Office Manager. Will Volkswagen Multivan be able to please everyone?

Five arguments in favor of “Multa” as a universal corporate transport

Five arguments in favor of this particular minivan as a universal corporate transport. Several experts of “Avtomambler” tried to find the pros and cons of “Multa” in this role

Let’s imagine another form of karchering, to which this kind of hire has not yet matured. In a large business center or holding company (such as Rambler, for example, where more than a thousand employees work), someone always needs a big car. Then you have to take a seven-minute trip to the meeting. Then pick up the big things from business partners. In a word, different subdivisions of the holding could quite “rent” the car for several hours. Then return to the general parking lot, yielding to his other colleagues. An excellent option: the cost of operation, insurance, as well as TO actually divided into all. And for each group of users in the end significantly reduced.

Requirements for the car in this case a few: it should be as spacious as possible, but that the external dimensions allow it to park as a conventional car. In addition – the most convenient in the management, because to get behind the wheel will have quite different drivers. Relatively inexpensive to operate. Finally, with the possibility of transforming the cabin for different working situations. In such a rigid framework, we shoved Multivan into our corporate test. For the objectivity in the trials participated at once five drivers. Such an approach is absolutely uncompromising: one driver can close his eyes to something, but the rest are unlikely to accept the disadvantage. So, briefly summarize our inspection of the machine for the role of an office manager.

Floor perestilat?

To the architecture of the cabin, none of the drivers and passengers had any questions: a full seven seats (including a driver’s seat). Armchairs can not be called particularly comfortable (there is no provision for adjusting the bottom cushion along the length, the upper one is too rigid), but in our case this can not be considered a disadvantage: office workers should not be relaxed while traveling on business. That’s sitting in these chairs almost like a desktop. And in the passenger compartment, the seats can easily be twisted, turning the salon into a conversation, then simply into the ranks “one by one”.

The only significant drawback, which was lamented by half of the drivers – is a crafty plastic floor covering in the cabin. On the one hand, it is very practical – the floor can be washed easily and quickly. On the other – in frosty weather, it instantly becomes covered with a thin film of ice, and slipping on it – is simple. The verdict is unequivocal: traditional rugs are preferable. At least in winter.

Emergency exit

With dimensions too – no extra questions. The parking of the five-meter seven-seater minivan in different districts of Moscow was not aroused by any of our drivers. Even where large crossovers are difficult to attach. It’s simple – if you occupy a very limited space in jewelry, where you can not open the front doors, you exit the minivan through the rear sliding “gates.” None of the five drivers for parking problems complained

Management: without hints of cargo pedigree

Convenience in management – here all-wheel drive Mutivan does not leave chances at all to conditional competitors. The feeling that you are driving not a minibus, but a car. And it does not leave not only in urban traffic jams, but also on the road, when the arrow of the speedometer walks behind the mark of 150 km per hour. Absolutely predictable reactions, even with sharp movements of the steering wheel, the ability to pass the turns almost in a sporty way, and very decent brakes for the minivan. In other words, unlike the competitors in this car, you appreciate the lack of need to take into account the cargo pedigree of the minivan. Especially, you pay attention to this feature if you immediately change into “Mult” from another “classmate”. We did so for the purity of the experiment.

Is there enough 180-horsepower diesel for active driving with full load. Yes, for corporate tasks – quite.

By the way, the review from the driver’s seat, too, could be called almost perfect. The side mirrors are still huge, the rear window also resembles a window. If not for one annoying flaw, which manifests itself mainly in the winter – the washer is located not under the roof, but from below. The head of the washer fluid is obviously insufficient: the jet finishes at best to the middle of the window. And on top it stays dirty.

Cheaper than a taxi!

Yes, the current expenses for companies using the car “as necessary”, within the framework of corporate holding-karchering, will definitely be noticeable below the business class taxi. And that’s how we position the cartoon, which is not at all embarrassing to go to a solid meeting, and it’s not just a matter of dividing the cost of the car and the cost of maintenance into dozens of divisions, the current costs can not be called high, especially fuel consumption. Our office minivan worked almost a month, the average fuel consumption at a run of about three thousand kilometers (with different drivers) hardly exceeded nine liters per hundred.Consider, quite a bit for a full-fledged office on wheels.

Weekend minivan. For their

And, finally, why should not “Multiku” collect additional money in corporate card-making if it is given to employees as a family minivan “for the weekend.” He in this role, as we found out earlier, also feels great. And many office employees who do not use the car on a daily basis will find this option extremely beneficial. After all, the usual carcher to minivans is not yet mature. Too young.