malyshovom” the size of a grapefruit, but the dealership professionals it is very praise – they say, does not bounce.

On the upper radiator tank – oil filler. Lovers of classical solutions to approve!

All seams are internal cavities treated movilepodobnym anticorrosive – its traces in the form of the dried droplets are clearly visible, for example, on the bottom edge of the boot lid:

By the way, in the trunk of Solano, in addition, actually, 620-liter useful volume, as well as ordinary brace and a jack, the owner finds bag, which is placed in the cable, the wires for lighting, first aid kit, electric compressor and the warning triangle! And on the inside of the lid loose, American style, the emergency opening handle.


We take the car to the dealership Lifan center in Simferopol and go in the Crimean mountains. Change to transmission on the turnover, such as the respective most inexpensive sedans with engines with a capacity of 1.4-1.6 in the region of hundreds of horses – and do not understand what is going on … The machine is frankly not going! Acceleration is virtually absent; outside the city, somehow reaching the speed of a hundred in fifth gear, gas pedal at all “disappeared” – you can take your foot off the pedal, or vice versa, push it all the way to the floor – no difference …

Strangled standards Euro-5, along with the sluggishness of the electronic throttle? Hell, I is completely out of my head engine characteristics! This engine delivers a maximum torque of 129 Nm at five thousand rpm, which is considerably higher than that of classmates. The engine likes to be cool, do not hesitate, and the gearbox is incredibly stretched second and third accompanies him as an experienced partner who understands perfectly.

We turn from the soul, and a miracle happens – the car appear dynamics and agility, adjusted to a low-power motor and budget category, of course. At the same time, which is typical, maximum traction is achieved without hacking squeal!

Agility, however, noticeably sour in the fifth after 120-130 – manufacturer shifted working range of the motor and the transmission in the low and medium speeds – gardeners who need a vigorous thrust on overloaded machine, will be happy, but fans of long-distance long-distance hauls – not very.

Interestingly, the continuous supply of traction in second gear on the Crimean streamers, leading into the mountains, and the race in third gear on a mixture of primers and broken asphalt road Ai-Petri mountain range does not lead to catastrophic expenses – motor ate a little more than 10 liters that hard annealing with constant acceleration and braking in low gears ridiculous. And, in fact, the average consumption in the “city + highway” does not exceed seven liters – in the running mode, it is just adjusted the very same 6.5 liter specification promised that per liter less than that of the previous generation Solano.

Dimensions (L / W / H) mm
4 620/1 705/1 495

Disc brakes and grippy perfect – neither take nor add. car suspension (front McPherson, a one piece rear bar, as a “obuvki” – Chinese tires Giti 15th the diameter with the dimension 195/60) pleasantly surprised – she obediently swallowed huge pits and boulders of the Crimean mountains, it failed to break even once ! Suspension is incredibly energy intensive, it can safely by hitting the Russian “directions”.

The steering mechanism with electric power, of course, do not have enough discipline to standard criteria – in fast relaying helm felt vatnost (which, incidentally, may be reduced when installing the rubber from the brands in the top ten instead of regular) and the damped steering should be stronger at high speed, but the serpentines road to Ai-Petri Solano-2 took quite confident and sometimes even boldly. I must admit that in terms of suspension and taxiing excellent machine “Russified” sin to demand a “kitaychika” more for such a modest money that he asked for.

Wang Xiaolong, Lifan Motors Rus: Quality improvement – it is an endless work

K .: The first question is perhaps somewhat surprising. Tell me, where did you learn to speak so well in Russian? VS .: I studied the Russian language in China, at the university, and then I worked in Moscow for almost six years ….

1460 0 5

Solano evolves significantly and expressively, and close to that, to stand on a par with their classmates from the number of brands of “first tier.” However, minor flaws finish is still visible. Plastic smells still rather tartly, but evolution is not always clear – for example, the previous generation owners may prefer to save liters of fuel a new engine more torque at lower revs in the previous engine.

At the same time for less money in Solano “just a little but more” – the size, the trunk, the same engine in the base, the diameter of the discs, and more – all competitors are either absent in the minimum salary, or much more expensive. The Chinese are generous in small ways, and it’s the right tactic in the struggle for the buyer.

A more strategic and important work is also under way – actively expanding dealer and service network, the scarcity or absence of which was the traditional reproach to brands from China – many of them come and go without leaving a trace, and ruffled them the reputation of Chinese cars as a whole is now necessary to restore unit got stronger brands with a “Lifan” headed. Restored it, however, was successful.

You should buy Lifan Solano II, if:

  • Budget The class is small you: we need more interior and trunk;
  • You calm the driver and do not like to take risks;
  • Overpaid, including for fuel – this is not about you.

You will not need Lifan Solano II, if:

  • You are racing ambitions;
  • Press on the touch screen instead – beyond your strength;
  • You are an audiophile, but alter native “music” is not desirable.

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