Little Life: Test Drive Smart Fortwo

I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Remember, it is there, these bubbles and rolls with the words “Drink me” or “Eat me”? He drank, ate, decreased or increased. “Sit down in me!” – And asks a tasty and sweet-looking Smart Fortwo. Now I repack the car and if all reduce! Ahead of the day with one of the smallest cars on the Russian market.

D Length – 2695 mm. Width – 1663 mm. Height – 1555 mm. The wheels on the corners. Self-moving cube. Udalenky! Record turning diameter – 6.95 m, “almost there”. Parking in closely niche somewhere to successfully crawl and squeeze, quickly and deftly maneuver in traffic – it all about Smart. SMILING? Say, the owner at the same time are poor and deprived? Yes, in the previous generation car it was the sort of motorized korobchonku and caused a lot of ironic questions. But now things have changed, the new Smart significantly added on the part of the image and equipment. Now he’s serious.

Prices – very serious! Basic equipment – 790 000 rubles. And the execution of Passion (from 899 810 rub.), Prime (from 947 246 rub.) And Proxy (from 1,057,765 rubles.). Little car equipped with a three-cylinder petrol engines. The least powerful 60-strong volume of 999 cm? in Russia do not deliver, so by default the Smart Fortwo is a 71-strong unit of the same volume paired with a five-speed INC.


And for a fee of 160 000 rubles. available 90-strong turbo capacity of 898 cm? in combination with the six-speed robotised gearbox DCT twinamic with two clutches. And if you want a handy robot (a city kid logical, of course, with RCP) – Render-ka at least 950 000 rubles. for the basic package. However, there are plans to offer boxed DCT and 71-horsepower engine.

basic kit Price
from 790 000 rubles

Test version – 71-strong Passion, generously stuffed with options. Light alloy 16-inch wheels (in the base 15-inch), LED running lights, containment systems in the band and preventing the reduction of the distance, Start / Stop, rear parking sensors (you can order a rear-view camera), a full set of airbags with a knee to driver, tripcomputer, cruise control with speed limiter, climate control, multimedia system with touch-seven-inch display and a navigation system, electric windows and mirrors, heated seats, height adjustment of the driver’s seat, light and rain sensors, contour lighting interior, panoramic roof, c / h with control.

In general, the rich! And it lists only the ground, with no amenities. But the price of a particular machine, note 1311646 rubles! It is more expensive than, for example, the basic Audi A1 Sportback (from 1.24 million rubles.) And MINI Cooper (from 1.189 million rubles).

“Product of the Mercedes, all the same,” – disarming smile representatives. However, the right to learn about such a price list, expect to see a key with any precious stone in the building. A regular key. And very familiar – like a Renault! I opened the door without window frames and … By the way, that’s not obvious disadvantage, which manifests itself in cold weather: the door in toddler – it’s almost the entire side wall, opened it, and the accumulated warm air escapes again. Inside, see many other signs Renault: pultik mirrors typical button-klavishki here and there, INC arm a la Logan … It is normal in the “product from Mercedes»?

Cargo Volume, L

Yes, Smart-Renault it is now normal. If the development of the previous generation Smart «mersedesovtsam” helps firms Mitsubishi (in particular by supplying motors), a new generation is created in very close cooperation with the French, and then the platform and engines and transmissions. Fortwo Production of lead in the French Ambach – however, as before. Interestingly, the new four-seater Smart Forfour in the framework of cooperation program and does become a clone of Renault Twingo, models are produced in parallel to “renoshnom” plant in the Slovenian town of Novo Mesto.

The main thing that kept the original Fortwo smart-style. An interesting picture of the interior of the Renault Circuits do not spoil, and eye clings to them, only if you know French original sources. There’s a lot more amusing details. “Three-prong” deflectors ventilation insist that the product «Engineered with Mercedes-Benz». On the left under the windshield “device-ball” – tachometer and clock – turns on the stem, so as not to blikovat. On a scale of air conditioner runs cool “engine” in the form of a magnifying glass-like frame. Good touch screen multimedia system: good design, fast response, clear menu. The glovebox is tiny, but the tunnel extends to the passenger an additional tray. Funny cute cartoon graphics-board computer display. And what there cool cars! Ignition is now located on the column and not on the central tunnel, as before.

Alas, the wheel is not adjustable in flight. Remote windows shifted back, we have to dish out a hand. Buttons on the left under the steering wheel difficult to access. Interior Features cheap crackled and creaked at hand. And how do you want to clean over time, the fine mesh – no doubt, spectacular – an upholstery of the front panel? And the visibility is so-so: small mirrors, wiper leaves the left front strut decent untreated zone, and the view through the rear window is very modest.

But here again the pros. Some simple armchair quite comfortable. Is that the previous generation of heating was a two-stage, and now simplified – or “ON.” Or “off.”. But in the past, and the notorious “common touch»: Smart became wider by 10 cm, and inside it feels. Actually, the entire Smart little about the distortion of space: an approach to the ultra-compact machine, and you sit behind the wheel is already in the full vehicle. “Alice in Wonderland” – as has been said. Is that Divit “chudestrannost”: turn around over his shoulder and almost balk nose in the glass tailgate.

The back door was left two-piece. Do you want to put a bag of groceries – just lift the upper part. The maximum capacity of 350 liters under the load – if you count up to the ceiling and to the backs of chairs. In place of the eye is very small. But again, there is something about the distortion of space, when my wife and I took a rented old Smart, he has managed to accommodate all the holiday luggage – suitcase and two large backpack. A new Fortwo even a little roomier. However, instead of a spare wheel repair kit here.

By removing from the trunk of a removable speaker JBL audio system, you can pick up a thick covering of a floor panel and see the six screws – hides (and warms the floor, do not put ice cream!) Mini-engine underneath. However, the Fortwo is and “normal” in front of the hood. Snaps the two latches on the front wall, pull the cover on, and she hangs on straps. “Omyvayki” can fill. Priladit cover back – task more difficult. At this point, you think about women: after a couple of broken nails can be a sentence the entire machine …

Turn the ignition key gives a non-trivial effect. Behind like boiled a small saucepan, cover zabrenchala wave vibrations passed through the body. When the motor is warming up, mechanical bubbling-bubbling subsides to a tolerant, as if warming up hotplate muted. But vibrations remain. Clutch uninformative, certainly we have to get under way with peregazovkoy. AND INC lever in French fuzzy. But – surprise! – “Very long” second gear. You can drive around the city without having to switch a long time, being guided only by the sound of “pan”. The engine is quite good in terms of traction, it is confident enough (yes, vibrating! – Not the other way), if necessary, disperse Smart to low speed.

Smart Fortwo
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H):
2695 x 1663 x 1555
Gasoline R3, 999 cm ?, 71 liters. p., 91 Nm
manual, 5-speed
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
Maximum speed km / h:
Curb weight, kg:

Korobchonku? No, it’s not! I remember the previous generation of rolling Smart: noise, suddenly tight and heavy steering wheel, very stiff suspension, brakes sharply. The new machine is much quieter. Rudder “longish” – 3.5 turns from lock to lock, but the effort is acceptable and comfortable, informativeness satisfied. In the course of the Smart peculiar: was dancing and nervous – what fault is very short base. In addition, “cube” is subject to shocks crosswind, but then help performs basic system Crosswind Assist, braked wheels for a stable exchange rate. But the suspension copes surprisingly well with the provincial Shcherbatov tracks, unless loaded with the motor feed is hit harshly.

Controllability? Earlier Fortwo track ahead was narrower than the back, it is now the other way around. Earlier in the turn, you try to avoid demolition, hang on the front wheels of the path and waited, as if this slide back. And now you ask the front direction and the rear helpfully adjusted. Kaif! On the brakes and did briefly: friendly to the user.

Electronic assistants … Hmm. trajectory tracking system in the band does not always see the markup, confused. warning system to reduce the distance works through time. A Start / Stop stupid have to turn off soon after the start! Motor with an annoying hesitation only start when the clutch pedal is fully depressed. Imagine the light turns green, you’re in a hurry to be wrung out pedal, cut in the first, and nothing happens, the engine is silent. Nedodavil pedal half a centimeter! Behind hysterically signals. Simply click system shutdown.

Fuel consumption – that’s a small victory Fortwo in this world. The city tripcomputer reports on spent 8 l / 100 km. And on the highway – only 4 l / 100 km. Average fuel consumption balances within 6-7 l / 100 km. Accepted! By the standards of the 28-liter tank too much, but I also experimented in every way.

Smart fortwo
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l8 April 6-7

Will the new Russian car Smart Fortwo? Of course. Why not? After all, the previous generation of owners abound here. And again there are those precious for fans of the units of the company such exotics. You’ll see – smart clubs fans will soon be replenished with new items instances in the richest versions. Here, whether it is necessary to know to understand. It’s not often the mind and heart. not a car for the target audience Smart Fortwo even, and – like summer in that song – a small life.


In the third-generation Smart Fortwo (factory index C453) grew slightly compared with the first two, but remained faithful to the original technical concept: compact engine situated transversely behind the rear wheel rotates. One of the main advantages of such a decision – a very small turning radius, unattainable for small car front wheel: it’s not just in the short wheelbase, but also the ability to increase the angle of the front wheels, not limited to the drive shafts. With the features layout and connected that sonorous own name not only has front suspension McPherson, common for most vehicles, but also the rear De Dion. now quite rare scheme where the driving wheels are connected together something like a bridge, but the differential is fixed on the body or frame, sometimes called transitional link from a dependent to an independent suspension: the first of her family stability kinematics, with the second – low unsprung mass. However, the full dignity “De Dion” revealed only on a flat road, so its applications are typically limited to models sporting sense, smart as he was elected, apparently due to lack of space for a full-fledged independent mnogoryichazhka. The solution is quite simple, although more complicated conventional Semi suspension: rear-wheel drive “sit” on the curved pipe-like rocker that its middle is attached to the body through the Hob and ends – by jet thrust, they are the same arms.

Improve manageability Smart – merit not only a chassis and revised geometry settings, but also a new, more “short” steering with variable tooth pitch and electric power, as well as a hard body. If earlier the proportion of high-strength steel in its construction did not exceed half, but now it is three-quarters; contribute to the common cause, and new power elements “cells.” Of course, the stiffness of a beneficial impact on the level of security: crash test EuroNCAP frontal attack on the model earned 14.7 points out of 16 possible points against 12.9 in the predecessor. By the way, the same tests showed particularly good progress in terms of danger to pedestrians, with the possible collision: 20.5 points against the previous 10, the machine has become twice as friendlier to humans.

No less significant changes have occurred in the engine compartment, although the Smart power capacity remained approximately at the same level that was. And the engines, running in “mersedesovskoy” documentation under the general index of M281, in many respects very similar to the previous family of M132: it is also a three-cylinder aluminum units swept volume of less than a liter, with four valves per cylinder, chain drive timing and distributed injection of fuel. In fact, there is no continuity, because now Mercedes in this regard “friends” not of Mitsubishi, and with Renault-Nissan, and the current engines are numerous family H in French indexation and HR for Japanese. For example, a turbocharged 898-cc motor H4BT – is, roughly speaking, the 1.2-liter “four”, familiar to us on the Nissan Qashqai, with “amputated” cylinder and atmospheric liter version – the same thing, but with a larger stroke. General characteristics of motors – phase shifters, graphite anti-friction coated cylinder walls, personal ignition coil and spark plug oil pump variable performance, and the most pleasant bonus for the owners – an increase compared with the previous service intervals. A five-speed manual transmission also fratsuzskaya and six-step “robot» Getrag dual-clutch – the lite version of “Ford» Powershift.

Do you like Smart Fortwo, if:

  • “But I want it and that’s it!”
  • You Smart previous generation;
  • Freedom of thought, the desire to experiment and the ability to spend a lot of money on entertaining things – it’s all about you.

You do not like the Smart Fortwo, if:

  • You live by stereotypes;
  • He was a small for your lifestyle;
  • Price crumbs seem crazy: to pay for your credit and Renault Duster is expensive!

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