No woman is a thing: experience of owning a Mercedes-Benz SLK 32 AMG

Twenty years ago, Mercedes-Benz initiated a massive invasion of Earth Transformers. The most savage of the strangers was a small compressor monster bred in laboratories Affalterbach. His name was SLK 32 AMG.


In the distorting mirror of the Russian reality, a small Mercedes – Mercedes female. At the time, he drank SLK full glory car tycoon girlfriend. In this there is a fair share of the blame of its creators, the roadster was positioned as the younger brother of the flagship SL. For customers who are used to select all only the most-most, it was a kind of sentence.

By itself, the sporty, lightweight, short roadster in no way to blame. The four-meter length and aplomb – as in the executive sedan. No hint of the toy. Solid image drawn by Bruno Sacco, in no way inferior to older relatives. Headlights – small copy of optics mastodon C140. Behind – the future of the most beautiful lights C-Class – W203. Belonging to a tribe AMG give a characteristic body kit, branded “Seventeen” wheels and a pair of oval exhaust pipes. Net completed the line, no extra frills – Benz typical of the ’90s.


Whether it’s the coupe or roadster – the position of the roof does not violate the finished image. In contrast to the followers, most of them suffering from the back of the obese, the SLK in any incarnation slim, smart and spoiling for a fight.


With the top up landing in the SLK requires considerable skill. Low arch roof and a threshold not tolerate slackers neglecting physical exercise – is normal for the car, looking up at the Porsche 911 and able to hide behind a BMW Z3.

Strict rectangular interior is not in the least change “mersedesovsky” corporate standards. Smooth lines do not wait – all fashioned creativity went coupe CLK, debuted a year later than the roadster. High quality plastic, thick skin is an excellent dressing, dark wood on the center console – in similar terms, I recently described the legendary E500 W124. As if taken from him largest “krutilki” climate control and power windows control buttons on the center console.

Encased in wells branded “mersedesovskaya” trio of instruments – one of the few youth sports items, diluting the seriousness of the interior square. White background scales, as well as tides in the grip areas on a large wheel – the prerogative of the version AMG.

Beautiful chair with the inscription «AMG» on integrated headrests encouraging successful form and strong lateral support arms. Driving electroresettings management is familiar to all Mercedes look but is located at the base of the chair.

About practicality as applied to this class of car talk is not accepted: yes glove – and thanks for that. But the Germans rasstaralis. Long leather pockets in the doors, covered with a sliding shutter niche for small things to the right of the parking brake, the central box, the grid behind the seat … Total displacement of the economy is small, but the main thing – not to win but to participate.

Optional set a specific instance, rich in electric and electric, is to recognize reasonable enough. Available CD-recorder indicates that the first owner had to fork out even in spite of the status of the top version of the database was an ordinary cassette. Nokia 6210 in an old carrier – the whim of the owner, but is immediately on the right.

A similar tube with a Mercedes logo was listed in the list of options. “Nonnative” cell-board system to support declined, but Nokia vintage interior perfectly complements the spirit of crazy zero.

In move

3.2 l / 354 hp

SLK 32 AMG was one of the first fruits of cooperation AMG and Mercedes after the acquisition of the latter a controlling stake in the company from Affalterbach. The ambitious project was conceived as a «Posche-killer». In fact charged SLK Boxster did not leave any chances: 354 liters. from. compressor “six” car accelerates to “hundreds” of 5.2 seconds, Porsche left behind not only in banal drag racing, but also on the Nurburgring. Along the way, was defeated by another goal: M roadster, even equipped with only mechanics, showing a similar trend, I could not keep up with the frantic transformer in the Green Hell.

Fuel consumption in the urban cycle
up to 30 liters (95 octane)

In civilian regimes little monster, as befits a true Mercedes, did not show his furious temper. The five-step “automatic» AMG Speedshift running smoothly, with minimal delay, glad to tuck quickly reduced when overtaking and ottormozitsya engine and 450 Nm is clearly not strain well configured box in later versions without any problems to grind and a half times more torque.

The secret is that you roll in a conventional atmospheric “six” at low loads. AMG SLK 32 is provided with a screw-type supercharger Lysholm, which, unlike Roots compressors (such cost civilian SLK SLK 200 and 230) thanks to an ingenious electronics not constantly engaged, and only when needed.

Recessed awakens the sleeping gas supercharger under the hood. With a furious hiss attacking Cobra roadster rushes forward. Dynamics of slaughter always. Desperate Books available at speeds up to 100 km / h. The force with which you typed into the seat headrest (and without this in any way here) depends on the type of rubber and the degree of warming. Tires in any case it is necessary to record in the consumables: quiet ride on such a car – is akin to a sophisticated torture.

ESP off button on this roadster I highly recommend firmly cemented to even touch was nepovadno. A moment of inattention on the right pedal – and you are already at least stand in the way, and even fun steep gyroscope in suicidal dance. Lamented the electronics intervene hardly necessary. Migrated specialists AMG ESP system works smoothly and unobtrusively, allowing the pilot experienced a lot more than is usual in civil Mercedes.

And that – what you need when attacking corners. AMG loves them, passing all with great pleasure. Like you, if you can overcome the nervousness light roadster with a sharp wheel, driven insane engine. The rigidity of the suspension is acceptable for a sports car power available – information on the quality of the asphalt goes regular and very detailed, but the break will not wait.

The fact that all these delights sportkarovskie available without a roof over your head, increases the fun to drive several times. Interior comfort in the open cockpit when city mode of movement is at a high level. With the growth rate begins to walk through the cabin a light breeze, but thanks to sophisticated aerodynamics and spoiler Lorinser at the windshield frame does not have to scream at his neighbor, even when flying in the left lane roundabout. Aftermarket accessory to the same great fights with precipitation – Attack Roadster rain breaking on him, leaving the interior dry. On the bad weather behind recalls only light mist hovering around.

Compressor Mercedes – a return to the origins and respectable bow majestic monster 20-ies of the last century. Alas, curtsy historical heritage was short-lived. Already in 2004 with the change of generations charged the SLK, to the delight of American customers switched to the atmospheric V8. Two years later, with the removal of production of the CLS 55 AMG came to an end and the whole compressor era AMG. Now only the Turbo.

purchase history

After years of ownership sedans Sergei realized that he wanted something small, nimble, fun and an open top. With Mercedes car he was a close friend for almost 10 years, so the question was not the brand of choice. SLK is ideally suited to the role of summer everyday car, and unwillingness to waste your time on trifles prompted him to seek it SLK 32 AMG.

As it usually happens in the case of buying rare cars, two suitable specimen found in Moscow, but Sergei budget gets only one of them. Black Roadster 2001 issue was brought to Russia from Germany in 2005 and since then has been in the same hands, running a total of 140 000 km. The general condition for age was a solid four.

Computer diagnostics revealed a single error – failure alarm and siren broken pump intercooler. The most important thing – the engine, the box and the body – were in good condition, despite the fact that the roof no oiling decade. Even the bottom was in the “native” mastic. In 2012, Sergei roadster cost of 495 000 rubles.


Investments in the first two months of ownership pulled in the amount of more than 100 000 rubles. It was completely moved pendant, set a new intercooler pump and motor the stove. The engine was a small something with changing oil and filters. Eliminating external flaws came down to install the missing bumper grids return the staff and point of xenon elimination chips.

Further expenses were related to structural shortcomings in the design of the manufacturer. A number of details in the SLK 32AMG used by serial versions Mercedes, plus is not designed specifically for this model. For example, the rear gearbox taken from the W210 diesel, is not designed for the enormous torque of the engine AMG and operating conditions, which are usually live sports cars of this kind. On Sergey vehicle main transmission broke down during a run of only 150 000 km. As the cost of a new node in the collection of about 150 000, the reduction gear assembly for E290 diesel in W210 body was found on the dismantling of up to 3 000.

Test drives / Single
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Another drawback of the design is to mount the propeller shaft to the gearbox, carried out by flexible couplings. On average, their life span is 30 000 km. Fortunately the price does not bite: the cost of each sleeve – about 4000 rubles.


In the second year of ownership Roadster has undergone a number of improvements. In the suspension dampers are set in a circle Bilstein B8. The rear axle – slip differential Phantom Grip. Roadster produced by chip tuning Eurocharged, increasing capacity by 80 “horses”: put Needswings PSK set of rollers, closed cooling system intercooler, cut catalysts, the ECU unit reprogrammed to Euro2 and installed cooling liquid circulation pump supercharger Johnson CM30. Ethnicity was transformed using the above-mentioned spoiler Lorinser. On completion it spent about 150 000 rubles.


To feel a tangible difference in the behavior of the car on different tires, Sergei was able to purchase only after AMG. Roadster has so provocative character that the tire has long passed into the category of consumables. The front tire is usually enough for two and a half seasons, rear – up to the season. Sergei tries to choose tires with high grip and a reasonable degree of durability. Last season he was leaving for the Federal RS-R 595 – from his point of view, this is the optimal tires in terms of price / performance and, importantly, heated, she squeals in the corners.

Mercedes-Benz SLK 32 AMG
regular maintenance with replacement of oil and filters
9000 rubles
Fuel consumption in the urban cycle
to 30 liters / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway with a closed roof
13 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway with an open roof
16 L / 100 km
with an open roof and windscreen mounted fuel consumption on the highway
19 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the combined cycle
21 L / 100 km

It is also one of the essential points of the preparation for the season is a silicone grease all seals the roof. A year ago, was held more that with the replacement of oil in the box and the timing chain. The current mileage Roadster – 183 000 km. It operates the vehicle, with a few exceptions, only in summer.


Now the car is for sale. After playing with the roadster, Sergey switched to dzhiperskie pokatushki and the usual dose of adrenaline gets by riding on the latest model blisks Gotway ACM. Of recommended after purchase of works – replacement of the right of the steering nozzle.

model history

Heralded the emergence in the range Mercedes-Benz compact roadster with a hard convertible top concepts steel SLK and SLK 2 Concept is Concept. Serial transformer, built on the base of the C-Class W202 in the back designed by Bruno Sacco, appeared in 1996.

In the photo: Mercedes-Benz SLK ‘1996-2000

Before restyling 2000 scale model was not truly powerful versions. After the upgrade, the line added SLK 320 V6 capacity of 218 liters. from. The most productive SLK 32 AMG appeared in 2001. Compressor competitor M Roadster and the Boxster, equipped with a five-step “automatic machine”, developed 354 liters. s., showing 5.2 seconds acceleration to “hundreds”.

In the photo: Mercedes-Benz SLK 32 AMG ‘2001-04

Prior to 2004, it was collected 4333 copies SLK 32 AMG, the majority of which went to the US market. He was replaced by SLK 55 AMG with atmospheric V8 in volume 5.4 and capacity of 360 liters. from.

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