Music equipment: test drive BMW M2 Coupe

Cherished “extra” letter “M” on the car nameplates Bavarian brand dominates the minds and hearts of many cares fast cars lovers. But, like all very athletic and fast, often remains in the discharge of unfulfilled dreams. The car at the price of apartments on the outskirts of Moscow – “seem funny, but people get.” Although very few. However, not all so sad. Recently, BMW has launched the sale of “budget”, “M-ku” …

“Budget BMW» – this in itself sounds like an oxymoron, and only “budget BMW M» and at all can cause quite a logical question: “The Chinese, who knows what?” Nevertheless, BMW representative in Russia we really surprised. What can you buy today for a little more than three and a half million rubles? A fair selection of premium crossovers are not the largest class: Evoque, GLC and GLE, RX, and even the new F-Pace!

You can find fresh E-klasse, or the Multivan, you can even buy a representation sedan from Korea … But all these cars, no doubt, worthy of its price, does not pull on the title of a sports car. Because everything is really sports cars are much more expensive. Except one.

Yes, you guessed it. Newest M2 is the same as girly Evoque and corporate Multivan – 3 650 000 rubles! Of course, a basic price and an upper ceiling, as any sports car – is not particularly limited, however the competition in this kid really is not on the market. Sami “bmveshniki” called his “entry ticket” to the club owners of the M-series, and really take pride in their work. Let’s get acquainted with him and us.

One letter, and what a difference!

Thus, the youngest of the “hot” family of BMW M Coupe is based on the second series, but the total of these two machines is not a lot. The design revision or replacement M2 subjected to 80% parts. And this applies not only to the engine components and transmissions (it is obvious that there is nothing to do with the “two”), and the suspension, brakes, interior and exterior of the car. Why are only the ravenous mouths of air intakes on the front bumper and diffuser on the rear! A dual exhaust pipes! Branded feature of all M-series vehicles do not mistake the “evil” the kid with the “civilian” brother.

M2 is equipped with 19-inch wheels (versus 18-inch base model), through which the discernible “adult” brake calipers are sitting on huge drives.

Looking into the interior compartment, not even the experts realized that this car is not easy. Salon trimmed with Alcantara dark, deep seats in leather with firm light blue stitching and a center console, armrests in the doors and some details of the front panel are finished unpainted carbon fiber.

Another feature of M-Series – scattered around the vehicle, both inside and outside, for fastening Action cameras GoPro. Of course, “gouproshny” package – is an option, however, is perhaps the first time a manufacturer has taken care of this, it would seem, is not the primary need. Of course, the catalog of tuning and styling brand is not limited, but about it – just below. Now – the most important thing.

Curb weight
1520 kg

Only three ?!

Talking about any machine M-series, immediately submitted mad hundreds of horsepower and a staggering figures working volumes. Everything here … yes, everything is in the tradition, but adjusted for the size of the car. M2 Coupe weighs only half-verily with a small t. So in order to be very fast, it lacks a very modest (at first) three-liter engine.

The six-cylinder in-line engine is assembled using components from older “relatives” M3 and M4. From them – pistons and connecting rods with loose leaves. The aluminum cylinder block has a reinforced structure to increase stiffness, but the pistons run in sleeves made of cast iron.

The engine range BMW (if not to take into account the motorcycle), not a single atmospheric. Supercharging conquered the world! I was no exception and the motor M2. With 2 973 cm? working volume, “naddutogo” three-stage turbocharger with variable geometry, removed 370 liters. from. at 6500 rev / min. But a special indicator causes rapture torque: 465 Nm available in a range from 1400 to 5560 rev / min! Almost from the idling engine gives the whole arsenal of Newton-meters! Moreover, briefly, by increasing the pressure of the turbine, the torque can be increased to 500 Nm ranging from 1 450 to 4650 rev / min!


The engine was very “light” on the rise. He does not have a hint of inertia or turbolag – it instantly responds to the command pilot. Especially nice is that against the background of the overall environmental “crackdown” peak power many engines of almost all the producers were very high, but in the lowermost their lives brooding failure.

BMW M2 Coupe
Consumption per 100 km / h

City, LThe track, lMixed, l10.5 6.4 7.9

Here pedal hypersensitivity to the slightest touch of the motor responds growl and a half thousand on the rev counter acceleration becomes truly “electric”, as set out on the shelf maximum torque! By the way, for the sake of satisfaction of hearing a sports riders in interior works special acoustic system, which transmits sound from the engine compartment. No, the feeling that the engine is in the rear seat does not arise, but slightly enhanced bass and noble wheezing shootings turbine bypass here podzvucheny very gently and beautifully. Music technology!

M2 In the basic version comes with a manual gearbox. BMW, of course, has long declared that “mechanics” loses modern “machine” in all respects – first, by switching speed, but nevertheless …

is much more important than the feeling of power over the car, the feeling of pure, uncomplicated control when it costs nothing between you and the machine.


In short, for lovers “full control” and simply apologists manual transmission. Incidentally, the “mechanics” is equipped with a function peregazovki when switching down – in my view, a pleasant thing, and “cool”, but do not say that very much useful.

In our own test machines installed preselektivnoy seven-step robot. Of course, it’s faster “mechanics”. With the “automatic” and the system-control Launch of M2 accelerated to “hundreds” of 4.3 seconds, and with the “mechanics” promised 4.5. The difference is small, but still.

full speed
270 km / h

Needless to say that the algorithms of the box set, if not ideal, then close to that? Of course, at the wheel of “live” petals manual shift, but did not use them there is not only necessary, but also desire. The power unit is built up so accurately that the reeling circles on autodrome Moscow Raceway, I have never arisen desire to adjust the gear selection made by the electronic “brain”.

The car simply goes: fair accelerated unwinding motor to cut-off, great brakes, helping himself to throwing off the engine and transmission down only when the tachometer needle drops to very low levels, where the engine braking effect no longer. In short, I must confess, a lover of cars with “agitator” and three pedals, I could not think of any cavils to the box.

Pleased and brakes – large ventilated discs and racing callipers, equipped with pads M Performance, capable of a very long work in conditions of extreme racing loads. At Moscow Raceway circuit has straight, where M2 is accelerated to nearly 230 km / h, then you need to ottormazhivatsya up to 70-80 km / h.

But even after going a hell they are not sour, do not overheat and does not float. By the way, here we come to the fun. Because the name sounded M Performance, which continue to hold back quite impossible.

M squared

BMW M2, as, indeed, and all the machines M-Series, built not only and not so much to “bullet” from the stoplights, but to allow its owner to come to the track days on real racetracks. However, the sports car can be really sporty, if it can not improve, adjust and “zatyunit”.

For those who have already enjoyed the “simple» BMW M2, drank all its juices, broke a personal record in the ring and ready to grow even further, BMW has introduced a kind of series of parts and accessories designed specifically for the M-series cars.

M Performance range of accessories can be divided into two groups. The first – a purely image production. I do not like the bare carbon fiber in the cabin? In the catalog there are M Performance Alcantara. Plastic covers mirrors look plebeian? They can be exchanged for carbon. Also on the list – all kinds of moldings, aerodynamic “wings” and even carbon fiber hoods on the discharge pipe. These few people are surprised.

Cargo Volume, L

But the second group – the most that neither is a sports tuning! What is the first thing in my car, when going to the track? No no. It is clear patsanchiki “with RANS,” the first thing put on the bench and trunk pipe from the engine. Knowledgeable people first of all change the brakes. And if energy efficiency is all right from the factory already, here’s “ring” block in the list of available accessories. True, sports that rumble like nuts in a bucket and warming up, only reinforce its effectiveness. To go on such tours – unpleasant task. In wet work badly, grasp sharply to the disgrace … and can get in the trunk. And the ringing of iron does not add to the steepness in the eyes of others. But the ring is exactly what is needed for efficient and most rapid deceleration. And that means – to improve the lap time.

The next item should be, of course, suspension. Racks & M Performance springs are designed specifically for M2. Sport springs – stiffer than stock, also reduces vehicle ride height by 5mm, and with some fine-tuning is possible to “drop a” car and 20 mm! Racks are adjustable hydraulic compression and rebound damping – all to be honest. Setting for each track, a pilot’s preference for rubber …

And just when you drove more than a dozen track sessions taught every sidewalk and every turn, stared at his best time and did not get it “jump”, it is time to engage the motor. Rather, it returns. And it can be very useful on the next page catalog M Performance we find … yes! It’s time! Sport exhaust system with a diameter of 80 mm pipes! With such a motor becomes much easier to breathe, because the gas is almost nothing prevents leaving the exhaust manifold.

BMW M2 Coupe
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L / W / H):
4 468/1 854/1 410
3 l, 370 l. from.
seven-step robot preselektivnoy
Maximum speed:
270 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
4.3 seconds

Of course, the sound of these gases give rise to appropriate. In any frame norms for noise M Performance exhaust does not fit. However, along with the “pipe” comes in the form of sly charm barrel, with a single button. It is necessary to click twice – and furious growl turns into a “just” roar. Keychain via Bluetooth protocol operates the valve in the exhaust system, which, though overlaps the free gas current, but returns the BMW M2 within the normal noise. So with a sports exhaust can be lawful to drive at night sleeping quarters and not be afraid to get pots of geraniums on the roof. A day on the broad highway and you can “surprise” neighbors downstream school hoarse bass!

Cost BMW M2 Coupe
Price from:
3 650 000 rubles

M2 further tuning “from the directory” simply does not make sense. The next stage of the preparation machine to the track will be a professional racing team, mechanic, tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment and hope for the prizes in the WTCC. Is that for the full satisfaction can be retrofitted M2 racing wheel with Alcantara trim and built-in display at the top of the rim, which displays the number of the selected gear, lap time, the values ​​of accelerations and a lot more.

However, even without these, no doubt, tremendous additional options, BMW M2 is self-contained, holistic and really fast car. In motorsport there is always a struggle not for power, but for improving the mass-to-power ratio. It can be a very powerful engine and put it on a very heavy sedan.

But much more fun to make light machine with the same ratio of horsepower per kilogram. In this philosophy M2 – the first among their own kind.

And even seemingly standing with him in one row Porsche Cayman – a second slower and almost a million more. What can we say about the Lexus RC-F … At almost twice the price and the 120-strong superiority he loses two dozen to “hundreds.” Because sports car should be small and light. And only then all the rest. The engineers of BMW M GmbH are true to themselves. They make the car to go.

You need a BMW M2, if:

  • Ring the race for you, there are not only on TV;
  • Near you have the racing track, otherwise all in vain;
  • For household purposes you have other machines.

You contraindicated BMW M2, if:

  • Do you need a status car. It is better to take the M5. In it, moreover, a big trunk;
  • Do you seriously think of street racing activities. Look at the Camaro: no replacement for displacement, all things …
  • You have a weak heart. Or stomach.

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