Now that’s lost weight! Why did you lose weight Audi A4

Audi engineers are increasingly reminiscent of women who are ready to go for everything to reduce weight. The struggle with extra grams sometimes turns into a maniacal desire.

Any of these maniac engineers will give a thousand arguments to prove: to lose weight when creating a new car model is only a couple of kilograms more difficult than a woman to lose weight while dieting. We have to invent hundreds of new ways, sacrifice something, try to make more and more details from aluminum, in order to achieve the goal. In the current generation of A4, built on the new modular platform MLB, it seemed almost unattainable – minus a centner. And this despite the fact that the former “four” also could not be suspected of being overweight.

You will say: no one will notice much? Nothing like this! Fantastic lightness is felt right away, as soon as you spur the 249-horsepower engine of the top-wheel-drive version. Of course, do not expect the sporcara dynamics. A little less than six seconds to hundreds of these days – a decent, but not terrific figure. Another thing is that the new A4 is perceived as a weightless car. Almost in everything: in accelerations at different speeds, in turns and rearrangements, in reaction to steering correction. And you almost always feel the car is not like a piece of iron, but like light clothing. It is worth changing into another car, and it seems that the summer t-shirt has been changed to a winter coat.

This is the effect of fighting overweight. By the way, it is also enhanced by an amazing noise isolation. On subjective sensations, it is now even better than in the representative A8 (that, as you know, is quite old and is preparing for a change of generation). Superfluous sounds do not irritate, even when you shoot to the maximum, selecting Dynamic mode. What can I say about the rest …

Another obvious plus of thinness – a symbolic for such a powerful sedan fuel consumption. Even in a very active mode, it does not exceed ten liters per hundred. If you choose “comfort”, you can actually meet at seven with a penny.

In addition to automatic, sporty and economical modes, you can choose individual settings: the response of the motor, the grip of the power steering and the nature of the suspension. However, with the algorithm of the engine you can not especially conjure – the usual “auto” will do. After all, in any situation, the power reserve for sudden acceleration is impressive. Well, the maximum traction is completely accessible from the very bottom.

We add here the exemplary work of the transmission … The seven-stage robot is so delicate that you do not notice its work at all. Unless, when you try to shoot from traffic lights.

Do not sleep!

Alarm triggered! In a minute again! None of the test cars with such scrupulousness did not follow my behavior at the wheel. Slightly relaxed, just looked at the girl at the wheel of a neighboring car, then glanced at the smartphone, and the electronic bodyguard sees every “wrong” movement of the eyes or head as a potentially dangerous situation. Useful thing. Especially in the Moscow crazy traffic. When it stands for a moment to lose control over the situation and the risk of crashing into an accident grows many times.

In general, the number of electronic assistants “four” – the leader in the class. The car is almost ready to work in the mode of autopilot. But only in Russia these technologies are not yet available.

But at least there is a virtual installation, in which I fell in love with another Q7. The most convenient feature, in my opinion, is the ability to broadcast maps with navigation tips. You see the entire route in front of you, and not somewhere on the monitor on the right, as is customary in most cars. Also an important element of security – attention once again does not need to be distracted.

Although the car is so comfortable that you can not help feeling relaxed. The ergonomics of the front seats is gorgeous. Whether a driver is high or fat – anyone can easily choose a comfortable fit behind the wheel and is unlikely to feel tired after a few hours’ journey. And the seats have a lot of adjustments, including changing the length of the bottom cushion, and the steering column.

But without the spoon of tar, even this time it was not done. I’m talking about the back sofa. Not only is it still cramped, but also chairs – as if from a completely different machine. Or the rear passengers did not expect much? No, in A4 I want to ride only in front. Definitely, it’s still a car for the driver, albeit in the suit of a family sedan.


Photo by the author and Audi