On a visit to her grandmother, quickly: Test drive Peugeot 408 1.6 Turbo

Hot heart and old-school interior – it’s about the Peugeot 408! Nimble “Frenchman” cheer and delight family daddy, begins to forget the taste of drive, as well as some return to the past, having pleased a classic interior design. Or angry?


E If we try to characterize design Peugeot 408 in one word, I would choose a delicate term “neutral”. Front car looks solid, modern and almost that expensive (at least in certain angles – for sure), body contour lines are modern and harmonious, they do not cause desire something to correct, if not in the “iron”, then in Photoshop . No fanciful or original design elements is not present – all designed for the conservative consumer.

The only thing that confused – so it’s two “rapid” vyshtampovki on the sides of which pass through the door and partially flows into the rear wings. The top is still up and down, but the bottom seems to be obviously unnecessary. If you could choose, I would generally prefer classic moldings painted in color.

Someone finds retrograde my wishes, but I think that this car is not enough good old chrome exterior design, it would have to face her. For example, at the corners of the bumper line-stamped vstavochki – they would have looked good in a metallic color; chrome stripes on the same door moldings, which I wanted to line above, and the chrome frame glasses would be appropriate – and on the bright color, and the more so in the dark.

Typical mirror Peugeot 408 is located just behind the individual triangles of the front side windows. This provides a good forward view – mirrors a traditional design would be difficult not to block additional glass-triangles, partly compensating for blind spots behind the front struts.

Machines whose mirrors have a similar form of “flags” and thus shifted slightly back from the front window angle, quite a lot – from the Daewoo Matiz to the Chevrolet Orlando, but most of them “checkboxes ears” sticking out boldly and defiantly, like a young puppy Shepherd, and the models of Peugeot / Citroen mirror this design philosophically associated with hanging ears elderly basset. That, it seems to me, does not become cheerful and bright-eyed Frenchy …

Well, even a small design-body last nuance. Due to the strong inclination of the glass in its lower edge there is a noticeable distortion effect. He does not interfere in the movement, but in a standing plug idleness think sometimes clings to the hallucinogenic effect – at the front of the car and start to swim grin digits, in the neighboring – sine wave oscillates perfectly flat line threshold … I want to shake his head, dropping the obsession.

Comfort in the cabin

“Oops … As in the old chair!” – I thought, flopping in the Peugeot 408.

16 inch Wheels
Tires 215/55

Mounting seats for driver and front passenger have not even a hint of athletic discipline – “Grandma’s chair warm, soft and cozy.” At the seat and backrest is practically no perceived back and back to form in sharp turns, they do not tend to “cling” to the driver. Feel chair anywhere, hand feel soft feather bed. Someone would call their amorphous and loose, although I personally why they seemed quite comfortable – the absence of the very polusportivny stiffness and angularity allows comfortably in the Peugeot 408 driver and the passenger of any build – in particular large and excessively weighty as this author . The chair and drowning, in fact, the most he formiruesh lateral support!

The seats are upholstered and modest adjustments not baluyut- forward / backward, the backrest tilt and diagonal elevator – that’s all, but in addition manually. However, the paucity of options is offset by the very soft – sit comfortably, long trips do not tire.

By the logic and ergonomics of the driver’s seat Peugeot 408 no complaints. External Lighting controls on the left steering column switch, climate unit (two-channel) audio system, trip computer control – everything is clear and requires two or three keystrokes to get comfortable. Location, identification and functionality of controls – are flawless in terms of intuitive usability. Everything in its place, nothing prevents double interpretations of functions. Scrolling manual is not exactly necessary.

Universal armrest deserves special attention – apart from the fact that it is a repository of small things and hides a USB-port for the “stick” with the music arm has a very wide range of adjustments for easy placement of the right hand of the driver. The lid has three positions of inclination (one horizontal and two at an angle), as well as the possibility of nominating her forward.

In place of the junction with the glass edge of the front door paneling forms a kind of indentation, which can be quite convenient place “mobile” – the main thing is not to forget it and then there.

Actually, from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s move. Rear sofa, alas, is not as large and soft, like a grandmother. In general, a relatively large rear passengers can sit relatively freely at a relatively large driver or front passenger. Solid “relatively” – if the driver is heavy and two meters, the rear still feel sad. Plus no electrical elements of comfort have no rear passengers – only adjustable deflectors airflow at the rear end of the central tunnel lining and the classic uncontrolled blowout in the legs.

But the opportunity to experience the fifth point, all roads nuances of passengers have, for the rear suspension 408th is very uncomplicated – solid torsion beam. In the appendage to her car unloaded ass “podkozlivaet” – a child sitting in the backseat, was complaining … In this case the driver may wonder – its something soft “chair grandma” is difficult to understand that behind the not so great!

Peugeot 408 1.6 Turbo

SteeringFront suspensionRear suspensionelectro-hydraulic power independent, semi-independent MacPherson, U-shaped bar

Instrument interface and multimedia system

The car, as a character animation, a puzzled look on the driver’s big white eyes speedometer and tachometer, and coupled with the warm orange display with backlight dashboard somehow spawned in my head notes of automotive style “sixties”. No futuristic frills “a la spaceship” or deliberate psevdosportivnosti – traditionalists appreciate such a device interface, but someone might find this boring …

The same goes for the audio and climate control units.

Interface multimedia system too much young. Fifteen years of commercials or even slightly Pobol. The fact is that in the Peugeot 408 is not a large central (and even more so – color and touch) display, which in other cars with more advanced interior is a point of attraction of sight and sets the tone for the interior design. At the Peugeot 408, the “face” of the system several small old-fashioned form of distributed display of warm orange glow, pure text, without any animation and infographics.

Peugeot 408 1.6 Turbo

Clearancefull speedAcceleration from 0-100 km / h180 mm 207 km / h 9.6 sec

The main display – the top of the dashboard, under a small canopy for better readability in the sun – it displays the multimedia functions (radio, CD / MP3-drive, “flash card”) and the telephone interface is connected via Bluetooth. Route data shows a small display between the scales of devices, and a pair of tiny temperature small screen are responsible for the right and left channels of the climate system. Visual information is obtained scattered by different points, but because of this it is always perfectly readable, without being overloaded with color and animation, as is the case in the central display in cars with modern style. In general, Peugeot 408 – is a natural old school, which is unlikely to cause excitement among the student, but the true can be evaluated his dad.

For analog “krutilki” climate and audio keys have no complaints. But branded shift paddles make anyone with a “French” before the case was not, to remember a couple of times strangeness flight there the national engineering … right and left of the steering wheel located classic “spokes” – turn signals / wipers / Head Light, and in addition they protrude from the housing steering also two additional “joystick” – on the left made the cruise control, and the right – the music and telephone. The steering wheel is fully cleared of buttons, but by “the wheel” sticks natural “stockade” – right and all of three elements: the wipers switch, a joystick, and the ignition key!

Switches, joysticks hard to see because of the spokes of a wheel and designed for intuitive getting fingers. I must say, after some habits fingers fall perfectly on them – the designers found the perfect position and shape! However, the first joysticks felt strange misshapen potatoes, nuisance and annoying. And even after a fair time in an attempt to remove the ignition key by mistake periodically grasping the joystick for the audio system …

“To my grandmother” – but quickly!

In the test “Wheels” visited the most nimble version of the Peugeot 408 – a 1.6-liter 150-hp turbo engine and six-speed “automatic machine” with possibility of manual gear selection Tiptronic (also available 120-hp and 115-hp aspirated and 112-hp diesel engine, the latter – only on manual transmission). Steer all these household helps electrohydraulic amplifier (GUR-rail, but the pump is driven by a belt from the crankshaft and the electric – as, for example, the Skoda Fabia).

150-horsepower engine does not hide its capacity – enough to open the hood: a turbine intercooler and radiator, as well as the lead-in connections are in sight, as if urging the driver does not stand on ceremony with the gas pedal!

According to his passport acceleration to “hundreds” – 9.6 seconds, which is generally tolerated for not too expensive family sedan, but not admired as a whole. In fact, as we know, this figure is not an absolute indicator, because the impression of the car speakers is formed, rather, the ability to “pick up” after “hundreds” rather than the notorious “seconds up to a hundred.”

At the first “hundred” with the Peugeot 408 can somehow compete and “stoloshadnye” “vegetable” aspirated, ranging from 1.4 liters, but this does not mean that the turbine and one hundred and fifty “forces” are living under the hood 408th vain !

Peugeot 408 is definitely not a “sport” and not even “polusport”, but the machine is highly vigorous for its value and its location in a road table of ranks.


You can be nice and straight “to blow” and even play checkers without excessive risk – on 16-inch wheels with tires in the dimension 215/55 (can be put and R17 255/50) car feels confident and collected. Brakes criticize except that the owner of a sports car – for the rest of their tenacity and the information content of the pedals is perfect.

ABS settings very successful – trip “ratchet” in the dry season are extremely rare, there is no fear of sudden and uncontrolled intervention system. At the same time the limits of car felt quite clearly: having some experience in driving, and even reseeding at 408th with stosilnoy machines, special euphoria is not felt, and the risk of “break away from the roots of” small.

Fuel consumption in city pedaling active mode where allow plugs of plus or minus 10 liters. On the track, however, the motor is more humane to gasoline – an average of about 6.5 liters. Passport information is as follows:

Peugeot 408 1.6 Turbo
Consumption per 100 km / h

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l10.1 5.6 7.4

Test drives / New cars
The first test of the new Ford Focus: clockwork poltorashka

So too the circumstances: a third Focus has become more modern, more complex and at a price not inferior to competitors. And “progressive kinetic” design of many was not to the soul. Personally, I chuck Focus III …

55851 6 18

408th willing, but marked by cheerfulness and a little annoying moment – namely, the frequent revolutions hang at the released accelerator pedal – the machine moves coasting, and the engine roars hacking a few seconds until the tachometer needle drops to idle …

PPC – adaptive, it distinguishes between quiet or quick press on the pedal, and in accordance with these stretches or shortens the transmission. When you dramatically push the pedal to the floor or even kickdown button, the box says that you plan to rapidly accelerate to a high speed, but you only want to make a sharp maneuver rebuild and immediately slow down. However, the engine management system expects further “prishporivaniya” – not to lose this momentum and start all over again, stick with them for some time at a level almost five thousand howling engine. This is the cost of the simultaneous implementation of all possible ways to get the most out of the engine malokubaturnogo …


The base 115-horsepower 1.6-liter aspirated when choosing a Peugeot 408 is considered unlikely – at such a motor can be a bit of traveling, and giving a much more modest sum. Therefore, the most interesting is to consider the 150-strong version – let’s call it conditionally “millions” – not on mileage to overhaul, of course, but at a price.

Peugeot 408 1.6 Turbo
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4 682/1 815/1 525
gasoline, turbocharged, 150 hp. from.
six-speed adaptive automatic transmission Tiptronic
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:
Cargo Volume, L:
560 l

What is worth to compare 408-th? Competitors missing – Volkswagen Jetta, Kia Cerato, etc., but the first thing that comes to mind -.. Of course, the best-selling Toyota Corolla! In our configuration, “Style” French test costs about 1 100 000 rubles, the price closest “Japanese” (which is typical in the eponymous complete!) – 1.109 million – almost the same. Both cars – family sedans, both engines of 1.6 liter, automatic transmission (six-speed fluid mechanics and variator), both cheap-beam rear suspension.

Between what, in fact, a choice?

The assets of Corolla – modern interior and multimedia, more interesting than the “French”, the appearance of the body, but drags it all “vegetable” 122-horsepower naturally aspirated engine. The assets of the Peugeot 408 – peppy 150-hp turbo engine, but the interior was a boring and body less interesting than that “Japanese” …

It turns out a kind of template break – Corolla has always been a greyish appearance and even more so – in; for this dullness, coupled with its reliability and selected millions. In our case, the boring old school visual – just the “Frenchman”, but its powerplant partly compensates for the driver of a family sedan a lack of adrenaline and boldness, that he might become podzabyvat carousel for household chores.

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