Nedocrossovers or overgrown

Of course, we could not help arranging our own duel of these machines. We tried not to plunge into the nuances of the complete sets and not to get bored in analyzing the subtleties of controllability and dynamics. But we did not succeed. Because…

On the test we got cars with different type of transmission. X-Ray – with a five-speed manual and a 1.6-liter 110-horsepower Nissan engine. Steppe – with a classic four-speed “automatic” and a 102-horsepower Renault engine of the same capacity. And we decided that such a seemingly incorrect comparison could be an interesting experiment: after all, what for a “raised” urban hatchback is preferable – a two- or three-pedestal version? After all, on the one hand – the city with its dense traffic, traffic jams and nerves, and on the other – the sometimes arisen desire to conquer the impassability (let the easy, like a village village), effectively jerk off the intersection and generally “light”!

And in addition, the Russian hatchback does not offer versions with automatic transmissions, you can choose only manual transmission or “robot” AMT. But the “Frenchman” in the arsenal and appear “mechanic” and “machine”, and the new “robot” Easy-R. We will arrange a large comparison of budget “robots” in the near future, and today we will try to evaluate the “automatic”: is it for Renault Sandero Stepway one of the decisive trumps in the game in the market against Lada Xray? What are the “cards” in the hands of each of the players, we told in detail, comparing the equipment Xray with all its competitors, and now we will talk in detail about the machines that are in front of us.

New Russian car market: from crossover to sports car

Both machines of our test – in the maximum complete sets. Renault Sandero Stepway in the configuration of Privilege and with the specified power unit will cost you 765 000 rubles. 110-strong X-Ray on the “handle” in the Top / Prestige is cheaper, and not least because of a simpler transmission – at the time when we tested this car, it cost 723,000 rubles. But from the first of May models Lada Xray and Vesta have grown in price. In particular, high hetchi with Nissan engine became 11,000 rubles more expensive, plus the Top version itself went up by 1,000 rubles, and the Prestige package – by 2,000 rubles (up to 32,000 rubles). Thus, to the previous price of the “maximum” X-Ray, you need to add 13,000 rubles.

The cheapest crossovers on the Russian market are named

But if you preferred the X-Ray “Frenchman” and chose the option with a mechanical box, then even before the rise in price of the VAZ novelty, you would pay less for Sandero Stepway than for Xray – only 720 000 rubles. Moreover, if you find a Renault car dealer in 2015, then for about the same money (722,000 rubles) you can take a car with a four-stage “automatic”! And at first glance, if you drop the transmission, the cars are the same in equipment, except that the X-Ray engine is slightly more powerful. The top equipment is “packed” in a very similar way: both cars have climate control, an audio system for four speakers, four glass lifts, heated seats, heated mirrors … But the difference in equipment is in nuances.

Say, the front row of seats. Yes, in both cars the driver’s seat has a height adjustment, the rudders are also adjusted in height, but not on the fly. For both machines, the A4 size folder does not enter the glove compartment in any way – neither along, nor along, but on the lid of the glove compartment a small pocket is arranged – identical, in general, glove boxes. But Lada Xray has a windshield heating, and Renault Sandero Stepway does not have it. But the “Frenchman” boasts four airbags, and “Russian” – only two.

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