Limousine in the swamp: test-drive all-terrain vehicle Shaman

Clutching used to in the handrail on the side panel or rack and polzёsh on the road. Or fuss about the head of the side window, then on the roof – this also happens. Fun, interesting … But each time with the enthusiasm of the next dance steps rover feel a little relief that may be coming soon to relax and stop whipping her cheeks ears. Most other sensations you experience in Shaman – perhaps the most comfortable of all the Russian all-terrain vehicles.

Centipede lockable

W aman can just glimpse and immediately remember. Not much we vosmikolёsnyh all-terrain vehicles, and even on the wheels of low pressure. And yet it is huge. Its length – 6,3 m, height – 2.7. That modest width, just two and a half meters. And all this not only for easier maneuvering, but for a specific purpose: to allow Shaman to appear on the public roads. Yes, it will have to register, but Gostekhnadzor. Normal driving license, of course, steering the Shaman is not useful, but the license will have to get a tractor.

The basis of all-terrain vehicle is a closed frame, which is called simply “the boat.” Indeed, it is sealed, and looks very similar. Only instead of benches for lovers couples in the boat mounted transmission. And here, it seems, it is time to technical details. Let’s start with the engine.


Turbodiesel Iveco F1C
3 l / 176 hp

Turbodiesel Iveco F1C is not quite so “dark horse” for our drivers. This unit is installed, for example, in the Fiat Ducato. Nothing outstanding, and the more experimental in the diesel engine is not, and this is very good: to experiment in a jeep just silly. Briefly, we recall the basic parameters of the motor. This is in-line four-cylinder unit, the amount of which is three liters. Power – 176 horsepower, torque – 350 Nm. Cast iron block, block walls are thick enough and strong, life may well reach 700 thousand kilometers, although in relation to the rover is better to use in measuring operating hours. One of the most important indicators – a weight of the engine, which is barely 270 kg.

Throw in more compact dimensions and answer already defined within itself a question: why not put a motor home? And because there is no appropriate domestic. Creepy sin would be aggregated with a diesel engine that some Russian gearbox, so there is five-speed ZF. It would be expected that all other gears, hand-outs and other things will stand up any imports of trucks and SUVs. But no, it’s not so simple.

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The river Aki dry land: test-drive all-terrain vehicle Sherpa

The house is on a slope Unfortunately, even innate explorers off-road sometimes turns to look only on the asphalt. But it’s like to save the life of Kira Knightley and shoot number telefonchik: stupid, senseless …

88038 32 78

I did not discover America (oh, Columbus, Columbus …), when I say that it largely determines the transmission characteristics of all-terrain vehicle. You can hardly take her somewhere finished and successfully adapt to new technology, but still expect from this outstanding performance. When in 2012 began work on the Shaman, he even still in the plans had eight wheels. Six True, he was, but then it all and was limited. Tests have shown that it was not possible to achieve the desired permeability. Then it became four axes. Of course, all wheels must be leading, or with a long base did not make much effort to suspend the driving wheels in the air, and to stand almost on level ground. Make all-wheel leading and – open another secret at once – controlled far more complex than without the sword-Kladentsi fill three-headed snake in the Russian folk tale. Then “AVTOROS” enterprise designers tried to convey some of the work to contractors. Something happened, but in the end still brought to mind their own and later abandoned foreign engineering services. And in the end it turned so that’s an interesting system.

The transfer case is one, two-stage, pyativalnaya with lockable differential and plug the two front axles. It also has a PTO shaft. Make it is not really “AVTOROS”, and on the part of enterprises, but the design documentation “AVTOROS” developers. Therefore, we can say that there razdatka “own” and is not afraid of the word, unique. In total there are four interwheel differential set, two and one mezhmostovyh between the front and rear bogies. And all this can be locked, with the touch of a finger, we definitely are going to do, just a little later.

If almost all of what we have said above, the eye is not available, then the suspension arms we can see. Yes, there are all-wheel independent suspension on the A-arm. One of the features of the all-terrain vehicle is the fact that all-wheel drive are exactly the same, steering and suspension. I used this, I confess, not seen.

ATV Shaman
The minimum cost
9.5 million rubles

Bridges are used too original, but taken as a basis uazovsky “Spicer”. Wheel gear units are designed from the ground up.

Speaking of wheels. Many of our readers could not keep the peace of mind at the mention of the cost of the wheels on the Sherpa (about a thousand euros per share), and some remember what pains to bring them to mind in the Belarusian Husky. Therefore, the wheels also turned Shaman something on the edge of technology and art.

I note that in our car are available from the largest tire – MAX-TRIM 1300-700h21. The potential buyer still available two models are the same size, but with a different tread pattern: X-TRIM 1200-600h21 and S-TRIM 1200-600h21. And yet our ATV is equipped with a good option – automatic swapping wheels. Sitting behind the wheel, it is possible to reduce the pressure in the tires to 0.1 bar, and then disappoint them.

Installation of the front hydraulic winch
210 thousand rubles

Now put things light his eyes already beginning to blur a little higher. The fact that we face is not the cheap, says Hella view optics. But winch, rear ladder and expedition roof racks are already optional equipment. Necks two tanks, as well as the tanks themselves. Their total volume – 260 liters. If you go for something that can still be attributed to the category of road, the consumption of diesel fuel fits in 25-27 liters, that is, the power reserve is obtained very enviable. What will happen with the fuel in the full off-road – always a mystery, so here is pointless to make predictions.

Remember, the group “Picnic” is a song, which assures us that “the shaman three hands?” What about the hands I do not know, but the door Shaman exactly three. And the driver’s seat can be easily accessed through any and if you go on the side, then there is no difference at all no: armchair Shaman master is exactly in the middle.

Now two basic modifications to the passenger compartment can be ordered: “hunter” and “tourist”. We have a test today, “Hunter”, the difference between “tourist” in two rows of seats (three in number), almost like the bus. We instead are the side benches, too soft and quite comfortable. And most importantly – are obtained chic sleeper, that campaign is sometimes very necessary. Folding two front seats are in both versions, and they are the same. Seats, by the way, the Turkish suitable home could be found.

You have my word, no money in my pocket not thrust (which is a pity, of course), but I have to praise the obscenely loud interior.

No crooked twisted bolt, nothing thundering, pounding, or frankly unsuccessful. Of course, not a Rolls Royce, but by the standards of a luxury all-terrain vehicle on the claim is present.

And independent heating, and comfortable lighting, and air conditioning and the audio system, and individual lighting … There is everything, and even a little more. A large number of pockets, compartments and Veins allow not just stuffed detail in places, but also not to lose them along the way, which is also important. In short, for interior organization – five. Let’s see how the driver feels this eight-legged miracle of technology.

Behind the wheel of the Shaman

For the driver’s seat, I went as a pilot goes to the helm of the aircraft: the long fuselage yes to high-tech control panel. Especially, that the workplace is exactly in the middle, which is also unusual. What for? Recall, for example, Defender: there Conversely, sitting close to the driver’s door and periodically lupish her elbow of his left hand. Such a landing, on the idea of ​​designers, helps to see the left side with wheels. Yes, everything is clear. But to sit side-terrain vehicle would be much worse dimensions, then it completely different. And then the developers have solved the problem simply, and let them – they thought – the driver sits in the center. Hence everything in sight. Well, they are, in my opinion, were not mistaken. So watch out for size and really comfortable.

The only caveat to the chair I had only one thing: it hurts too far from the pedals. Adjustment of course there, but even with the growth of 179 cm, I was not able to push the chair as close as I would like. The lengths of the legs, of course, enough, but osadochek remained. Well, God bless him. Let’s see what on the panel here.

Turnout devices only four: the speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure indicators and coolant temperature. With them, I think everything is clear. Also, do not cause problems head light control unit, and having a little bit of talent and five minutes of time, you can understand and interior lighting, and heating, and air-conditioned, and a multimedia system.

A number of vertical buttons to the left of the steering wheel does not cause over-voltage frontal lobes: switching fuel tanks, light, heating glass and a button to turn off the power (yes, it would be more accurate than the switch “mass”).

But membrane buttons on the left panel make tremble parts of the body, responsible for off-road adventures. With centralized paging buttons more like something you can get used to, but the inclusion of any one finger lock – it’s just fantastic. The three buttons on this panel change cornering mode. You can steer with only two front axles, or all four, and in the same position the wheels of the front and rear axle will rotate in opposite directions (which significantly reduces the turning radius), and in the other all-wheel drive will rotate in the same direction, and the car popolzёt sideways. Oh, everything. It is time to check in.

Much to my regret (and luckily normal people), environmentalists do not come to the delight of bultyhanya all-terrain vehicle in the rivers and lakes, so we could not in the bosom of the beautiful nature of the Tver region completely surrender freak off-road with all its charms. And yet we found a suitable and swamp, and ravines, and normal liquid gryazyuku. However, in the last one could go, not including any locks or low number razdatki: that for the average crossover would be serious (and even impassable) obstacle to the Shaman turned flat road. And for me, too: no winding through the cabin and cracking of the joints in the pits.

ATV Rides Me quietly, reloaded and peacefully rocking. steering mode on the third, when the turning radius is minimal. Indeed, in this position, the behavior is very similar to the Shaman meandering articulated dvuhzvёnnogo rover – and expect that it will start right now “shape”. Amused taxiing, we drive up to the lake.

One of the options Shaman – a propeller to move through the water. But you can do without it, especially since the lake is more like a deep pool and swim for a long time there is no place here. Yet push buttons lock and climb into the water. Strange, but I have nothing to say. Floats, floats on the shore leaves, no thrills. Turning off the lock and go further.

At the first ravine Shaman drives me to paint: stuck on the rise at the top. The classic situation: “It was not in the reel, I just sat in the cockpit.” Do not try to hang out with the truck off lock. As soon as the drive wheels to lose grip quite heavy all-terrain vehicle (curb weight – 4.8 tons) is trying to get at best, and at worst – to roll back. Our case is the best, so again, we include all the bridges (as are all the same great press buttons and make them work electro-drives!) And out of the ravine.

ATV Shaman
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
6300 x 2500 x 2700
Ground clearance, mm:
Maximum speed on land / water, km / h:
Average fuel consumption:
25 L / 100 km
Transfer case:
dual-stage, pyativalnaya with lockable differential and plug 1 and 2 bridges, PTO
Hydrostatic with hydraulic cylinders as actuators
Geometric patency
tilt angle: 47 degrees
Maximum slope: 45 degrees

The creators claim that the Shaman will overcome the rise in 45 °. I think so: it is rushing uphill steadily. Side slope did not check, but they say it is up to 47 °. I believe you, but when viewed from the side, the Shaman does not seem so stable: painfully high. But who taught physics, he will understand: not that important height and width ratios, as a low center of gravity. And the most difficult Shaman just downstairs in the boat.

To twist in the swamp (shallow, but it’s at least something), go to the field. There will have to change the control mode and go to a more familiar when they rule only to the front wheels. So turn the steering wheel is not only easier but also safer. Disappears feeling trip at breakneck liftovannoy taxis, no oversteer, Shaman rides smoothly and confidently. And quickly: 70 kilometers per hour, you can go with a reasonable comfort. Faster – not so good: the engine will sound annoying, and constantly have to taxi. But for all-terrain vehicle and 70 km / h – almost the speed of light, if not, then the sound accurately.

When reversing helps rearview camera. The picture is not of the best quality, but enough all-terrain vehicle, small bumps, and even the trees are not afraid of him, especially since they still can be seen well. And very pleased with the brake (hmm, from Gazelle) with hydraulic drive on all wheels. Slowing the confident, predictable and easily dosed pedal.

Unfortunately, we have not been in really extreme conditions or just heavy. But even such a “light” version for girls of the school of music is enough to understand that the Shaman much.

So to sum up the results

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Prevozmogatel: test-drive all-terrain vehicle Hunta-Husky

Husky from Belarus before you get behind the wheel of this car, it is necessary to find out what it is all for a miracle, and where it came from. And the history of Husky interesting Kartynnik said Alexander, director of JV “MAZ-MAN”. I have to…

The apparent advantage of the Shaman is unusual for most ATVs comfort. And not only for passengers but also for the driver. Not only does the lack of extra control levers makes it unusual light, so more and relearn much the driver will not have to: It is intuitive, simple and easy in the car. Even manual transmission operates like a good car of the middle class. A central position is towards the driver with side panels – is generally a finding that, however, takes a lot of space: but convenient to use, all at your fingertips. So if suddenly tired air suspension repair his Land Rover, the shaman may well be an alternative.

A little more difficult to assess the size of the machine with the chassis. Huge lounge – of course, a plus. But if you put a carcass rail four-wheel-drive design is from tussock to tussock. It would be logical to see the car on the tracks long, but the creators of this did not go – say, at the wheel there is a lot of pressure on the ground, and all-terrain vehicle will not harm the environment. To be honest, and the caterpillars do not have much pressure. And yet, the designers used the wheels, with eight. Like it or not, and the system was difficult. On the reliability of the complaints is not, so it seems, it has turned out well.

Some other advantages of all-terrain vehicle will be discussed below.

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