Lada Vesta vs Hyundai Solaris

We took the most popular complete set of the flagship LADA Vesta , which sets great expectations, and contrasted it with a similar to the best-selling bestseller from Korea – Hyundai Solaris . It would seem that the results of the test could be predicted in advance, but in fact they turned out to be extremely unexpected.

I still do not understand why people who praise Vesta compare it to the previous AVTOVAZ products? After all, it is obvious that the novelty, made a lot of noise even before its appearance, should be better than those iron boxes with which Volzhans cheered us for several decades.

Of course, against the backdrop of those crafts LADA Vesta is a breakthrough. However, we do not compare the modern “Toyota” with a car of the same brand, but the beginning of the century, or, more interestingly, do not turn this focus with the Mercedes. Of course, the evolution within the brand “Lada” is visible to the naked eye. But against the backdrop of, let’s say, a Korean car, whose competitor is positioned by its manufacturer, is just an attempt to do something similar.

LADA Vesta and a fucking dozen competitors

Something in Togliatti still happened, but something did not work out at all. In principle, this does not prevent the VAZ sedan from counting on success.

For example, you can not fail to admit – in terms of the exterior, “Vesta” was a success! Embrace the brotherly former designer Volvo Steve Mattin, who with the new brand Iksobraznym style “Lada” almost knocked down the representatives of Mitsubishi, accusing them of plagiarism. Now, in truth, do not be ashamed of our national brand. Although, I confess, opinions about the appearance of Togliatti novelty in the editorial division were divided. No, not because the VAZ 2109 was more beautiful: it’s all about individual preferences, but the taste and color, as you know …

As for “Solaris”, he trivialized and managed to podnadoest. Therefore, the unique design of the Korean sedan to name the language will not turn, although it is objectively more fun. Perhaps, only the rear lights look archaic, but it’s pointless to find fault with them, for a new generation is just around the corner. I wonder how much it will be on the Vesta conveyor in the form that we have today?

7 cars with an “automatic” for half a million rubles

On a soft and pleasant to the touch plastic in either case, in no other case can not be counted. However, meticulously pressing fingers on the interior elements and opening and closing the glovebox, you know where crickets will settle faster. No, they did not guess – in Vesta, the plastic is too clunky here.

There were complaints about the instrument panel and the central display – because of the glare simply nothing is visible. But pleased with the soft and wide chairs: they are set up quickly, sits comfortably in them. Be sure, after a trip to the dalny, you do not need to order a bathhouse and masseuses. However, the Solaris seats are not worse. However, I managed to adjust them to myself not immediately, but only after half an hour of manipulation.

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