Life forced. Unusual metamorphoses of “UAZ Patriot”

To be a patriot, it is not necessary to sacrifice something, to give up benefits and “to fight” against the system. The same goes for “Patriot” with a capital letter in quotes. Safety, comfort, manufacturability, UAZ – imagine, in this series there is no longer an extra link. It is clear, with reservations, but in general, it is. The domestic SUV has become smarter and – I did not think that someday I’ll say it – is friendlier to its owner. Three-time “hurray”? However, in some “UAZ” was “UAZ”. Even in what would be worth changing.

Minute of pride

The first “hurray” – UAZ began to take care of the good health of the driver and passengers. The famous Russian know-how “maybe” is no longer the only means of salvation in an accident. In the “Patriot” for the first time there were airbags (give two), the belts got pretensioners and force limiters. The energy-absorbing steering column will not cripple in any case, and the body will no longer run away from the frame. The additional mounting brackets and cross bars seemed to provide a strong union. We believe in the word!

I do not need to believe in comfort – I felt it. Falling down on the back sofa, you do not immediately recognize the “Patriot” UAZ. It is somehow unusually quiet and smoothly going. The roof, floor, side doors, engine compartment are better insulated from noises and vibrations. The air conditioning system no longer drowns out any other sound in the cabin. Behind their ventilators and even heated seats. And I can quietly talk with my colleague at the wheel, without turning to shouting. At the same time, snitch at other “Japanese”, who, unlike the “Patriot”, do not highlight the buttons of the rear window regulators. Is this exactly “UAZ”?

I change the steering wheel and continue to quietly puddle. Seats with good lateral support, although designed more for fat people “from one hundred and up.” Slinnyashkam here will be too easy. UAZ is more suitable for wide soul and body. Do not stint on the materials and finishes. You do not stop the phrase “Ryazan skin”? Well, the very same, famous. Jokes are jokes, but it does not arouse opposition.

By and large, the salon of Patriot is entirely new. Normal buttons and twists that do not threaten to fall off with each contact. The seven-inch multimedia screen is on the same level as the instrument cluster. It is convenient to watch, but it is inconvenient to use – very slow response.

Modern functional added, including cruise control and heated steering. The whole rim is roasted so that I used it as a hand dryer. Which again gives “Patriot” the right to grin at the same “Japanese”, heating a short section of the helm. Yes UAZ is just in shock! The modern life of the motorist forced the domestic producer to follow the progress. Another “hurray”? Not really …

The combination of instruments is the most unpredictable woman in the world. You never know what’s on her mind, that is, on the screen. The average consumption of gasoline during the test for several hundred kilometers according to the data of the onboard computer varied from four to 480 liters. Average! The fuel reserve is also “accurate”. You fill the half-tank, and the arrow is almost at zero. In addition, in the dark, the assembly due to the unsuccessful design of the visor is horribly reflected in the glass, so that the rear view mirror becomes useless.

The old will remember

Most of all the severe origin of UAZ breaks out on the go. The technical filling of the “Patriot” is still time for retirement. 2.7-liter engine for 135 forces can not cope with any task on the asphalt. Each overtaking requires a calibrated strategy. Yes there is overtaking! Each climb on the serpentine. You’ll make a mistake with the switches – and you will not get into the hill. The lever of the five-step mechanics, like a living organism, does not sit still. Pedals at first scare “emptiness.” Especially it is necessary to get used to the giant free stroke of the brake pedal. With the wheel the same trouble. You do almost half a turn – and no reaction.

From the driver’s seat and soundproofing does not seem so pleasant. Motor throttles and transmission noise can not be completely muffled. And then the pads on the new car creaked …

No, you can not hide behind the pleasant metamorphosis “a difficult childhood.” Oazovets promise in the future turbomotor and automatic. Moreover, the current design is already ready to “accept” a new power unit. It’s great that the progress will continue, but the diesel SUV needs diesel as air. Although with the “Patriot” a strange story – the audience is indignant that there is no engine on diesel fuel, but there was no demand before. It’s like complaining about the lack of a jamon in the farm. Do not take the same!

Yes, the conditional Moscow manager still does not buy “Patriot”. With such a weak engine on the Moscow Ring Road will not understand. But you do not even think about lack of power on the roads.

Bosch to the rescue

“Patriot” will never be a crossover! At least, with me, “- Evgeny Galkin, director of the STC of UAZ, is determined resolutely.You may not believe it, but with the update the SUV has become more passable, and modern technologies have helped in this.

The control unit ESP from Bosch in the latest version is configured as it should. With the imitation of inter-wheel locks and all the accompanying ones. If before, the Patriot was afraid of diagonal hanging as a fire, but now with a free wheel, the torque instantly spreads to the other “brethren” and “UAZ” further.

At the start on the rise of the “Patriot” two seconds firmly stands still. There is even a separate off-road mode. For effective braking in the snow, the work of ABS is corrected. I’m not sure that it was worth it to make a button on the center console, but once done – let it be. Perhaps it will come in handy. We did not need it during the test.

It seemed that only the help system on the descent was missing. But, having included the first transfer on the slope on the slope and snuggling down calmly, you understand why the Uzavs saved. And then the price and so jumped to a million-plus for the top version with all the joys of modern life.

And yes, I just have to say about the fuel tank. Now he is one instead of two for 68 liters. Six-layer plastic instead of steel. And whoever that thought, “beginner” at least not weaker. 325 millimeters to the ground-in which case “Patriot” will soon sit on bridges, than it will reach the tank. Oazovtsy, not to be unfounded, show on the smartphone how a healthy child with a sledgehammer “dubasit” on fuel capacity. The instrument after the impact flies into the “director”, and on the tank – no scratches. Not the trick, but the truth of life. Resign yourself to this, gentlemen, the Conservatives.