Lightspark: test drive Hyundai Creta

Better, of course, late, than never. Subcompact crossover Hyundai has been a very long time is needed, and he appeared a year earlier, it could bring the company already more than one million dollars in profits. Cretu waited, and she came to us having to start in sales in India and China. Is it purely a marketing product? Probably not – if skillfully handle this car, it is possible to carve out a couple of sparks.

With accusatory bias

E If so, then ignite it or destined to fade away in the spurs of the Altai. Where the plain gives way to spectacular gorge cut by the turquoise waters of the Katun River, passes exemplary journalistic investigation. Compact crossover Hyundai Creta yet in no way to blame, but the suspicion is in the public lot, on all counts.

And yet, in spite of the four-hour time difference with Moscow, common sense perebaryvat drowsy consciousness. It is difficult not to notice that Creta, despite its “global” – something interesting, and above all – by design.

The style of the car seems suspiciously familiar. A typical European, but what did he look like that? You can throw stones, but the first to come to mind Mercedes GLK, only considerably reduced, and in a special reading. Second, due to the shape of the front window frames, – Skoda Fabia.


Of course, such association – not a dogma … Everyone will find their own, but the emotion in Creteil still do not lose anything. It virtually no smooth contours and zalizannosti, but there are specific, immediately memorable signs. For example, the headlights and rear optics of identical forms with the phrase “vanity” liner from the outside, barely extended wheel arches with plastic cover, passing the threshold. Complementing its graceful shape moldings on the doors. All the rest – a combination of faces of different sizes and configurations, and of which there was a very attractive image.

Without reckoning can not do

Hyundai Creta
from 749,000

As is often the case, the manufacturer introduced the test cars to the maximum, of the three possible, versions – Comfort. For information: There are still quite “empty» Start the Active and slightly more “packaged”. Last – c air conditioning and a heated steering wheel, but even without the possibility for a fee to order branded audio system with touch screen – will probably install more dealers some neoriginal (that not everyone will like it). In general, a complete set are arranged in such a way that a “full ground meat” is certainly in demand, and our test drive in the top-end version once, not divorced from the reality of the consumer.

Depository revelations

I do not know what impression would have remained with me from the start Interior Creta, but one that is offered in the top, did not disappoint. His style of one in one repeats the exterior: the chopped line front panel, from the visor perfectly readable tidy with large limbs and information LCD display between them to the optional multimedia unit, disguised as a small sun visor, which is built under a strip of electronic watches. From this deliberate relief, accentuated by powerful vertical baffles ducts with a frame in matt aluminum, almost knocked a climate control unit with a pair of wheels and the five additional keys.

Keys and a minimum of buttons that is quite rational for a small, but not cramped cabin. But they placed them not only ergonomically, but also thoughtful design. For example, a mini-mirror adjustment unit found a place in the inset in the upright handle of the door panel. Cool and convenient solution.

In this case, as in other models of Hyundai, the thickness of the door trim minimized. Because the width of the cabin and in the 1387 mm at shoulder level in front is quite sufficient even for two full-length men. No claims, height: 185 cm My brand is not critical for a comfortable fit behind the wheel, to the same range of adjustment of seats both longitudinally and vertically enough for the eyes. This brings to mind the main competitor Creta – Renault Duster, which is quite closely with external impressiveness in fact …

It is a pity that with all the convenience of the heart shaped backrest cushion Creta short, and compensate for the lack of inclination angle is not possible. If you accept this, you get comfortable behind the wheel – not a problem. In particular, due to the huge range of adjustment wheel on the flight, which, like many others, is not provided in the lower trim levels.

Desire colleagues quickly try on the driver’s seat drew me to the role of a passenger – but it is not exactly the unenviable name. However, the distance from the head to the ceiling is slightly smaller than the front, and only comfortable on the couch together. Revelation is that when fully shifted back front seats my knees do not touch the backs! And this despite the fact that the wheel Creta base 2 590 mm loses the one thing a Duster (2673 mm) and Kaptur (2674 mm). Well, there are absolute values, and there are the realities of life.

Cargo capacity
402/1 387 liters

You can criticize the boot capacity 402 liters and a suitcase or two, plus a backpack vlezut it. And much more to the city car? In contrast, their opponents laid out for a few seconds seatbacks – get your 1387 liters for seedlings, bicycle and other beach-holiday season. If this is not enough, there are hidden bays around a full-size spare wheel under the raised floor. We need more – perched on the roof of any box that one iota not spoil the appearance. In the end, a small crossover rather than a cargo van. Of course, in the pre-crisis times for the same rubles we bought cars a class above, but who remembers that already …

Start at the 123-strong “mechanics” was entirely predictable, because curb weight Chretien (1345 kg) – is nearly 200 kilograms more than the Solaris (1 154 kg), and motors – are the same. However, the car does not show himself outright wimp, especially on a flat road. But for the normal dynamics of the engine it is necessary to turn to at least 2800 rev / min, especially if the car is loaded, and began to rise into the mountains.

Overtaking has become harder to switch accounts often, but 6 assists – overt benefit, and they clicked easily and very accurately. Of course, if we ignore the desire to win a hundred kilometers five or ten minutes, the motor does not cause any complaints. In addition, as the 2.0-liter, which is waiting for me later, he readily digests 92nd gasoline, which is important, and the flow rate does not exceed the 7 with a small liters per hundred.

Managed 123-horsepower front-wheel “Crete” to be extremely nice. Firstly, multifunctional steering wheel, in this case, the electric power, pleased with little progress – 2.8 turns from lock to lock and pronounced “zero”. Quite easy engine starting time, it was poured into a force first second movement, and remained so under the first impression, regardless of the speed.

Hyundai Creta
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l9,0-10,6 5.8-6.5 7.0-8.0

Second, the 1.6-liter version monoprivodnom multilink rear suspension is not like a front- or all-wheel drive “dvuhlitrovki” and semidependent, torsion balkoy.V uncomplicated and inexpensive scheme has its own thrill. As with the load from behind, and without it rulitsya machine without any banks without forcing stabilization nervous system, but for the serious off-road suspension moves are already too short.

Tank capacity
55 liters

And if you still wander on the beach strewn with boulders Katun? Alas, such a wild beach for the 1.6-liter engine with little use of PCR. Light and comfortable on the asphalt grip on this coverage was weak. Move, not singe drive from the forced increase in speed at the start (oh, the time would be a little more in the lower ranks), it is practically impossible.

All right, give the same two-liter 149-strong version! Let’s compare.

For the full program

There were no differences in the cabin, could not be found except leather-covered selector “machine” in the top in all respects, and reinforced by three “packages” version of Creta. Is that 2-litrovik series Nu was a little noisier at idle than a small 1,6 Gamma. I was so carried away by the technical study of sounds that had forgotten all about the music. But it is, and is not bad, six speakers and USB-in. Well, Vysotsky “Farewell with mountains” with authentic and natural bottoms husky? Yes, that’s right, but leave Altai is early.

If the base engine and front-wheel drive all my desires are not always correspond to the opportunities that a powerful all-wheel drive car, they just have to be fulfilled. Of course, the storm Belukha – highest local point of Altai – I do not rinus, but why not stop by the gentle, velvety hills of the herbs, which rife in the neighborhood?

Until the most beautiful, with elevations of 1000 meters – one hundred and fifty miles. Little things, if suddenly it becomes clear that speed, though winding, road steering stiffness – not always sign pinpoint handling. Constantly taxi I did not like in the fast corners, and the howling of the tandem engine and gearbox with more than 4 000 rev / min is not added pleasure. Not a very pleasant fact, but the compensation for them not long in coming.

Hyundai Creta
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
Power hp .:
123 (149.6)
Maximum speed km / h:
169 (179)
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, with:
12.1 (11.3)
6-speed, manual (6-speed, automatic)
Drive unit:
On the front wheels (full, AWD)
Curb weight
1345 kg

Altai primer is mainly rocky, because four-wheel drive is justified only on steep slopes, where it is important not to stall the smooth gravel. Raskvashennyh ruts with mud in the mountains there is little, and 190 mm of ground clearance, the engine power and torque of 192 Nm at 4 200 rev / min, enough for the eyes.
No innovations in the powertrain make Chretien did not, leaving everything as it is in Tucson and his fellow tribesmen. From overheating, it got rid of a few years ago thanks to the electro-controlled drive, and taking into account the weight of the compact crossover is in automatic mode quickly and efficiently.

Climbing behind Niwa on more than 30-degree slope turned out to be the real deal. However, after a couple of tens of meters, I prefer to lock the clutch button – painfully steep climb. Fixed thrust axes in 50:50 it is simply necessary. Next – manual automatic transmission mode and turn off the system stabilization. Another minute … and here it is, the top. But roll down much worse, even with the inclusion of “descent assistant”. Alas, 10 km / h on a slope that – for many, and can not do without the step of braking. It seems that Creta passed the most severe test of his life …

Even pitted ditches sloping field with stubble, which the body does not creak or squeak interior panels seem childish entertainment. Sustain and suspension, made their way only once in the front, but the back was much stronger mnogoryichazhka MacPherson struts. In comparison with the design twin Chretien, Hyundai ix25 for China, it strengthened due to the springs and shock absorbers mounted almost vertically reduced section valves. However, the whole system is borrowed from the Elantra last generation – of course with modifications. And if the excessive softness Hyundai chassis a few years ago almost all the owners complained, the Creta in this regard is unlikely to disappoint anyone.


So what’s the bottom line? As already noted, Creta dislikes high velocities and sharp maneuvers. Under these crossover is not imprisoned, but the ride in the “civilian regimes” taught correctly, I would say – academic. The vehicle made another and really modern and comfortable. How reliable, only time will tell. But now Renault-Nissan with their crossovers on the B0 platform, and along with the Ford EcoSport and Peugeot 2008 should think hard. Sparks in Creta was more than enough.

For all its novelty Hyundai Creta, he’s ix25, was not created from scratch. And clearly not alone design ideas explained that the configuration of the front pillars and door frames of the body, one to one copies the Kia Soul, – it is clear that the entire front of the frame as much as possible unified two models, although the exterior panels at the original Chrétien. Virtually identical to the platform and the front module, after McPherson suspension in the stretcher, disc brakes and steering mechanisms (with hydraulic or electric power, depending on the version) – common to all compact models of Hyundai-Kia, including Elantra / i30 and Cerato / cee’d , the only difference is in the settings. Here at the back part of the small crossover Hyundai has its own: in order to get all-wheel drive modification Koreans used several modified multi-link suspension from Tucson / Sportage «elders» with electrohydraulic friction clutch Magna Dynamax, which required an increase in “soulovskoy” wheelbase by two centimeters. A semi-dependent suspension monoprivodnom version had to “tighten geometry”: elongated trailing arms and other mounting points “high” off-road shock absorbers improved kinematics. The base 1.6-liter engine for the Russian specification (in other markets offered and the 1.4-liter version) Creteil also shared Tucson and Elantra. It is an aluminum 16-valve unit G4FS chain-driven timing, belonging to the family of Gamma, as well as the motor of Solaris, but it is a simplified version with only the inlet phase shifter, and those two here. The increase in power it does not, a small prize is only in the economy, and modifications with direct injection G4FD gasoline, which is equipped Soul, Crete as a budget model, are not supposed to, not to mention the turbo G4FJ, serving as a top-end engine for Tucson . It also gave her a two-liter atmospheric “Quartet” of Nu family, and with the phase shifters in the inlet and outlet, timing chain and multipoint fuel injection and a variable intake manifold configuration. With these engines in Russia sold the same Tucson, and the new Elantra, and more solid i40.

Of course, “vsehendevskie” and transmissions – a six-speed manual M6CF1, juxtaposed with only a 1.6-liter unit, and “automatic» A6MF2, aggregated with both engines. A six-speed hydro-box proprietary Hyundai-Kia in different modifications largest transmitted torque is set to a variety of models, from the same Solaris to large crossover Grand Santa Fe. By the way, the last Cretu in common and that it, regardless of the engine and transmission, has disc brakes on all wheels.

Do you like Hyundai Creta, if:

  • Are you a fan compact style with a generous filling;
  • You are driving under the SDA;
  • You are still in the throes of choice compact crossover.

You do not like the Hyundai Creta, if:

  • Do you know what the control on the track;
  • You are not willing to pay for the option;
  • You just do not like the Hyundai.

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