Life of Pi. Bright loneliness and gray everyday life Mitsubishi L200

The desire to buy a universal car can bring already to pickups. Crazy idea with a heap of problems or a reasonable solution? We are responding with Mitsubishi L200.

Is that why he was so angry before? Because the truck is a truck. You sit vskorjachku, “you catch” vibrations, about comfort only you dream. I want to quickly take a stool with an unpronounceable Swedish name to my dacha and sit back in my favorite car. The very same, basic, management which you do not consider work. Since the fifth, the current generation L200 has become more likeable. Although many of it is still perceived as a carrier. Maybe it will fit like an everyday car? Or all the same is not present?

In seclusion …

Obviously, in terms of its main function, the L200 will provide everything necessary. The fact that the car is another “complexion” you will not get. In the cargo plan full order: a platform size of 1520h1470h475 for an average pick-up truck with a length of 5.2 meters – an excellent result. The board could be higher, although this question is solved once and for all by kung, as in our case. Then you will not have to carry two boxes of belongings to the dacha twice.

In fact, the L200 is suitable for much more diverse purposes. This is still one of the most passable pickups on the Russian market. And he is ready to completely replace the SUV. The successful Super Drive system of the Super Select is constantly being modernized. In its current form, it implies a Torsen center differential with a torque distribution of 60 to 40 in favor of the rear axle. “Center” can be blocked forcibly and go to a lowered number. Instead of the lever of the dispenser – a modern washer.

In general, off-road numbers, although not sky-high, but sufficient for a serious, not too fanatical assault on the virgin land. The ground clearance is 20.5 cm, the ford depth is 70 cm, the entrance and exit angles are 30 and 22 degrees, respectively. To retire somewhere away from civilization? Easily! And a place for fishing can be chosen such that on any map painted only solid fields, forests and water. Maybe that’s why Mitsubishi does not offer navigation for any money?

In the suspension scheme of surprises you can not look. Front – on double wishbones, rear – on leaf springs. Truck, you know. And this is the only thing that can cause inconvenience on the way. The rear passengers, frankly, are shaking. The driver is not very pleased on the roughness of the asphalt – the steering wheel pushes, and the body rearranges. Whether it’s in a busy state. You do not go, but you swim. Still, in a pickup ride “empty” is not worth it. On the trip – courageously a couple of bicycles (or better all four), brazier, a few boxes of easily flammable liquids … In general, someone to just boot.

And it’s worth to go out on the country road – get a handle, shoulder, swing, hand. The course of the suspension is huge, energy intensity makes you forget about the brake pedal on the hills. Oh, good! ..

… and in the crowd

On the L200 trip to the wilderness will be easy and enjoyable. But this is a fairly obvious conclusion, given the off-road potential of the model. What if you pretend to be a typical owner of a crossover on a pickup truck, that is, settle in the city and do not stick out?

As well as it is necessary to the correct off-road car, L200 is accessible with a diesel engine of 2,4 liters capacity 154 and 181 hp. At me more productive variant with the big twisting moment in 430 Nanometers which suffices for eyes both in a city, and on a line. But from the point of view of everyday driving it is more important that I, firstly, do not feel uncomfortable vibrations. It is uncomfortable, because the “tractor” origin is still felt. Secondly, the pickup is well insulated from engine and wind noise. Again, by the standards of the class.

In the top-end configuration of the Instyle (which is 2.4 million rubles), only a five-speed automatic machine is supposed to be paired with a turbo-diesel. They work harmoniously and smoothly, the box moves the transmissions the way you expect it, and does not suffer from thoughtfulness. But more than 100 km / h is better not to drive for a long time, otherwise the consumption will start to increase too much and in 10 liters you can not keep up.

But the most important thing that I notice after the cumbersome cork clock in the L200 – from this salon you do not want to escape. I do not want to say that I feel pleasure here, but I’m not annoyed either by landing, steering wheel settings (in two directions!) Or by the operation of a multimedia system. Of course, the top-end equipment played its role. Electric seats, xenon, cruise control add pleasant sensations in the realm of cheap rough materials.

And all would be well, if not for two moments. Why not equip the pickup camera rear view or at least parktronikami? For a long truck, the absence of these usual options today looks very strange. It is clear that the former pikapovodu hunting, they are not needed for nothing, but with them and the urban gray routine of the L200 would have become more pleasant. I’ll have to shell out for additional non-standard accessories.

Finally, the legislative moment. Fortunately, the carrying capacity of 920 kg allows you to call the L200 within the limits of the TTC in Moscow. I will remind you that you can not go to the center in case this parameter exceeds a ton.

It would seem that there are no problems, but there is another capital law that introduces the so-called “cargo frame”. This is the list of streets for which vehicles with a total weight of more than 2.5 tons are allowed. And here the L200, like other small trucks, is in an unpleasant situation. And while while inspectors do not pay attention to pickups, the future of such cars is rather vague. Will they lead to a separate type? Or will everything remain in limbo? Someone in fact the legal moment will stop from the idea to use the L200 as an everyday car. Moreover, freight restrictions are being considered not only in Moscow. Although the city’s Japanese pickup is not bad living.