Krasnenkaya machine: test drive Lexus RC200t

Feel the difference: “red car” and “reds machine.” In the first case, you may have thought about the transport of firefighters, and the second? Surely as a girl with blonde hair? No, no jokes about blondes will not. There is a story about a purely women’s car.

In esnoy this year we have a part of a large delegation of journalists invited to the Sochi Autodrome, to test drive the “hottest” models of Lexus – GS F and RC-F. Both machines have caused a storm of emotions! In this age of turbo micromotors feel bottomless abyss torque atmospheric gasoline V8 – truly a luxury is not for everyone! RC F left in my mind a very visible impact, and it is its motor sports and habits, not plastic “expensive breeds” and other excesses premium brand.

Only juice ?!

So, Moscow, summer, in front of me almost as Lexus RC, but with the “small” engine. Under the hood is installed completely “prosaic” in layout inline four-cylinder engine working volume of 1998 cm. Remembering uterine roar of V8 modification F, B head slowly floated the old joke about the fact that only two-liter juice is …

However, “domohozyaechny” engine equipped with a turbocharger and produces a very decent 245 hp. from. at 5800 rev / min and 350 Nm ranging from 1 650 to 4400 rev / min! For a car weighing just over one and a half tons – very bad! All the more so in front of us sport coupe!


But aside prejudice and snobbery. Can Lexus go bad? Groanings by RC F leave beyond, because, in fact, is a very different car with a price, almost twice the price RC200t. We are waiting for a week in the city!

I must admit that the coupe dark metallic red does not cause persistent association with blondes. Tailored for the classical canons – the long bonnet, sloping roofline, high window-sill line, “evil” grille – car looks very masculine. Just do not expect that from a stopped vehicle will miss.

Quite the contrary – I expect to see a tanned macho man wearing sunglasses.

And the interior is Lexus’s corporate style is more turned towards men. Many faces, brushed aluminum, very concise key center console … Of course, it’s purely subjective evaluation and external appearance.

Sports and recreation

The driver is also tailored according to the canons of sports motoring. The seat is pretty deep profile and takes a “client” without any capacity to change the situation. He sat down, in its own plaster imprint. Of course, it’s not racing “buckets”, and the adjustment range is enough for all, whose growth below 190 cm, but the fact that you’re in a sports car -. Beyond doubt. Speaking of growth – all those who are above this mark – may not have longitudinal adjustment range. I had to move over to the stop to stretch your legs and pulling them is necessary. Seat, all for the same canons, found very low – to get into it (not to mention the “out”) – not a simple one.

Steering wheel in this case is quite high, and that is especially pleasant, the longitudinal adjustment range is enough to take a comfortable position even drivers so long as I am. Very often, the constitution “long legs – short arms,” ​​leads to the fact that the cars are not enough bands steering adjustments. We have to reach for or “donut” or move up closer to the seat and legs to bend unnaturally. Here, to the credit of ergonomists, engineers, no such problem!

Needless to say the second row of seats? Yes, he’s here. Yes, there is even possible to get an adult and take their proper position. Everyone was doing this experiment, starting with my daughter 11 years and ending with colleagues spouses – overage figures advertising, clapping their hands, noses glued to the windows, portholes microscopic and rejoiced that they were “in the plane.” At the same time, of course, quite impossible to move the front seats all the way. We had to go to the gnarled pose – can not escape. The rear seats of any coupe designed to ensure that they traveled handbag, sports bag with a maximum of “fitness.”

In short, RC200t – now “correct” coupe.


But the luggage compartment pleasantly surprised. Typically, machines of this class it is difficult to find room for something larger than a diplomat. Here it is full luggage compartment.

Cargo Volume, L

Of course, sport coupe is not the machine, to measure the amount of liters of luggage – no status. Let’s just say that it is more than enough. In addition, the rear seat backs folded, so that Lexus is not deprived of some practical component.

It is worth noting the fact that under the luggage compartment raised floor hides the spare wheel. Let ‘dokatka “, but for many far more” mundane “cars and this option is not available today. Practical Japanese have even impractical to determine the coupe confer “human” traits in real life. Nicely.

In fact, this desire – to make the car comfortable in everyday use, safe and easy – peeps everywhere. Engineers have done everything to make driving a car a very powerful one did not feel out of place, but close is not worried about the one who was driving.

Since the turbocharger brings the engine to “shelf” grave situation torque of 350 Nm at engine speeds just above idle, to break the rear axle to slide – a piece of cake! Of course, for reliable traction monitors electronics. And she does it so gently and correctly, that it simply did not notice! In order to understand the principle that constantly watches over you “electric one”, it is necessary at least once to turn it off. I did this on the wet road after rain. And I’m very, very surprised at how quickly the rear wheels lose grip on the car and left with a traffic light with a good Bucs, despite the fact that the gas was not pressed, even halfway! Yes, it is possible to drift to a grown-up! Another thing is how this feature main customer demand?


I recently spoke with one of his cousin, who is now three years owned Lexus IS 250. I just have hair on his head moved, when she began to tell me how she recently switched Sport mode (the first time in three years!) And what emotions she I called her like a long time friend of the car. The conversation, however ended the fact that she turned from sin sport mode and is no longer included – too greyhounds.

How many times I speak maliciously about all these modes, “Eco” and “Sport Plus” how many times asked the question “Why do I need to choke the engine?”, For the sake of ephemeral economy and ecology? My head does not fit, how to buy a car and travel to the «ECO» mode or «Normal».

But, it turns out, there are people who have never touched this “boring machine switch.” And something tells me those among Lexus buyers – a good half, and maybe more. Because Lexus do not buy for the sake of speed, drive or meet drayverskih ambitions, but for status, comfort and prestige.

Therefore, how could we, the journalists, nor crucified, describing merits of various systems: thruster suspension, a long “shelf” torque steering rack with a variable gear ratio … All this is beyond the interests of the majority. And stops look just tehnogikov and present motorsport fans, who are likely, even if gathered to buy a car of this price segment, choose something more “fighting” like a WRX STI and his ilk.


So, what many do not know will never …

Nevertheless Lexus RC200t capable of a lot. It hurts to look at the owner of a sports coupe, which violently braking to the apex of the turn, passes it to the speed of a dying legless turtles. You think, “Well, why? Why did you buy such a machine, so if you go on it? “But this Lexus is able to give the pleasure of driving fast!

Perfectly tuned suspension, complemented by an active stabilization system, and baggy low-profile tires make it very, very much.

You can even wipe the trip to the track! RC allows unabashedly thrown into the conversation: “Yes, I have two liters …” Hardly anyone dares to make a joke about the juice pack. However, for this we must be able not only to direct pressure on the gas, but that’s another story, but the car is really fast.

Lexus RC200t
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4 695/1 840/1 395
2.0 liters, 245 liters. from.
eight-automatic transmission
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:
Fuel tank capacity, l:

Let this little interest a potential buyer, but in all other modes except Sport +, I even refused to ride behind the wheel of this car. What for? is the “one and six on the handle and a rag”, so if a sport coupe, and it is necessary to go … By the way, respectively, significant differences between the modes «Sport S» and «Sport S +» I could not find myself to the banal movements in space. Both – just raise the bar, where the “automatic” switches to a higher gear, but “sport plus” it happens a little later.

But as it clearly shows the difference between “normal” and “sport” modes dashboard! It is necessary to press a key, and a round screen with a tachometer scale gracefully slides aside, revealing an additional display! Wow-factor works on “five”, even if you see the trick umpteenth time. On the sub-screen can be displayed, for example, turbine gauge. Stuck generally useless, but so nice, pressing on the gas, to see how the cylinders “blown a point!” If this is not enough, you can display and a host of other information, up to the radio and navigation program. In general, a complete and comprehensive Lexus!

Cost Lexus RC
Price from:
3,855,000 rubles

And what is this “krutilochka” under the wheel, next to the shutdown button parktronikov? Electrocorrector LED lights? Not at all. This volume control broadcast sound of the engine into the cabin! Yes, perhaps without that sound effect is now not do any sports car! After all, it is important to hear the engine, feel it, for the sake of it and bought the car! It is necessary to switch off the ASC system, and the sound is flat and distant. The car instantly pales in front of the driver and passenger, and even, it seems, begins to go worse! All to the owner is constantly felt and understood, for which he gave quite a specific amount. Perhaps, in this difficult matter of satisfaction that the possession of audio, podzvuchivayuschaya engine and turbine gauge to “tidy” play an even greater role than the proverbial horse power, the differential with the electronic lock and the steering rear axle.

Lexus RC200t, in contrast to his “older” brother RC F – this is a car that you can safely entrust your woman. Wife, daughter, recently surrendered to the law, friend, loving “gaznut” … Status horsepower securely restrained magnificent “harness” electronic security systems. I would not be afraid to release this “like” sports car her daughter into the flow of the Moscow streets. And it’s “like” – is not an attempt to dissociate this magnificent car from the world of fast cars and obedient, no.

Lexus RC 200t
Consumption per 100 km / h

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l9.5 5.8 7.2

On the contrary, it is able to outdo many competitors. But the creators of this car well aware that the future owners of this machine is the possibility of the proverbial “wipe nose” need only the ability to format, which is hardly someone to put into practice. But the feeling, sound, drive, tactile pleasure – this is what should be every day, to remind the owner how much it loves her man. A man – to inspire serenity of his treasure, which every day will get behind the wheel. Yet Lexus RC200t – one of the best “reds machines” in the world.


Dmitry Yurasov

autoND browser

Lexus RC (factory index HS10) is generally perceived as a two-door version of the sedan IS (HE30), and formally they do share the same platform called New N, total and with Lexus GS (L10). This is a classic layout with rear-wheel drive, longitudinally positioned power unit shifted back for better weight distribution and all-wheel independent suspension (front – double wishbone, rear – multi-link). .. There are all-wheel drive and polnoupravlyaemye version, adjustable shock absorbers, active differentials, steering with a variable transmission ratio, etc. All the kindred many chassis components are made of aluminum (some – forging, she’s hot stamping, which gives greater strength) and a body structure widely used high-strength steel grades, laser welding technology and gluing panels.

But there are significant differences in the details, that just shows an example dvuhdverki, was born the last of the whole family. Lexus RC received hybrid “truck”, where from the IS have a rear portion, the front has been borrowed from the larger GS, and between them, they say, as a native stood the middle section of the coupe-cabriolet IS With the previous generation (XE20), that is, more from the “old” N-modification platform, which determined the length of the wheelbase (2 730 mm to 2 800 mm in the current iS). The logic here is not only in geometry, but also the fact that the open car base body is reinforced (in this case, the height threshold was also increased), and the big Lexus GS was originally designed for the powerful eight-cylinder engine, as in the top version of the coupe RC F.

However, the latest version of RC 200t would be quite enough “nose” of the conventional IS sedan, which, incidentally, is also mounted two-liter turbo “Quartet» 8AR-FTS. For the first time we met with this engine in the Crossover Lexus NX 200t, where it is located laterally and has a slightly smaller capacity, 238 liters. from. against 245 liters. from. in our case. The unit is interesting for its duality: in the mode of maximum return he worked on the classical four-stroke Otto cycle, and at partial loads – Miller Atkinson cycle, which is also called pyatitaktnym and provides better efficiency. To do this, designers had to develop electromechanical phase shifters VVT-iW, providing a very wide range of change of phases, and hybrid ESTEC D-4ST injection system with a high-pressure nozzles directly into the cylinders, and the intake manifold. Completing the picture turbocharger type twin-scroll, and finally RC 200t accelerates to 100 km / h faster than the hybrid RC 300h (7,5 against a 8.6 c), not much inferior to it in efficiency.

If we compare with the modification of RC 350, which has to its credit 317 liters. from. and 6.3 second acceleration to “hundreds”, the hero of our test is not as fast, but the torque of the engine is almost equivalent to: 350 Nm vs. 378 Nm. Therefore, it comes with the same eight-“automatic» AA81E production of traditional supplier Toyota Aisin-Warner, and is a “lite” version AA80 box (aka TL-80SN), designed for the most powerful and heavy-duty models, including the Land Cruser 200 and the Lexus LX. Boxes traditional design with planetary gear and torque converter have a reputation neubivaemy, they have almost no fear of overheating when used with high-quality oil and its timely replacement.

You need a Lexus RC200t, if:

  • Your woman requires a sports car, but it is terrible for you;
  • At the same time the machine requires at least some practicality;
  • You like “good” sport coupe.

You do not need a Lexus RC200t, if:

  • You do not know firsthand what the BMW M;
  • The saying about the juice for you is not just a joke;
  • You searched for “evil” sports car.

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