Oh, that’s all! Why do we need coupe-crossovers?

Now you have read the word “design” in the text for the first and last time. And now we will try to understand soberly on the example of the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, why you might need a coupe-crossover.

There is no need.

Dot. I promised not to use the forbidden word for the letter “d”, but nothing else you can think of. No matter how you try to flaunt deep technical knowledge, the real buyer of the GLC Coupe or another coupe-crossover will not name another reason to abandon the usual SUV, except “it’s beautiful.” Never.

I’ll add a story from life. One girl has always dreamed of the BMW X6, and with the release of the GLE Coupe, the object of lust changed. Just because the Mercedes aesthetics is closer. Her man took note and was going to give the GLC Coupe. Well, for a larger coupe-crossover is not enough. And now you can find a thousand arguments to take instead of a fashionable car standard GLC cheaper, but they will all be broken about the great universal “Oh, all.”

Let’s go the method of the opposite. Let’s see, than the coupe-crossover is worse simply a crossover, and by that we will be convinced, that all this is actually a matter of taste. And money, of course.

“In sports”

On the idea of ​​the coupe tunes for an active life with its shortened steering wheel and sports suspension, which is characterized by a rigid adjustment of springs and shock absorbers. And it is standard for this type of body in the case of GLC. It would seem that Mercedes and hard are two words that usually do not occur in one sentence. But, I assure you, it will not be an excuse to refuse the coupe in favor of a crossover with a roof even. “Hard” in the Mercedes sense of it – it’s still comfortable. And if suddenly it does not seem very, when ordering an adjustable pneumatic the question disappears by itself.

Variants of suspensions are also possible in the usual GLC, so there is no need to talk about significant differences in behavior. The owner (and, moreover, the possessor) does not have in his head a gyro that reads this subtle difference in heels.

On motors, of course, too, parity. In our case, a 211-horsepower two-liter gasoline engine, accelerating the crossover to a hundred in 7.3 seconds. With a coupe that does not have a coupe … Yes, what kind of dynamics – even the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance on the passport is the same.

Playing sports notes is typical for all “coupe” crossovers, and the essence is the same – you will not feel the difference to the extent that determines the choice. Roughly speaking, only for a short steering rack the coupe will not be taken.

In cramped

Unsurprisingly, the GLC Coupe is longer and lower than the usual GLC. A normal situation. And inside, it would seem, everywhere there should be less space. In fact, the driver does not feel embarrassed at all. Engineers competently arranged everything and proved that the coupe does not necessarily have to tangibly lose to the traditional crossover in inner freedom. However, there is a difference in the rear: 3.3 cm in height and 1.6 cm in the legs. Will it affect your choice? Of course not. With an increase of 180 cm there is enough stock. It is unlikely that anyone in the GLC Coupe will seriously care about two-meter rear passengers. There are more important things. Yes, the very word.

The visibility is back – like all the coupe, that is no. In addition, buyers of premium cars have long been accustomed to rear-view cameras and have already forgotten when they looked in the salon mirror in the parking lot. And here and the circular review is with a picture of stunning quality.

It’s impractical!

Too me news. Of course, in the body of graceful forms it will be possible to take less than in a more practical car. But the indicators are not critical. In the case of the Mercedes, the trunk in the compartment is 50 liters less than the GLC. Do you often slaughter it to the roof itself? That’s it. Absolutely insensible in the real life of the owner “separation”.

Well, there are still small inconveniences like a narrow opening and a large loading height. But if it is so important, the question is solved by the same pneumatic suspension – then the machine can be omitted when loading.

And again I can not find an unambiguous plus of the GLC over the GLC Coupe. Well, or vice versa. But in the price lists the difference of comparable versions is about half a million rubles. Not in favor of the coupe, of course. You have to suffer financially for the beauty.

Alexey Dmitriev, photo by Denis Sveshnikov

Specifications of Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 250

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm

473.2 / 189.0 / 160.2

Wheelbase, cm


The equipped weight, kg


Luggage space, l



4-cylinder, gasoline, 1991 cm³

Power, l. from. / rev / min.


Torque, Nm / rev / min.

350 / 1200-4000


9-st., Automatic.

Drive unit


Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from


Maximum speed, km / h


Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km