Not a bad peace: test drive Porsche Macan Diesel S

Diesel Porsche – it’s a real nonsense automotive world from the perspective of 10-15 years ago. But tight-fisted and dynamic at the same time the modern world dictates its own terms, and even in this independent and proud brand has to go to meet the client. Although if it could bring benefits, then why not?

The difference is nuances

The External Expansion differences Makana diesel from petrol colleagues – not only in the package label. The “diesel” large wheels (20 inch!) And transmission through them calipers gray rather than yellow or red.

There is a not particularly loved in Russia and the CIS tuning-style clean look, for which canons it should “shave” all superfluous and make the car look the most concise. It seems that when you create Makana attracted expert wedge-bow. The quest for minimalism even went so far as to handle opening the luggage compartment has no place, and the key hidden in his opening rear wiper arm.


Well, a little bit vkusovschiny. My favorite camera angles Makana – rear (lights incredibly beautiful) and in profile. The maximum low position adjustable suspension Makan more like a big road hatchback class Grand Tourismo, off-road than a conqueror.

And do not laugh! Like all SUV Porsche, can not be called Macan 100% “Asphalt hero”. Incidentally, the default clearance is 190 mm, and if the same enable off-road mode suspension, dampers lift the body by 40 mm above the road. Although the total absence of any protective pads on the bottom of the body and small angles of entry and exit must be the owner for the brake factor which will make when going on a picnic to be extremely careful.

In all cases the good life

Pentagonal central vents blowing, mid-mounted chronometer ordered scattering of buttons around the transmission lever, three deep wells with appliances, nice stroke from the model name on the central tunnel – yes, it Stuttgart Style. You can find fault with that white skin is not really combined with polished aluminum and dark walnut tree at the same time … But I will not. Leather tanning stunning, and it – a lot.

By the way, the above-mentioned instruments … The most interesting of them – the right, in which “settled” color display, which can display and navigation, and on-board computer, and the type of management assistants tracking the markup and adaptive cruise control. Closer to the driver – three-spoke steering wheel, pleasantly plump to the touch, with a few multimedia keys and a connected smartphone. By the way, under the order, you can order it finishes the same walnut or carbon fiber.

Branded “porshevskaya” multimedia system perfectly drawn streets and driveways mezhdvorovye seven-inch display, but does not include Cyrillic (writes all street names translit) and makes every time a route to choose not only the city but also the country. Now that’s awkward and somehow out of place on the car in 2016.

As convenient as it is your own hard drive to 40 GB, which can accommodate, for example, up to 5000 audio tracks. For sound quality meets the optional Bose audio system with 14 speakers and nine-amplifier, the whole acoustic luxury framed in the “cine” 5.1. It is understood that the downloaded mp3, music of “Vkontakte” and even from iTunes on six channels are not expanded, but still nice.

On the test crossover installed seats with 14 areas of adjustment, and it is still average “result” – has a top grade with 18 regulations. However, do not forget about the poor: basic seats are all 8 directions adjustments. Though my chair automaker positioned as comfortable in the fast corners of the driver’s body, they keep well in sports.

Cargo capacity
500 l

And let Makan considered a compact SUV, the gallery passengers with an average growth of three and can fit. The backrest of the second row folded in the ratio of 40:40:20, so choose the optimal combination of the cargo compartment and seats will not be difficult. The luggage compartment in the base position, ready to receive a 500 liters of luggage. Folding the rear row, we get a flat area of ​​1 500 liters. For extra charge is possible to get a comfortable bar-border, which goes on runners and pre-recorded in the right place, do not give small objects flying through the trunk at the time, while you enjoy the ride. In general, with the practicality of all right.

Where are the forces?

From the many sports car waiting for one thing – excellent recoil of the motor and the instantaneous reaction to pressing the gas pedal. And what will happen then – burned fuel, scorched tires, the views of others as not quite healthy – this is first and not think. So I have to say – out of this list on diesel Makani I felt all okromya excessive appetite.

Do not think that this car only from a wonderful economy. Not at all. But spoiled journalistic nature notes only the most-most, and in our case – is 245 liters. from. power and 580 Nm of torque three liter “six” in conjunction with a flow rate less than 10 liters per “hundred” (in practice – a “peak” and 11 L). Otherwise expect from modern turbo-diesel and it is not necessary, but still impressive.

Porsche Macan Diesel S
Fuel consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l6.9 5.9 6.3

In a quiet “road” mode, the car behaves with restraint, good suspension work out irregularities, without making unnecessary sounds. Only on rough asphalt joints and sharp pits particularly felt knocks and discomfort. This, I think, largely to blame for those “Diesel” 20-inch wheels with a thin layer of rubber on them.

Pressing the corresponding buttons «Sport» – and the motor is no longer whispers and growls, holding higher revs. Once again we click on it – and translate suspension in «Sport Plus», in which the crossover squats 100 mm closer to the ground and pinch valve of its adjustable shock absorbers. Four-wheel drive makes it harder to keep the road and significantly push the starting point in a steep turn drift. Default is transmitted to the rear axle thrust about 90%, prior to – 10%. But if necessary, the front axle may receive up to 100% torque. With this set of Makan rushes up to the first “hundred” for 6.3 seconds.

The sense of progress

If a good think about it, the whole point of the development of the automotive industry is to ensure that the owner received all at once, without any discounts. Especially if it’s such an expensive car like Porsche. Of course, cars have less “integrity”, “authenticity”, “identity” and all of the other things that they love reactionaries and technophiles.

Makan – it is not about that. It is cosmopolitan in the “folksvagenovskoy” platform with the motor from the Tuareg, it compromises around. But it is a compromise that can hardly be called “thin world”, which is “better than a good war,” oh no.

Porsche Macan Diesel S
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
4681? 1923? 1624
Diesel 3 L 245 hp
robotic, seven-speed
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:

Hurricane dynamics, the silence in the cabin, and consumption of 10 liters. Sharp handling and a real opportunity to move out of the way. Compact size, space on the second row, and 500 liters for luggage. What’s so bad?

Here is some more work with the standard media – and accurately can be said that progress in the automotive world is not in vain.

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