Matting. Volvo V60 Cross Country Attack on Crossovers

We continue to look for an alternative to crossovers amongst universals. Is Volvo V60 Cross Country able to put mats on the floorboards?

We continue to look for an alternative to crossovers amongst universals. Is Volvo V60 Cross Country able to put mats on the floorboards?

Replacement! On the field comes Volvo V60 Cross Country. On the field in the literal sense. The station wagon, as they say, increased cross-country traffic by design should in all its forms become an alternative to the parking lot and thereby deprive them of the sense. Math casting? Rare in the chess world the situation is unusual, but victorious. In Russia, however, effectively and successfully complete the party against the crossovers from the Swedish car does not work. I’ll explain why.

First move

I know that now I will pour a tub of scum on a lot of angry comments with arguments, why the author … ah … is not right. The station wagon will never replace the crossover. And I’ll try to fight back.

Let’s start with landing. As in chess, white always go first, so in the car you first try to sit comfortably. In V60 CC it can be done as you like: at least crossover high, at least in a low way. And any driver will, believe me, nice. I’m absolutely sure, because it’s a Volvo with its just crazy range of adjustments, especially the steering column. Even if you are under two meters in height and one more in width. Anyway, the landing will be both correct and convenient at the same time.


The driver is fine, but with the arrangement of other “figures” in the cabin of the V60 CC there are problems. During the test, an indicative event occurred at the traffic light. The driver of a nearby car asked me and my colleague to stop with the words: “This is the Volvo V60 Cross Country! Can I have a look?” Of course it is possible. We think that’s a connoisseur. But his childish delight quickly gave way to an acidic face on his face when he opened the back door. He closed it without even planting. You see, there is not much room here. Very little with a large wheelbase. And above your head, too, is not an abyss for a papakha. Do not turn around! In other, even compact crossovers, they cut out more freedom for the rear passengers.

With the trunk the story is the same. It is visually small. And the feeling is small. And in fact … too small. To offer a universal part of a cargo part of just over 400 liters is to lose the “potato” audience, who is accustomed to measuring everything in bags of a popular product. For comparison, the trunk, say, “Octavia” reaches almost 600 liters. For the sake of justice, I add that everything is organized at the level. The central part of the sofa is reclining separately, there are fasteners for the net from the bottom, and on top of the curtain. On a snowboard ride and go to the supermarket, of course, not a question.


The laws of physics can not be fooled, and at the wheel of a crossover it is usually not possible to arrange a kind of “blitz” on the road. Or at least you do not want to. The body is collapsing, the handling is not so sharp, and the motors are not all pulled. Volvo V60, for nothing that Cross Country, really light. Slowly performs all your thoughtful moves on the road. And not thought out adequately and very safely (“Volvo” does!) Compensates with electronics. And you will still stay where you want. On the straight line even at high speeds – calm and peace.

Quickly go in our case gives a perfectly familiar D4 engine. Colleagues after the “fitting” ride did not immediately remember that it was a diesel. So it is deprived of the typical problems of solar engines: vibration and noise. However, all this could be said even before the test drive – the alliance of a 190-horsepower engine with a “hogo” torque of 420 Nm, a six-speed automatic and an all-wheel drive with a Haldex coupling has long been refined by the Swedes. There is simply nothing to irritate. Sequential work of two turbochargers, maybe just words, but no. In fact, in the entire length of the turns you have a stock and the opportunity to “add” a little more. With crossover cars without sports consoles this will work out? Let’s compare – most of the SUVs for similar money are much less stringent and go up to a hundred slower than in 8.9 seconds.

Crucial moment

On the idea of ​​crossovers should recoup on impassability. Now you will say about the dacha, curbs and something indecent about Russian roads. But no, V60 CC in terms of the Russian reality is in no way inferior to the SUV. The ground clearance of 201 mm did not puzzle me for a few kilometers on an incomprehensible ground-ice cover, where it is difficult to walk.

Slippery slides were greatly helped by the help systems during descent and ascent. Well, the plastic body kit reminds: “Guys, do not worry!” And except that large overhangs in theory can limit the patency. But you ever had to worry about a few degrees in the corners of the congress and entrance? If yes, then in the section “Off-road vehicles”, please.

Honor fees

For a full replacement, crossovers are asked for comparable money. Prices may even seem a little overpriced. Now in the price list the most democratic sum is 2 155 000 rubles. But this impression is deceptive, because the Volvian tradition of the empty V60 CC you just do not buy. In any case, he will be staffed at the highest level. And – the principled position of the Swedish company – with the most important security assistants.

Objectively, the V60 Cross Country crossovers the same size “tricks”. But in Russia, unfortunately, the station wagon did not go to the masses and is unlikely to go in the coming years. And it’s not a lack of free space. His main disadvantage in the eyes of our compatriots is formulated in three words – “this is not a crossover.” You can not look down on anyone and you will not meet your eyes with the owner of “Kruzak”. Admit it, because this is what you need from the car park?