Not a tractor at all: Mercedes-Benz E500 W124 ownership experience

Anyone who dares to sing offensive songs near this sedan, will be very sorry. Joker will simply be destroyed by the power of the 326-strong V8 and crushed by the authority of one of the most legendary Mercedes of the end of the last century. Wolf W124 E500 offenders do not forgive.


This sedan – a living proof that the idea of ​​implanting large engines into small bodies is not just sick of tuning ateliers. In the late 1980s, Mercedes decided to set the heat to competitors, releasing a hot remix of his then-favorite W124. To help in the arrangement, they called their Stuttgart villagers from Porsche. With such initial data, mediocrity could not be born in principle. The car received general recognition and the terrible nickname “Wolf” in addition. The nickname firmly adhered to the sedan, having stood the test of time.

Externally, the taxi driver’s favorite of the whole world is a classic from the classics. Bruno Sacco obviously painted W124 with an eye for the younger 190’s, but for all the stylistic similarity, the older model is expected to produce a more solid impression. Subordination, strengthened by the signs of restyling in 1993, is observed impeccably.

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Wherever you look, the sedan still exudes a sure, well-fed arrogance. The very spirit of a true Mercedes, which many lack in his heirs. The car just does not have bad angles. The square body of a dark green color is completely devoid of excessive decorations. Although it was the E500 that had the full right to dress up in full. The production of each specimen took 18 days of manual assembly. But the wings and other tinsel – this is for amateurs. Muscular wings, hiding an enlarged rut and more massive bumpers – the “five hundredth” is modest, like a true bourgeois.


The door closes with a characteristic weapon click. Salon “five hundredth” is in perfect harmony with appearance. At one time, Mercedes has invested a lot of effort and money in designing the 124th. Not surprisingly, the interior at the molecular level absorbed this German solidity. Whatever you touch – the feeling that everything is done for ages, does not leave you for a second.

For a 23-year-old car, most of its 160,000 km run on not always hospitable Russian roads, the salon is in excellent condition. Volchar managed to survive in the nineties, stayed at zero and without any restorations looks like he just got off the factory stalls in Zuffenhausen.

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The style of the interior hovered midway from the pure-blooded “eighties” W126 to the king of the “nineties” W140. Vertical front panel, cast from quality vinyl, is issued in the interior for no more than 30 cm, so the stock of internal space is at the level of modern business-class models that exceed the old one in size.

Dense black leather upholstery door panels and magnificent seats, in no way inferior to buckets Recaro in 190E 2.5-16. The standard finish of the banal “Mercedes” root of the walnut was replaced by a strip of noble dark wood. It turned out both brutally and stylishly. This is how the black ceiling asks for, but such a caprice was not provided even for the list of options, and the “collective farm” is contra-indicated to such machines.

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