Test Drive Suzuki Vitara S

“What color test car?” – I asked. “Oh, you’ll see it right away,” – said an employee of my company. And for sure. Twilight underground parking unable to mute the bright cr-p-Red LED. We start counting the differences versions Suzuki Vitara S? The color of the body, by the way, do not count. This combination of bright red with a black top is available for other modifications. Generally, figuratively speaking, red Vitara S color and not the specific details, and especially gasoline turbo engine “Busterdzhetom” …

“Popular and sold out like hot cakes with fillings.” Here it is definitely not a “warmed” crossovers like the Suzuki Vitara S – goods are extremely specific on rare lovers. Obviously, the version presented in our market is not in favor of clients (for their Vitara S, on the other hand, still look for!), And random. Here the main idea in the expansion of the range. For automotive range for Russian firms rather stingy this year. Deliveries SX4 model discontinued before October 1, after which the car will be offered an update. Jimny demonstrates paltry sales, most of it is already willing to buy. Grand Vitara – sold off the remnants. The main profit gives Vitara, so they try to earn more using options S.

Current Suzuki Vitara – good overall crossover – we debuted in July last year, and the current summer sold only 3700 copies. Televisions gasoline engine 1.6 (117 hp.)., Or MKP5 AKP6, front or all-wheel drive. Half of the sales took place at monoprivodnom modification with the “automatic” (model something really without much ‘off’ ambitions), and the company expects the balance of those remain.

What offers arrived to the rescue Suzuki Vitara S? Petrol turbo Boosterjet 1.4 (140 hp.)., AKP6, front or all-wheel drive. Vitara S was launched in April, but the miracle did not happen: the sale is tens. Although the company expects that the share will be in the S Vitara model range already 15%. As the hero of the famous comedy, learning to walk through walls:

“To see the goal, believe in yourself, not noticing the obstacles!”


4WD version
1,589,000 rubles

Why such a low-key interest in S? Expensive! If regular Vitara in six designs is from 1.069 million to 1.579 million rubles, the price of S with front-wheel or all-wheel drive -. 1,489,000 or 1,589,000 rubles. Yes, rich in fixed outfitting S almost comparable with the top version of GLX. But for economic reasons in the S abolished navigation and panoramic roof – with these options turned out to be even more expensive. The car for half a million without navigation ?! Okay, it’s time to return to the list of differences.

The main features of the exterior is still recognizable in color. Gloss-black wheels 17-inch alloy wheels, on the view – like the car violently pobuksoval in bitumen. Special grille: Asian-intrusive for the European eye chrome combined with coal black. Responsible for the dipped beam headlights with the indispensable elements of red edging.

Red-eyed! One might think that S so fascinated by the previous drivers that are worn until late, and now the car is suffering from a chronic lack of sleep.

Now double-click on the door handle (keyless access) to unlock all the doors and get to the salon. Bright design ideas? Such is not observed. Furnishings average deliberately, “the majority.” The good – the driver comfortable. Landing at the wheel picks up seamlessly, visibility is good. Not crowded, not offended. However, I personally chair presses under the blade, but admit that it is with his bad back the time has come to the osteopath.

What’s on the second row? “Himself for a” average I sit comfortably. At the back of the sofa three headrest, the width is justified, it is possible “to think for three.” Finally, it is convenient and luggage. Neat compartment at least 375 liters (with folded parts of the backrest of the sofa – 710 liters), it hook, jack, flashlight, hiding purse, and huddled on the floor below “dokatka”.

A set of equipment “a la GLX» quite generous. LED daytime running lights, light sensors and rain, combined upholstery leather and suede, two-position heated front seats, climate control, cruise control, multimedia system with seven-inch touch screen and the ability to connect a smartphone airbag for the driver’s knee airbag, curtain airbags, ESP, help system during the descent from the mountain HDC (for all-wheel drive versions), rearview camera …

But dialed claims. Auto function only in the driver’s power window buttons. Plastic pohrustyvaet and Mark “gloss” on the center console looks alien. Successfully “proskrollit” on the touch screen turns rare, it is more convenient to adjust the volume buttons on the steering wheel.

And none of the door, including luggage, then does not want to shut down “soft” – should definitely slam.

Maximum speed:
200 km / h

“Sports” interior? It shtrishkami. The steering wheel, lever gearbox and standard seats – with red stitching. Deflectors ventilation, clock and instrument dials are framed by bright red rings. Pedals with silver linings. In driving mode dial has an attractive position of Sport. But this mode there are also conventional all-wheel drive versions of the Vitara. And the transition in Sport does not mean any “special effects” – in other words, anything not even brighter red. And after dark, no longer discern any red okoltsovku (including appliances), much less shovchik – salon as a salon.

Boring? No! Because there Boosterjet!

Petrol turbo K14S-DITC Bosch direct injection – in-house development. On all-wheel drive test Vitara S. The Look into the passport data and compare it with the usual Vitara 4 × 4 is also equipped with “automatic”? She’s a loser. 1.6 liter naturally aspirated M16A distributed injection develops peak torque 156 Nm at 4400 rev / min and 220 Nm Boosterjet outputs on the “shelf” 1 500-4 000 rev / min! The maximum speed of the machine overpressure above 20 km / h (200 km / h), acceleration to “hundreds” of 2.8 with a faster (10.2 seconds). Average fuel consumption is 0.8 liters less (5.5 liters). However, in contrast to the 1.6-liter engine, which can consume 92 th petrol, fastidious Boosterjet allows octane rating of at least 95.

Start the engine in the interior penetrate small vibration, but – only on the steering wheel. ACP missed by D lever position “manipulative” M (and so will always occur), amend, taxiing to the parking lot and … We’ll go and we’ll fly?

Services that Boosterjet name would look good in the comics, the motor is not superhero, and “gun” acceleration should not be expected.

But the continued assertive confidence with which the acceleration occurs, deserve unequivocal praise. The power unit is well supported and smooth, and the bluff rates, energy for curb weight 1235 kg with reserve. Average fuel consumption in the Auto mode on-Board Computer – 9.0 l / 100 km. Acceptable. And the feeling of the whole – the “normal”. But only?

It is no accident as, hopefully, this seductive letter «S»! How to find in the car sport: to awake passion to really want to go to the red of eye fatigue? Obviously – switch to Sport mode? The gas pedal becomes more sensitive, changing algorithms of the automatic transmission and all-wheel drive Allgrip.

Let “preload” the clutch is not obvious, we are driving on dry asphalt in the bounds of decency. But turnover jumped again, the box began to move down often (but smooth switching is preserved) and keep longer transmission. Yes, the “warm up” the crossover is very! – Boosterjet requests active style so interesting reveals his ability. Handle the power unit active – and understanding the car better. Not because of this whether the fuel consumption decreased – up to 7.3 l / 100 km?

However, you want something else, some more pronounced “sport”. For example, to the Sport mode, and changing the settings of the steering amplifier. But no, the steering and suspension immediately just like conventional Vitara. However, no serious complaints: the wheel moderately informative, suspension plump, it recounts a trifle, but struggled to keep you out of serious shocks, steering clear. A letter «S» … Perhaps the far-fetched. Diligent motor, a successful box badsome chassis, distinctive exterior and interior details.

Suzuki Vitara S
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l6.4 5.0 5.5

But the S is still good, quality Standart

Conclusion? Suzuki Vitara S – is not standing alone red-eyed individual and fuel “zavlekalochka” to a less expensive version of the model. That it should be placed in the windows of dealerships! That will not pass another potential customer, look into her red eyes, red finger poked shovchik, impressed, and then choose a popular modification Vitara 2WD with “automatic”.

Suzuki Vitara S
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4 175/1 775/1 610
Wheelbase, mm:
Curb weight, kg:
Ground clearance, mm:
Gasoline R4, 1.4 liters, 140 liters. p., 220 Nm
6-speed automatic

S will remain piece goods – it is not as athletic, to turn the head, and the road is enough to seriously think about the feasibility. On the other hand, the market does not offer in the segment of hot exotic dishes and banal dishes tastier, of course, in a heated state, rather than in the cold. Only pay.

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